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August 31

Spine Smash

This what happened when I mixed Hammer Rhythm Station, a keyboard running thru a wha pedal and the limited drugs available.

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Amenoukihashi (Bridge)

This is a sort of a memoir of the early romantic life of the Japanese gods Izanagi and Izanami, based on my almost complete ignorance of the subject.

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Get Drunk

I used to play bass for a band called Red Hay; we had a serious case of Uncle Tupelo Envy, and our catalog showed it. Get Drunk was one of our better songs... we tried really hard to make the rhythm section sound like a semi-truck motor. Recorded in 1998 in a high school band room in Verndale, MN.

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August 30

Today Is Tomorrow

Originally just a melody that I'd use when singing nonsense songs to my cats, TiT turned into one of the mellower, more atmospheric Derailleur songs. It's very loosely about the Tom Robbins book Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, but really the overall tone is more important than any words.

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August 29

Calhoun County Blues

This is a true story of my ventures right after Katrina. I recorded the tracks yesterday on my birthday. It is a condensed version of the song. The original story still continues today while living in Kentucky

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hungry heart

This is a lazy pseudo-live cover of the Bruce Springsteen song, recorded on a whim a couple of years ago.

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Girls on Dope

A while back, I posted a song called Yes, Dope. The vocal samples in it were from this here song, by my 80s punk 3 piece, The Whores. This song was included on a local sampler album put out by Glitch Records in '86, and inexplicably went to #1 on a little college station somewhere in upstate New York, and stayed there for 6 weeks. I was #1 in New york!

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Bonnie Blue Eyed Nancy

Not written by me, a song I learned ages ago in Ireland. Not much is known of where it comes from, apart from having been collected from Bess Cronin 30 years ago. I learned it from Phil Callery. I love this song for its soaring melody line; you really do imagine you're standing at the top of a mountain!

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Black Rock Lizard

Burning Man's founder Larry Harvey as The Who's "Tommy" in a Pinball Wizard knockoff. (This is a first take rough cut for lyrics and chords only. More info at )

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somewhere in the noise

just a random idea i had. droning synth with vocals.

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Let It Go or Give In

I wrote this very recently and decided to record it while it was still fresh. It still needs a lot of work instrumentally, and structurally as well. I'm thinking about working with some musician friends to spruce it up a bit. I would love feedback!

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Bridge Across the Ocean

Came to me at work the other day for some reason. It got a little theatrical as I was recording, and somewhere in there I started channeling Danny Elfman. Hope you enjoy. Lyrics inside.

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While it pains me as an older brother to say this, I think these songs written by my sister and friend are something. They're both 15 and budding musicians! The ID3 tags are subject to change, they're undecided re: group name.

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August 28

So We Talk

Another home recording. I wrote and recorded this song in 3 days. It was fun. Slow acoustic melodies with spare soloes and some cool harmonies at the end.

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Don't Worry 'Bout It

This is about the dumbest piece of dumbness ever. I was goofing around on my 7 and 9 year old daughters' keyboard and noticed the "Clav" setting. Ha! I discovered that if I put it through the Crybaby Wah pedal and then through the tube amp that it actually DIDN'T SOUND AT ALL like Songs in the Key of Life-era Stevie Wonder. Instead it sounded like me acting stupid and then I sang some high-assed background vocals like a fucking idiot and did my whitest ever white-guy impersonation at the beginning. But it makes me laugh and it's my kids' favourite, go figure.

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New Orleans 2005

On this 2nd anniversary of hurricane Katrina, I thought I'd post this song, which I wrote and recorded in the days following the disaster. In 2005, when I first posted it to my own web site, I received some comments from folks who were pretty incensed by it. I'd never had such visceral negative reactions to a song. Should you be interested, you can read some of those comments and my replies here. I also just posted a live version (from a gig earlier this month) to YouTube. [lyrics inside]

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March On

Feeling like the day won't end even through the dawn, Tommorrow brings the thought of hope helping us March On.

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If someone would just make a damn album that sounds like this already then I wouldn't have to be swiping vocals and doing it myself.

