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August 31

Karma Police

Last minute entry. This was supposed to be, and will eventually be, an a capella/choral twofer with Fitter Happier, but I wasn't able to finish it in time. [more inside]

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ian curtis' bathroom surprise

Oh shit. I lost the power supply to the br-532 in the move, so to be econimical i got a br-800 which arrived this week.. i recorded all this within the last 2 hours and about a half hour ago realized i had no idea how to get it off the damn thing. turns out it was the same way as the 532 but to make a short story short used the mixing on the 800 and um.. here we go.. straight off the br-800.. also played bass for the first time in 500 years

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Native Tongue

Demo of a new song! This is the first one I've written on my own (outside my band) in a long time. Recorded in my living room this morning.

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another stab at the July/Aug challenge. [more inside]

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August 30

office house dub 5.1 gitch pop mix

Deconstruction and rebuild of office house dub 3.3.3 aiming for an inspiration somewhere between Boards of Canada, Nurse with Wound, Aphex Twin and proto-punk Nico/Velvet Underground. This is intentionally very experimental, abstract, noisy, tweaky, melodic and glitchy. [more inside]

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Mr. Rhythm Dancer

Ostensibly a mashup or remix of "Rhythm is a Dancer" by Snap! and "Mr. Vain" by Culture Beat, this is really something distinct altogether: sure, it rips off pretty much every hook in each of the two songs, but I did the instrumentation entirely from scratch and the central chorus in this song isn't directly taken from either source song. [more inside]

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You Try

A dark heart learns from its mistakes much later. [more inside]

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August 29

Seeking a singer

Anyone want to record the lead vocal track for my song "Love To, Honey" posted Aug 25? I can provide whatever stems you need. posted by Ardiril at 10:01 PM PST - 4 comments

office house dub 3.3.3

Chill experimental NASA and vintage 70s porn dub. (Safe for work.) [more inside]

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Mouth music: Made for my brother on his bday when I had an Ableton rig but no cash

All noises made from my face, wrangled by various Ableton effects.

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Bushy Tails

Short, fun and bouncy, melodic, dancelike-although-odd-metered, all electronic instrumental. Sort of like a lobotomized Dream Theatre interpreted via Kitsune2 would be one way of putting it. [more inside]

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August 28


It's poorly composed, poorly recorded, poorly edited... But it's all mine! [more inside]

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Beat on the Brat

What can you do?

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August 27

Leagues Away

An instrumental rock song, I guess. Someone told me that it's about a guy taking off his sunglasses. [more inside]

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August 26

The Best Place In Town Is Also The Darkest

Written for this thing a while ago in which I had a few days to make a song with this title as the prompt and "creative use of starts and stops" as the challenge.

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Summer Flu

This is a instrumental Hip-Hop song made with ableton live. It is part of a mixtape that can be listened to and downloaded at .

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August 25

Love To, Honey

My first stab at doing a serious vocal. Most likely, my last, as well. [more inside]

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Annie Took the Money

Last of the tunes recorded earlier this month in a little house in the mountains. Vocal and stick dulcimer. A very prolific songbird who was just outside can be heard throughout this performance. Video here.

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August 23

Desperate attempt to inject some life into MeFiMu #54319

In terms of the origins of punk rock, people always bang on about the pub-rock scene in the UK of the 1970's - bands like Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods etc. Or else the New York Dolls and antecedents like the VU or Stooges are cited. But......... I came across this the other day. It dates from the mid-70's I think. Apart from being one of my die-in-a-ditch all-time-faves, I think this performance shows how Glasgow's very, very finest The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (and, fuck my old boots, they really were sensational - trust me on this one) was actually one of the first UK punk rock outfits. It's just that no-one was using that term to describe non-conformist attitudes back then. This band kicked serious ass (or "arse" if you prefer the correct term) - they had attitude and musicianship to spare. And I'm going to namecheck the lot: Mr Alex Harvey - vocals, charisma, even more charisma, guitar. Mr Alastair "Zal" Cleminson, shit-hot P90-fuelled guitar bezalzlement; Mr Chris Glen - bass and insouciant grinning; Mr Ted McKenna - best rock drummer in the business - bar none; and Mr Hugh McKenna - brother of Ted and the soulful heart of SAHB. Discuss......please... posted by MajorDundee at 3:06 PM PST - 34 comments

August 20

Hobo Blues

Ever since I first saw John Lee Hooker's utterly captivating, almost terrifyingly powerful performance of it, I've been a lover of this song. RL Burnside covered it as well. This is my humble (and following those two performances, I really mean that) offering, from a little house in the hills of Nagano prefecture, Japan. Video here.

