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July 29

I never said I'd stay

Warm, mellow vocals, guitar, fiddle. My first post!

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04 - down in downtown - vampire deer

downtown, no finer place for sure downtown, everything's waiting for you [more inside]

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July 25

03 no one gets away - vampire deer

under heavy manners [more inside]

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July 24

02 the future - vampire deer

perhaps no future was the optimist view [more inside]

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July 23

Memories in Waves

Just some piano.

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July 19

Voyager '86

A synthy jam about the magic of summer, youth and minivans.

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01 miss misery - vampire deer

new album is called no rain - this song's about someone who's not winning [more inside]

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July 16

Things Are Pretty Awful Now

Next time I see you, it's on me.

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July 8

Elvis Presley Slow Down

A little finger style Elvis Medley. As slow as I could manage.

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July 6

fool's gold (manifest gutterpunk)

a rough recording of a song i wrote the other day. inspired by a number of travelers i befriended while bumming around BC. [more inside]

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July 4

Stand With You

My challenge entry, inspired by the many, many threads on the blue that have helped to educate me, and give me the words to talk about my own experiences, and the courage to stand up with people who have less privilege than me. [more inside]

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July 2

Take It With You

Re-Recording of a song I wrote some 20 years ago. Happy Sad Spacey Dream Pop.

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July 1

But the moderator, while insisting he was not intoxicated...

...could not explain his nudity. [more inside]

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A song written for my 4 month old daughter. [more inside]

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Lorena is a song from the Civil War era written by Joseph Philbrick Webster. [more inside]

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And the Sunrise Welcomes You Home

A short instrumental piece (featuring synth) in which I basically have fun building from a loop. This is my entry for the MeFi Music challenge to submit music inspired by a MeFi post (I Saw This Thing On The Blue And...). Credit actually goes to three MetaFilter-related posts from last month: two MeFi posts by not_on_display and one MeFi Music post by ignignokt; they inspired me to create electronic music again after a decade+ hiatus. [more inside]

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