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July 28

Sex Creates Monsters

I'm not dead, you're dead. Hey everybody! Hey! There's a body. Sex Creates Monsters. Track two off of the in Out's new EP, "Half-Vaxxed". It's my first appearance on an in Out record since 1998, and it's about the weirdest thing Todd's ever helmed over his legendary crew of outsiders in Boston. Six songs. All outmastered with an iron fist in a marshmallow. All six inner planets tilted way out of axial alignment. Alert local civil authorities e.g. college radio stations. Thank you for your support. We're the in Out. We still exist.

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July 25

MetaFilter Steering Committee Self-Nominations Open

📬 Hello there! 📩
The Metafilter Transition Team (TT) is pleased to announce that self nominations are open for the inaugural Steering Committee! The purpose of the MetaFilter Steering Committee (SC) will be to develop and implement site policy, code updates, and ensure the financial health of the site. The SC works with the site staff and site owner to ensure that there is not a single failure point for site decisions or actions, and that there are an adequate number of people available to respond to community needs. Long story short this will be a committee of Metafilter members who help guide the site and act as the voice of the members at large. Interested? Come on over to MetaTalk and read all the details!

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July 21


Noodle-y jam over some modular drums. [more inside]

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This, Plus Slow Song (Karate Cover)

A cover of the opening track from Karate's album In Place of Real Insight. All parts played, sung, recorded, and mixed at home by me. [more inside]

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The Wheel

I recorded my friends Lucas and John in a borrowed church with great acoustics, and then added a National hawaiian steel guitar and electric piano. [more inside]

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July 19


Dense chord piece that was accidentally made when I messed up an app that I'm writing so that I can write a very different dense chord piece. [more inside]

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July 17


My ambient office project for July, overlapping synth and piano harmonies. [more inside]

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July 14

Biber's Passacaglia

page 1/4 of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber's Passacaglia [more inside]

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July 8

In the Silver Mines

I recorded my friends playing acoustic guitar and upright bass in a beautiful sounding old church. [more inside]

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Naturelle 7

Part 1 of my epic, 3-song, 6-part, piano odyssey, Naturelles 7 8 9.

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July 5

A Small Kind of Triumph

Played on a plank with some taut wires

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July 2

Journey of the Earth Probe/Thanks for the Introduction

In an attempt to introduce themselves to their interstellar neighbors, the denizens of the human planet launch a series of long-ranged probes broadcasting information about their cultures, histories, technologies, and sciences. [more inside]

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