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August 27

At The Mountains Of Madness

A short surf instrumental. One of the bands I'm currently in, The Filthy Thirds, has started a side project/alter ego group called The Boogeymen. It is a horror/surf project where we mash up classic horror movie persona's with early 60's surf. We wrote all our own surf songs, our only cover being a "Wipeout" style version of John Carpenter's "Halloween" theme. Our debut show is in a couple of weeks and we will play in costume. My character is Mummy Holly. This song gets its title from an H.P. Lovecraft book,and was recorded with a hanging mic in the basement, yet is surprisingly clear. Some lead guitar was overdubbed.

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butterfly suite

I've decided to work some more on two previous posts to create a more enjoyable tune. I wanted to include some kind of march too. I think I'm through with this white butterfly now.

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Vincent Price

No mere mortal can resist \ The evil of the thriller

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August 26

Reno Dakota

A Magnetic Fields cover I recorded recently. I've been working on my singing for a while, and I was mostly wondering if anyone had any suggestions on where to go from here in improving it? Any other feedback is also welcome, of course.

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Angel Waltz

In the grand tradition of rock and roll waltzes, I bring you Angel Waltz.

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Bridge In The Sky

Fellow wants to cross a bridge, but it floats up into the sky. Woman comes along but she turns into smoke. Fellow throws a fistfull of dirt in the air, gets a new idea, goes and does some other stuff. Then there's a happy ending. Written for the "bridge" challenge, but I reckon you knew that already. Guitar by Ken Kawashima, who can also be heard here and here. Lyrics inside.

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August 25

Pelicans Breeze

This is one that I put together thinking about the time I was working down in Jupiter, Florida. I was sitting on the fender system of a bridge fishing, watching the pelicans diving in the water doing some fishing of their own. They were so close to me that I could feel the breeze as they passed by me. Watching them and the sail boats in the inlet inspired me with this instrumental. This song I recorded about a year ago and thought that it might fit into the "bridge" music challenge.

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Port and Cigars

I realized yesterday it'd been a while since I'd posted anything, so I dug through the Garage Band archives last night, and found this ditty I tossed together a couple years ago. I got the original groove by taking a pre-fab midi drum track, and assigning the notes to a clavinet patch, and it grew from there. It started out cheesy, so I gave in to the cheese, and threw in some lounge organ. All the percussion is GB midi crap, but that's me on the bass, the piano and the Hammond Organism. (Warning: IANAHOP) The vibe kinda suggested the title. Grab your smoking jackets, ladies and gents!

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Illegal But Legitimate

A fast-paced stomper.

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Sheepshead Bay

Just in time for the "bridge" music challenge, the Micah Berry Band finished the five-song Traveling Soul EP featuring this track (where this bridge figures prominently). That's Micah Berry on guitars and vocals, Matt Hulcher on bass, Scott Williams on drums and me on piano. Micah's Myspace is over here.

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August 24


A little raunchier than usual, but I like how it came together. Mixes well with alcohol.

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Rideau Ramble

You people are dangerous for my ego. Something a bit different now; a song in praise of my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario. This song was written for the 175th anniversary of the construction of the Rideau Canal. The tune is by a well-known local Irish musician, Frank Cassidy. This tune has a two-octave-and-a-note range, folks. Don't try this at home.

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butterfly gone berserk

I have a new song ! Inspired by the numerous posts I've had the pleasure to listen here, I've added a tech touch to my music. My butterfly has decided to rebel against nature and has gained a synthetic voice... but fortunately, he soon gets rid of it and returns to real life.

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Crossing Over

A short poem spoken with keyboard, percussion, and guitar Darkness falls in the middle of the day, We look to the sky and lord we pray, Darkness grows near, And all those who are dear, Floods the lands with tears, Not a moment to soon, For all men are destin for doom, Come cross over, All are welcome

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August 23

Femme Fatale

A Velvet Underground cover from our recent recording session

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August 22

Cherish The Organ

An ambient ditty I made awhile back. Please clear your mind of any dirty thoughts the title may provoke.

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People Know

From an all-original Power-Pop group I'm currently in called The Rugs. I played bass and keys (Hammond, Wurlitzer, Synth) in the studio but just play the keys on stage. Our longest song clocks in at under three minutes.

