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August 27

Accept Advice

Playing with feedback loops with a slowly shifting pattern. [more inside]

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August 24

when i grow up i'm gonna marry me a wilkesboro boy

been lucky enough to discover one of the purest aural pleasures in the world: middle-aged men from the middle of north carolina gossiping in that cornbread and turnip green twang. wish i could hear it forever but alas: i live in the desert now. [more inside]

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August 22

In the Castle

My kids complained they couldn't dance to any of my music so I threw and impromptu office dance party with them. [more inside]

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August 12

Adrenaline Hangover

In the grand tradition of posting the same song multiple times, here's the final version of Adrenaline Hangover (previously, previouslier)

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August 8


I did this as a response to a composition prompt to imagine and alien landscape and then imagine it fading from reality.

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August 2

enjoying my life dot mp3

just kind of feeling good about stuff!!

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An all-analog Ambient Office jam [more inside]

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You Must Explain the Delta Variant to Your Parents and Reschedule…

…Your Flights. I wrote this as part of this weekly Junto challenge, which, BTW, is a really fun thing to do when you have the time. [more inside]

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