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July 31

Rocket City

A song about Huntsville, AL, for the City Songs challenge. [more inside]

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Rapahanock Jig

A fun one by James Buckley, 1860. Solo gourd banjo, eAEG#B tuning. [more inside]

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I wrote this with my brother back in 1993 on a night we were thrown out of home and had no where to go. We spent the night sleeping on the steps of McPherson library in Philadelphia. [more inside]

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July 30

II. King of a Small Town

The next from Earth and Sky. [more inside]

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Cotton Pod Walk Around

Yet another Frank B Converse piece from 1865, trying to get the hang of playing a banjo and foot tambo at the same time. Audio straight from the iPhone. [more inside]

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July 29

I. Tell Me Again

I put together a short EP (I'm calling it Earth and Sky) that loosely orbits around two maybe-related stories. This is the opening track. [more inside]

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New York March

One more 1865 banjo tune for the city songs challenge trifecta! This is another Frank B. Converse composition. Fretless banjo and tambourine, a bit of reverb for extra stateliness.

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July 27

Going Round

Guitar riff by CarrotAdventure

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July 25

Philadelphia Jig

Another 19th century banjo tune for the City Songs Challenge, this one from Frank B. Converse's New and Complete Method for Banjo With and Without A Master. [more inside]

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July 24

negative man

To Don Joyce. Acoustic.

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Always On My Mind (cover)

Resonator and baritone uke, trying to channel Willie Nelson though maybe via John Darnielle a little it turns out. [more inside]

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July 21

Free Man In Paris

For the May/June/July Music Challenge, billiebee and I collaborated on a Joni Mitchell cover. [more inside]

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Ain't No Junkie

Hard feelings, othertronics. [more inside]

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July 20


Retro, funky, electro

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July 18

Illustrated Resonators for Reverbs

I had been looking for an excuse to use a few ableton live effects (namely a resonator on a vocoded vocal track). I figured I'd try it out on this weakerthans song. [more inside]

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July 16

Dark as a Dungeon

An old Merle Travis song that I learned years ago when I first started getting into bluegrass. Another chance to break in the new resonator guitar, and do some fun chorus harmonies. [more inside]

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July 14

Ducks on the Pond

A solo clawhammer banjo recording of a traditional old-time tune. [more inside]

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Amp "splitter" - plug more into one amp input

Is there such a thing that allows me to plug two things into one thing on an amp the way there is a thing that allows one to plug two headphones into one headphone slot? I keep googling things like "amp splitter" but clearly my terminology is lacking here. I want to plug in a guitar and a microphone into one input. posted by Corduroy at 4:56 PM PST - 7 comments

July 13

Actuary of the Year

Brief remix of the Kim Possible clip.

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July 11

Do You Feel?

Final mix. My on & off again pop Combo, Buzzie. I posted the live rough from the session back in Feb, and "we" finally got it done. [more inside]

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July 10

In The Pines

I went and bought my first resonator guitar yesterday, a Gretsch Honey Dipper (evidence), and this seemed like a good tune to try and break it in on. [more inside]

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July 9

A Dead Man

A late Father's day rap song for my late father. [more inside]

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July 8


Prickly noises. Handclap nation othertronics [more inside]

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July 4

(I'm Gonna Drink A) Fifth Of July

Twitter joke that turned into an actual country song an hour later. I'm in Huntsville with nothing but my ukulele, so this didn't get the full band treatment I'd otherwise do, but it works pretty well like this.

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July 3

Singing in the Shower on the 4th of July

I got a new headset mic (like for Skype calls) and wanted to test it out. Not bad! Anyway, happy BBQ and Beer day tomorrow, if you're in the US! Or hell, even if you're not!

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July 2

A la Habana

An ode to Havana in a mongrelized "guagancó" rhythm. It's badly sung in Spanish, and awkwardly played using congas, bongos and a batá. I've included my original lyrics in Spanish and an English translation. [more inside]

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