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July 31


This isn't really about anything. It's just a solo improv piano piece called Principals. [more inside]

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July 29

Happy Birthday To You From Dan

It's my birthday. I hope you all have at least as good birthdays in the coming years. [more inside]

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July 28

God Give Me Strength

Song by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. Recorded a while back with me on vocals and Bill Shaouy on piano. One of my favorite songs.

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July 25


Well, it's really not the right time of year for this, but it fits my mood today. [more inside]

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July 21

Here Come the Warm Jets

An arrangement of Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets for modular synthesizer.

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July 18

Mason-Dixon Line

There may be historical inaccuracies. More of the same from a 90s bedroom. [more inside]

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July 12

Natural, I Guess

One man band home recording from the 90s. [more inside]

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July 2

F9mily (You & Me)

A multi-tracked violin sketch/tiny cover of an excellent song by Lil Nas X that I can't get out of my head.

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July 1

Far South Reel

One of the coolest tunes Frank B. Converse ever wrote, from page 105 of his 1886 Analytical Banjo Method. [more inside]

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