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August 31

devil's dream

fiddle tune, origin unknown but it's referenced in an old English folk tale.

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August 30


It's a graptolites thing. Lots of guitars. Lots of effects. Some keys. All the rules broken.

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Slippery Rails

Animals on the railway ... earlier today. [more inside]

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August 29

02 - pick up - vampire deer

song 2 of wren songs [more inside]

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August 28

01 - hitchhike on an eagle - vampire deer

vampire deer is back for now - with 7 wren songs [more inside]

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August 25


More ambient guitar noodlings.

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August 18

Babymoon to Minnesota

Another little guitar and cello song about dashed romantic babymoon plans. [more inside]

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August 15

Go vote for the Metafilter Steering Committee!

­čŚ│Apologies for this acapella note!­čŚ│ Voting has begun for the inaugural Steering Committee (SC) for Metafilter! Come on over to MeTaTalk for a list of candidates and explanation of the voting process and help determine the future of the site!

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August 7

Shining Tor at Twilight

Broke my own rule and drenched this one in effects and keys. Very New Age. Not sure I approve of it.

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August 5


Optimistic little song using Just Intonation [more inside]

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August 3

Electricity Variations

With apologies to OMD.

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