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In The Mind

This was one of the first songs that I ever recorded. It has changed some what over the years and still waiting for the work that it needs. It will also be the title track to my CD. It has a dark and erie sound that has said to be influenced by my recreational addiction that I had at the time. I do hope that you will enjoy this contribution to a look that is "IN THE MIND"

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just to stay in touch

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August 21

Burn This Bridge

My first one in for the mefimusicchallenge! I won't get a chance to play with this before the end of the month so I'm going to post it as is, I think there's a lot more that can be done with it (aside from generally cleaning it up a bit) but I'd love to hear what you guys think!

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back and froth

< [31d1]> do you think the trumpets on that back-and-froth beat sound wack?
< [31d1]> like fake as shit?
aren't they supposed to sound kinda fake ?
< [31d1]> i'd rather they didnt but what are you gonna do
< [31d1]> i cant decide whether they add to, or detract from, the rest of it
< [31d1]> im gonna ask mefi

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I Am John

Say gnfti, how's your falsetto doing? Why, I'm glad you ask! Here's a Loney, dear cover.

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Here We Go Again

Ever had that feeling when you wake up, that today seems just like yesterday? And as the day goes on, you just confirm that it is just like yesterday? And as the week goes on you realize that it is always the "Same Shit Different Day" routine? Well this is my version of that same feeling but said with a different twist. "HERE WE GO AGAIN" This version is ruff and unfinished but I wanted you to hear it anyway. I hope that you enjoy it. **Randy Curtis**

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This is a composition. BACKWARDS! Because, hey, I've had insufficient sleep.

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August 20

The Private's Lament

The companion piece to the Turret Gunner's Farewell. This one's about my other great uncle, who fought in WWI and lived to tell the tale. (A bit more downbeat than TGF, and a bit of creative licence taken regarding his hometown.)

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Mountain Side Slide

This song I recorded with the thought of sitting at the top of the mountain(meaning any struggles or objectives that you have over come or reached in your life)and now you are on the down hill side(Mountain Side Slide)of it.I hope that you will enjoy it.

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Half Remembrance

For the past several years I've been regularly composing music for a fashion design company here in Tokyo, for use in their fashion shows. Here's something recent, a relatively short piece at 3:45, done for one of their upcoming shows.

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August 19


Artificial but pleasant. A bit long.

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Straight-up dance in your pants trance. Crank the bass.

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August 18

When the Sun has Gone

A song I've done.

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Cold Front

Music for unseasonable weather.

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August 17

Chris Boyer

An OK local radio station is having a contest for "Jingles" about specific characters on their show. "Chris Boyer" races cars, wears Hawaiian print shirts and is Homophobic. This is my submission.

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IDM jungle blip hop whatever!!

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Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Another one from the musical chest.

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The Turret Gunner's Farewell

A song I wrote a couple of years ago as a tribute to my great uncle Bernard, who went down in a Halifax III during WWII. Oh hell. Just listen to the song to get the story.

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As We Move Along (rough mix)

Sort of mildly generic uplifting pop-punk from my band ( Recorded on our own, mixed on our own (not done yet), still yet to finish the mixing and mastering process.

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August 16

Reaching Further

An ambient guitar/bass/string jam. None of this is real.
I didn't really live through the Eighties, but I'm pretty sure this it what it might have sounded like.
Warning: Song is epic long. It's got some variety to it, though.

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August 14

Peanut Butter

A jam-piece made with the sounds from this song.

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August 13

It's Summer (Go Outside and Play!)

"Daddy, can I have a sammich? Can I have candy/ice cream?" "Can we go see the Simpsons Movie?" No, no, no. Go outside and PLAY! (MI)

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August 12


After reading a few comments, I've decided to make the soundtrack to a video game that doesn't exist.

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Best Friend

Another "raw mix" alcohol-related song, this time as the solution to, instead of cause of, all life's problems.

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August 10


Just some down-home, old fashioned feel-good minor-key techno cheese. Gets a little Daft Punky near the end.

