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August 30

Obama Sunrise


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vampire deer - 6 - shiloh g

song 6 - tv addiction [more inside]

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The Phone Calls - Lucky Dave

Not much to say except that it's a kind of happy long weekendy thing.

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August 29

vampire deer - 5 - bad cowboy movie

song 5 of ants and penguins - someone keeps saying to me "it is what it is" - i dislike that [more inside]

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Romulan - Monologue

Bonus track off Rom's upcoming album Sick Day. I made the beat! [more inside]

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August 28

Howdy & P's Excellent Adventure

Track 6 from the Yabra EP, which you can stream and download for free here. Yabra is Patrick Staples (synth, vox, guitar, bass, programming) and myself. Guest vox by JiaJia Li. Enjoy the ride!

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August 26

August, Again

For the music challenge, something that sounds like I've been feeling lately. Plenty of pump organ and piano. [more inside]

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A good climb!

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Don't Walk Away

I recorded this in my pyjamas, then overdubbed some stuff, and I like it. Video, too. [more inside]

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Literally just finished this so I'm sorry it's so sloppy [more inside]

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Sun Jar

Here's a song that was posted a couple years ago of but is now all shiny and new and properly recorded. [more inside]

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vampire deer - 4 - the sun is dying

song 4 - a strange dream i had inspired this [more inside]

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August 25


This is another sparse, experimental piece. A solo synth arpeggiator is cycled through a given set of notes and cut off at random before the next iteration off the cycle begins. Because of the simple chord progression & the patch's programming to produce an ostinato on the last-played note in the sequence, and because the sequence is always cut off at certain rhythmic intervals, a specific set of tones is isolated, creating a short, diatonic tone row. The separation between iterations was randomized to create space and add interest.

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Everybody likes music for partying mode, but what happens afterwards? This song would be the perfect accompaniment for the comedown afterwards (and even the hangover). Chill, centered, reflective, harmonious. I think :) [more inside]

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August 24

Above the Tree Line

The first song from my new EP, In Truth, available for free download. An Americana acousticish song about getting lost.

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August 23


At 2:36 I quote a song that my parents always used to play growing up. I think it is a Tears for Fears song but I'm not sure. If anyone could ID this song for me I would be really grateful, it's an awesome song but I have no idea where to find it, I haven't heard it in years. Bit of a guitar feature on this one Cheers CA

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vampire deer - 3 - worms in your heart

song 3 - a pleasant ditty about a jerk [more inside]

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August 22

vampire deer - 2 - happy song

happy song makes me happy

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Till Then

A dreamy instrumental version of the Mills Brothers classic.

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August 21

Jean Lesage

International ARPort: arpeggiating synths, warm pads, slow dubby drums

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Lonely Financial Zone

An atmospheric rendering of the classic Jonathan Richman song. [more inside]

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August 20

vampire deer - 1 - ants tear down a mountain

first song of ants and penguins [more inside]

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Learning web dev and reflecting on lifetimes lived long ago

I took a four week vacation, partly with the intention of recording some vocals for my many instrumental tracks. However I spent the whole holiday learning web development and getting drunk in the evenings and recalling fonder memories of times past... I only managed to record vocals one day for about 4 hours and it was almost a total loss. I only managed to get a single line down really. I wrote more lyrics but the takes for those were unusable. Well, here it is for better or worse with the single line repeating over and over on a loop... [more inside]

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August 19

Funeral March of an Old Jaw Bone

For two banjos in the classic style, composed by Bolsover Gibbs. [more inside]

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August 16

Faking It

Live tune from The Harvey Girls. [more inside]

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August 15

Need Help Finding Chord Chart

My wife and I are hoping to cover Astrud Gilberto's standard/classic "Dreamer" (see All Music Guide entry here), and while I think I could probably work out the chords for myself if I ever had time, time has been in short supply and recently I've been looking unsuccessfully for sheet music or a fake book or chord charts for the song. Do any of my fellow MeFites have any tips on where I might be able to track down the chords to this classic Bossa Nova tune? posted by saulgoodman at 11:16 AM PST - 3 comments

Lama (Ian Baird Remix)

Words can only be twisted so many ways, but the same words can sound to a host of melodies. That's what happens when you dabble in the world of remixes too, such as this one by Ummagma. Really impressed with the transformation from the original track. [more inside]

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Ferguson, Missouri

This song addresses the situation in Ferguson and the frightening militarization and violence of today's police forces across America. I made a video for it, which you can view here.

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August 13


A prominent beat. The end credits roll.

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Jazz Pants

Rhodes and beats. Putting them jazzpants on

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August 11

The Loop

After spending a few years rehearsing and making rough and ready demos, Sredni Vashtar finally made it into a real studio last month. Here's one of them - the mix is still a bit rough so it works best on headphones. [more inside]

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August 10

Music Challenge: Your Theme Tune

Hell's Clanging Bells - it's the August/September Music Challenge [more inside] posted by greenish at 3:08 PM PST - 4 comments


All guitar, quiet music. This one has a guitar solo. In this place the streets are empty at night, but you can never be sure that you're alone.

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Rough Voyage

dissonance jam

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August 5


Another arp-based minimalist bedroom-pop nostalgia caprice

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Harp Song

Church music

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August 3


when it rains, it pours [more inside]

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August 2

Rid of You

I wrote and recorded this a couple of years ago. This is a remix using some new stuff in DP8. It's about a bad relationship.

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