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July 31


pop song with a train beat feel [more inside]

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Franz Schubert Op. 90, No. 11 [more inside]

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July 28


I'm learning to play the bayan (Russian Chomatic button accordion) and the concertina, and accidentally fell into Terry Riley / Steve Reich territory. [more inside]

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July 26

Check-In thread

I'm curious how everyone is feeling about MeMu these days. There is a lot going on at MeTa with regard to site processes, moderation etc. & I don't think it's unfair to say that there is a bit of a sea change taking place at MeFi these days. I figured there might as well be a thread in MeMu to talk about it as needed. Anyone have any thoughts about how things are going here and anything they'd like to see done differently? posted by CarrotAdventure at 10:37 PM PST - 6 comments

Mood Lights

This morning I manged to catch the crest of a creative wave and surf it to the expression of this little track. This song is all about layers and details with an upbeat, positive chillout vibe. Consider it a minor antidote to 2020. [more inside]

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July 25


A doomy electronic track. Think John Carpenter and Drive Like Jehu. 5 tracks of the Jupiter-X and a searing guitar. Heading into a weekend of violence on Capitol Hill in Seattle, feeling an impending sense of unease and resigned confirmation of the conflict to come. A diary entry, a stake in the moment of time. Hoping that predictions are wrong, pouring out my stubborn vulnerability that all my fears are for naught.

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July 24

Piano Jam 2020

Piano improvisation based on the initial riff that eventually goes into a groove section which I loop and add bass/drums. And then there is an outtro part after the groove with a cheeky solo on the fretless bass.

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Time (the Revelator)

More microKORG experimentation, this time a Gillian Welch cover. I've finally gotten around to listening to this album recently, and a lot; it's really latching on to me. The title track is gorgeous and where I can't match Welch's vocals I can get weird instead, so: vocoder time. [more inside]

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July 23


This was a sort of contemplative outro track for an album I released on Soundcloud earlier this year. The highlight is probably the delightfully warbly horn synth I stumbled across that did a decent job of filling out the song's character with its wandering melody.

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July 21

Synthprovisation #1

A short improvisation on the Roland JD-XA synthesizer using the 4-voice analog synth engine w/ arpeggiator and its wonderful filters!

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Museum Mind

Self-love song with guitar and lots of synthesizers. [more inside]

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July 11

Know Your Rights

Part of a country/folk Clash covers project I'm doing. [more inside]

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I Bought A MicroKORG (I Apologize)

After coveting the things for 15+ years I finally went and bought a microKORG synth/vocoder from a person in town who was selling it slightly used for cheaper. I have been playing with it all morning and here is an attempt to put several pieces together in a hastily improvised song. [more inside]

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July 4

The rain again, again.

Almost a cover, but not really.

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July 3

Sunland - Demo of the Roland JUPITER-X

it's a thing that sounds like new order, the feelies and lcd soundsystem

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July 2

Angels Flight (Vocoder Demo)

A retelling of the 1965 late-period LA film noir, Angel's Flight.* [more inside]

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