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August 9

VCR (Perpetual Bridge)

Another song on the new keyboard. Basically, the loop is four bridge ('fill') rhythms from the keyboard's analog drum kit, so I figure it's a good enough musical joke to submit it for 'bridge'. Anyway. it's kinda made up as I go (as before, live looping with my baby, and it's louder than my last one and attempts to be less sleepy. Critique welcomed, as always.

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Cross the 6s

The same old story. Boy meets girl. Boy seduces girl. Girl does one better and seduces the boy. In this case the boy is the Devil hisself.

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August 8

I Run

My main anxiety with regard to music is the unintentional ripoff. I'm fairly comfortable with my particular playing & singing skill levels (though the lead guitar on this one makes me blanch), meager may they be, but, especially with simple progressions (like this one), I have a hard time believing it's not overly derivative of... something. I suspect this is incurable.

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La Cafétaria

Spacey interlude.

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August 7

Gawler Line

My old daily journey in the rain; some twisted ambience.

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Chrono Trigger Suite for P80

Decided to whip out my slightly-more-old-school-than-usual electronic instrument for some nostalgia. Saddest theme, Memories of Green, and Ocean Palace Theme.

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August 6


Two fragile unrelated mini-melodies collide in a random reichian-tape-delay fight, battle it out in marred reverb, compression and unending echo chambers, get twisted and stretched to break a few bones in the last round and finally lay to rest on the ground forever after expiring. Recorded with les moyens du bord, I suggest you initally turn down the volume by 20%.

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You Don't Have To Be That Way

Crappy guitar/voice demo of a break-up song. The lyrics are a little emo, but what are ya gonna do?

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I Wouln't Trust Him With That

So, I picked up new keyboard for free. Here's an impromptu song I just did on it.

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from the bridge,

watching the river flow, I stumble upon some memories - more vivid than others.

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Ipsum Tiled

A short yet intense burst of melodic trance. Warning: intensity ahead. Turn your speakers up/down as you prefer.

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August 5

Same Thing (raw)

I wrote this song for my friends that can't handle their alcohol. This is a very raw mix from our recording session this past Saturday. (lyrics inside)

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boy's alright

little song i wrote while walking to work. lyrics inside.

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Under the Sea

Here's a song I've done about the sea and things...

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August 4

Da House

An ambient little melodic house number.

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OK Tire Radio Ad

I was recently asked to provide some guitar for a radio jingle. This was the 60 second result, sans droning announcer. I used my new Fractal Audio preamp direct to the board.

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a song i did with a friend a few years ago. i guess it's the kind of dance music you listen to in your room while not dancing. very long, but it does totally change in the middle.

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August 3

Because of Fame

"Because", "Fame" > "Because of Fame"

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22:56 < @[31d1]> do you liek mudkips
22:56 < @bp> what did you use
22:56 < @[31d1]> my mpc and a software sampler
22:56 < @[31d1]> only 3 instruments - some drums, an analog bass synth and a harp
22:56 < @bp> Mudkips are repulsive to me
22:56 < @bp> I HAET MUDKIPS
22:58 < @bp> [31d1] - this jazz better not end with a shocker
22:59 < @[31d1]> nah it has nothing to do with mudkips besides the name
22:59 * bp saves mudkips.mp3
22:59 < @[31d1]> i need to think of a good muFi blurb

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Based off of 'Diagram' - which, I think, I've posted. Sort of a different structure. First time I've used distortion for a while. The second half is for delay pedal enthusiasts.

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it's the tits (

a remix of simian mobile disco's tits & acid vs. it's the beat. friday night electro fun.

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August 2

Lonesome Drinkin' Days

Hank Plank and the 2x4s, doing what we do best: a drinking song.

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Mixado Ar Sinore

A remix of this.

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August 1

Flyball's Lament (the better one)

This is a much better version of a song I submitted a while back. Many of the chorus-related mistakes mentioned in the comments have been fixed, and I have added a few vocal layers, along with some horns. It's really quite probably the best song I've ever put together.

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A song that sort of reminded me of the 80s but really isn't very 80s. Again, just an idea, not a whole production. Please, any criticism or suggestions are totally welcome. Thanks!

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rice jam

acoustic guitar, wood, steel, glass, and some rice.

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