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July 31

Brazilian Brooks

Another drum-less synth loop featuring the Roland Sound Canvas SC-88 deploying its absolutely classic harp sample once again! All of the sounds on both this and my last post were made using hardware rather than software which is kind of a first for me in terms of synth tunes! Really enjoying it!

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July 30


a new synth track featuring a new vintage gear acquisition, the Roland SC-88, providing the classic harp sample!

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July 29

You Should Eat Your Yellow Vegetables

Just stretching the muscles, keeping loose, don't wanna get too rusty ya know... [more inside]

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July 24

Over the Fence

Bamboo forest / digital zither / bass loops [more inside]

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July 20

Signal Tower

Semi-ambient modern synth pad instrumental with minimalist electronic bass, reversed electric guitar, and some pretty and deliberate vinyl crackle-ish soft static noise and a gentle mix of treated samples. Maybe sort of cinematic? [more inside]

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July 19

Not As Far As It Looks

Simple instrumental. Guitar, bass, programmed drums and keys.

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July 15

Car Music

Driving on the freeway music. [more inside]

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July 11


I’m learning how to use Logic Pro. Red button means record. And my friend had to tell me how to right click on a Mac.

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July 8

Fei Long Studio 8

Some FL in FL

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July 7

Test Floor

Kind of beta testing a new recording template

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July 4


A collaborative DIY minimalist techno track [more inside]

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July 3


Choral piano with granular drums [more inside]

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