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July 31

A Town with no Pity

Epic 60s janglepop meets Northern Soul, final version of the tune I've been evolving here and on The Music Incubator. All based on a little piano riff, and therefore my August challenge entry too. [more inside]

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July 29

Level 43 (Completion Backwards mix)

While looking for riffs for the Aug challenge, I unearthed this oddity from about 2003. At the time I was addicted to Boss COSM amp/effect sims, and the results are quite interesting. The track itself is derivative white-boy funk schlock that sounds like the advert soundtrack for a bucket-shop holiday outfit. A load of Balearics, in other words.... [more inside]

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July 28

August Challenge - Riffology

Another month has swung by and I realize I have totally reneged on my promise to pick someone to hand the Challenge baton on to, mostly because I NEVER GET ANY TIME but anyway unless someone wishes to stage a palace coup, I hereby give you your August challenge: RIFFOLOGY. [more inside] posted by unSane at 4:49 AM PST - 8 comments

July 27

Marie Provost

Cover of the Nick Lowe song. I just found a CD with a bunch of 1998 recordings, including this one. [more inside]

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July 26

Middle of the Road

A little pop/rock instrumental. I'll probably get around to doing a version with vocals someday.

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Five Minutes Into the Future

I wrote a theme song for my Tumbleblog. I tend to write theme songs for stuff I do. [more inside]

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July 22

Hey, It's Okay

I've been gone a while, but I'm back now, and I want to say sorry. [more inside]

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July 19

Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies - "July"

"July" is the promo single from the upcoming Steve Goldberg and the Arch Enemies EP. "July" is the feel-good song of the month, if not the century. "July" is a tale of love, summertime, and ephemeral youth, told in the timeless language of pop music. [more inside]

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July 18

Phantom West - Intercept

Electronic. A bit dancey. An exercise in using an arpeggiator for the bass line and gradual build-up over the course of the track.

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Long Trail

Here's a sparse, new version of one of the first songs I uploaded here, The Long Trail. [more inside]

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Lack of Grace

I'm back after a long absence. Trying to get back in the pop song writing mode. Glad everyone is still making music here! This is my first song in months. [more inside]

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July 16

Car Alarms and Crackheads

The Smoke Benders return once again, to kick out the proverbial jams. Flubbed the lyrics a little bit, but hey, it's only rock and roll. Video here.

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Loopy Loop 1 - 1

Soundtrack for the Super Mario Bros game that never was. [more inside]

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Ballad of the Mine

A modern sea shanty about a currently-unfolding news story. Video version is here. [more inside]

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July 15

Options for band website?

I want to put up a website for a number of different projects and I am reaching out to the MeFiMu masses for options on band websites. [more inside] posted by the_very_hungry_caterpillar at 1:43 PM PST - 9 comments

July 14

Boron Rod

I entered this over at Songfight a few months ago. The song for that week had to be titled "Boron Rod." I didn't know what that was so I had to look it up. [more inside]

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A concise instrumental fantasy. [more inside]

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July 12

Untitled. But we're open to ideas

This is a thing Mulp and I just did. HELP!!! [more inside]

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July 10

Nu Slang

As advertised, this Shins song changed my life. Now I sit around the house on Sundays recording wistful mandolin tracks on my computer instead of going outside. Thanks Shins!

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July 8

On My Mark

More science fiction rap. [more inside]

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1991 recording of a song by Gavin Guss, performed by Gavin and me. Recorded at Egg Studios in Seattle. [more inside]

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July 7


More music for deep space, take your protein pill and put your helmet on. [more inside]

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The Night They Closed The News Of The World Down

A filk dedicated to Andy Coulson and all at the News of The World, may it rot in peace. [more inside]

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the happiest cow in switzerland

cowbells, beautiful summer day, cow goes nuts. it's mad cow meltdown in under 2 minutes. [more inside]

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Hip hop about a lucrative financial opportunity. [more inside]

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July 6


When you want to feel it so badly but can't.

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Long-form synthetic ambience, with subtlety that will kick you in the face. Bitrate is HORRIBLE because of the size limit, so HBR and FLAC are available. As always, headphones recommended. [more inside]

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July 4

Shiny New Guitar Make It All Better??

Interesting to explore a phenomenon noted by unSane a while back and wholeheartedly endorsed by me - the "new kit boost" as it might be termed. Every time I take charge of a new guitar I seem to come up with a new track that is noticeably better than my norm. This is, regrettably, an emphemeral effect - a bit like the "Awakenings" movie based on Oliver Sacks' experiments with dopamine on catatonic patients. Now, obviously there's some kind of psychological thing going down here and I'd really like to be able to tap into it (rather than getting into debt every time I fancy writing a decent song!). Anyone else experience the same thing as me and unSane, and how do we explain/utilise it? posted by MajorDundee at 12:59 PM PST - 14 comments

July 3

Essential Elements for Developmentally Challenged Instruments

Previously. Previously-er. [more inside]

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July 1

Fourth Page - Along The Weak Rope

this is the title track off the first album from a band i've been playing with for a wee while. it's all improvised and recorded live at the bottom of a garden. [more inside]

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She Wants Time

The lead track from my old band Raftus's only EP

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