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That Time

Mellow jazzish tune featuring mandolin, clean electric guitar, and a fake horn section.

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Fitter, Happier, World Famous

Like all supergroups, the OK LA MeFi Action Band sometimes pares itself down to a solo performer and producer arrangement. Nobody leaves the room, you understand, but everyone takes a drink and everyone but me holds their breath. [more inside]

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August 18

Couldn't Tell You Why

Another tune recorded the other day at a little house in the woods. Just vocal and stick dulcimer, and a little bird outside that joins me for the very last note. Video here.

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August 17


A song from probably january 2010 about the huge windmill on my former college. If you haven't been up close to a windmill, you're missing out on the friendliest giants out there. I am currently without any instruments so I am experimenting with the synths on my computer so I pulled up this old guitar/voice song to play with. [more inside]

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The Sunset Star

A slow, jazzy improv thing. [more inside]

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August 16


First recorded song in quite a while. Guitar, and then late night thank-god-I-can-wear-headphones-and-make-music-with-housemates-sleeping keyboard/etc.

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New Ways To Tell Old Lies

This is about that weirdo gazillionaire creep who wants to be president. Video of this same performance at YouTube or Vimeo.

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August 13

New Seven

Titled that because it was the file name Cubase gave it after starting the previous six "ideas." [more inside]

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A rough work in progress. 134 BPM slinky melodic techno. [more inside]

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Aux Send MON vs Aux Send FX

On my mixer, why does the AUX MON leave before the channel fader, and the AUX FX after? [more inside] posted by mahershalal at 3:32 AM PST - 7 comments

August 12

Lay your banjo wisdom on me please...

It was my birthday yesterday, so I took it as an excuse to finally snag the banjo I've had my eye on in the local music store. Now I just have to figure out how to play the damn thing -- and that's where you come in. [more inside] posted by unSane at 5:59 PM PST - 8 comments

The Siren

Probably the hardest song off the latest Red On Strike album, the Siren calls the nation to rock! Previously. [more inside]

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August 10

I smell a mefi music challenge

guitar trio 5 or six

A short sketch

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August 9

East Harlem

Still on the horse, this time with a Beirut cover! This one took a lot longer, 3 nights of iPad work. Beirut usually has a lot of brass instruments, so this one was a real challenge, but I'm proud of how it came out. [more inside]

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August 7

Beat Share

Furniture. Kind of Pretty.

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the lines

I made the bulk of this in Loopy. [more inside]

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August 6

In The Curve

I did a youtube recording of this lovely tune. Decided to give it a pass through the iPad, since I'm on a roll lately. Folky ballad. [more inside]

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I have been looking for songs about Omaha lately and have found there aren't many. So I wrote one. [more inside]

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Curiosity Rover

(During Mobility Testing)

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August 5

Dust Samples

Back on the horse! Here's a song I wrote and recorded tonight. The idea was a laid-back, french café sort of sounding tune. It's about interstellar exploration. [more inside]

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August 3

Repeating Phrases

Here's me bashing away on our crappy piano, from this past winter. It's a song about blindly following things.

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August 2

Heroes (rough mix)

My Kaossilator and I take the Bowie classic to strange places [more inside]

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Earlier Than Expected

This is a Posies cover a few of us did for a Dear 23 list (Posies fan list) compilation in the late 1990s. Personnel: Me, vocal and maybe guitar; Chris Otto, background vocal, guitar, autoharp; Terri Doherty: bass. [more inside]

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Fire And Tuning

Why not tune your guitar the James Taylor way - all strings a bit flat? [more inside] posted by motty at 5:06 PM PST - 11 comments

Let Down

Lofi Computer stumbles on.

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August 1


Swingy, chordy techno-soul with a strutty bassline. Music for space station hallways. [more inside]

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Exit Music (for a Film)

Another track from Lofi Computer. [more inside]

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