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August 31

Old Memory

A little song [more inside]

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Lama by @Ummagma

Two of my favourite bands in the world are Stereolab and Cocteau Twins and another band whose music I find greatly inspiring is Pink Floyd. This song is a pure project of this triangular love for these three bands. Enjoy!

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August 30

Ephriam's Lament

An instrumental arrangement of a minstrel era standard, from Briggs' Banjo Instructor of 1855. Fretless banjo, tambourine, frame drum and bones. [more inside]

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J.S.Bach by @Ummagma

Music seems to 'feel' so much better when you sit back and just listen to music, without thinking about the pigeon-holes that have been slapped on a song or even your own temptation to categorize it into this or that genre. This is something I've always believed but recently it occurred that the same goes for the song-writing process. Much better to feel free of genre-related limitations. This Ummagma track was one such track that was written free of the need to pigeon-hole. [more inside]

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August 29

No language, just sound

Made of 100% post-consumer reverb.

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August 28

Apache Plaza 2015

A rerecording of an ode to a dead shopping mall, in a Penny Lane or Kinks-like mode. My dad sat in on tuba. [more inside]

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August 22

Was It Something I Said?

So I got the guitar to MIDI to work using my VG99. [more inside]

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August 15

My friend goodnight

Why didn't we all get another thousand years with you? Well I guess I know. Goodnight my friend.

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A campy, '60s-superhero-show theme for a video game I recently scored! [more inside]

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August 14

August-September Music Challenge: Tunes of the Unexpected

After the well-chosen and lovely city songs, we need some chaos to balance the order. [more inside] posted by greenish at 2:03 AM PST - 1 comments

August 13

Hi! Ho! The Charleston Gals

Usually heard as 'Charleston Gals' in old-time circles these days, this was originally a minstrel-era song. [more inside]

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August 12


When it's time to move

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August 10

Buckley's Jig

By G. Swain Buckley, 1860. Solo fretless banjo. [more inside]

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August 6

Bivball Instrumental

This is a short song I wrote to accompany my brother's ad for his new iphone game. (Bivball is the name of the game). Fun project with short turnaround. It's a little clunky, but on the one millionth listen it suddenly levels up to "pretty good" (try it, you'll see). Comments welcome. Thanks for listening.

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August 3

IV. The Lights on Main

The quiet, guitar-based song in this run, all about what it feels like to watch your friends leave town forever for shinier places. [more inside]

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Another Coursera musical offering

Fundamentals of Music Theory, offered by the University of Edinburgh, starts today (8/3/2015). [more inside] posted by usonian at 3:58 AM PST - 4 comments

August 1

III. Never the Gauges

Another one! [more inside]

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