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September 30

Double Down

This is off my band's last album, Found & Lost. It's a fun little Vegas-bound rocker, hope you like it!

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Untitled in 5

Just something I was playing with.

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September 29

String Quartet

It was 1990 when I first listened to the Quartet for Strings, No. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich. I had just gotten out of high school and had not yet started college. That didn't stop me from trying -- emphasis on "try" -- to write my own string quartet. This piece has "student work" and "movie soundtrack" written all over it, but for a product by a beginning teenaged songwriter, it's ambitious. Programmed in Reason without dynamic markings.

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Song With No Name

Another mellow instrumental. If the last one was indie film roadtrip music, this one is low budget spaghetti western...

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September 28

The Rain Expedition

All of the fascinating, clever, brave and beautiful people you almost met, but didn't.

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Me and Andy

Thanks for all of the great feedback you guys have given so far on my other songs. This song is one I worked with my friend Andy on. He is playing acoustic guitar which I then chopped up quite a bit.

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September 27


Started writing it in '91. Finished writing two years later. Figured I'd try it with the melody I remember writing and a spare extra major chord I had lying around. Caution: Trad plink-and-squint guy-and-acoustic-guitar plaint. Use only as directed.

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El If You Find

About a month ago, I discovered this song in MuFi. The guitarron in the song seemed to intrigue some, I said my band also used a guitarron, that I would post songs with it, and perhaps we could get the guitarron tag going. Here is one of them, now let me hear your opinions.

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September 26

sallie mae (you suck)

complete lark! fueled by a bottle of chianti and deep sympathy for a friend smitten with that pesky grad-school-student-loan-debt, i seem to have concocted an acoustic lament on the subject. in an attic, (ok, horrible acoustics, i admit).

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Moving Pictures (demo)

Just recorded a rough demo of this new love song for Edie Sedgwick.

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Waltzing In Space

Heavily manipulated wall of vocal harmony, runover, stabbed, and buried in a shallow grave.

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Trope - We're Not The Cool Kids

A new song from my solo project. The lyrics are about the time a friend betrayed my confidence. So, it's a party song. Get other mp3s at the website.

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September 25

Number One

Hey all, this being my first post, I'll go ahead and explain the situation, for the sake of future songs. I write the music in FL and my friend Dave from back home in TX does the vocals in this yet unnamed project. We're still trying to acquire a sound, so we're knocking simple stuff out of our system first. This song is our (poorly mixed) cliche love song, only about a MySpace stalker. The amount of cheese should make you smile.

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A calm and smooth falsetto song with lyrics lifted from an emergency first aid poster (with some additions turning it into a love song). Features guitar, bass, piano, and electronica-style rhythmic vocal snippets.

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La Palma (1958)

A song originally by Mono Blanco, performed here by my band. We decided to EQ it in such a way that it would sound as if coming from an old radio. Being upbeat and cheerful, I thought it would be a good way to start the week.

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September 22


melty mono synth on the 1:43 / crunchy manganese beats on the rusty flip

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Ambient music, soundscape, something or other for the headphones. (more here)

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Happy Song

What do you get when you combine a new copy of Guitar Tracks, a cheap ass guitar with old, grimy strings, and a six pack? I don't know, but it makes me smile.

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September 21

Longing for Summer

Mainly an experiment with a new microphone. The vocal needs to be re-done, and made louder. Otherwise, it's okay. Oddly enough, it's about this girl... I hope it's not gauche to post lyrics :-) Longing for summer In the Snow that fell around us All around the town Following children Running In and out of my life Getting drunk and dancing All we had we lost Turned into Ice Waiting for aeroplanes How could You expect much more from me? Did we stand a chance? I tried to keep you Dipping Into London guidebooks Thermals and two bedspreads Even though we knew you'd Never Delay ?

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my god it's full of


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The Cheese Song (in Dmaj)

This might be the first song that directly references a question in the green. I recorded this a few years back as a present to my mum. (The talented Mr Matt Evans added the scritchy-scratchiness.) This is the song as I remember my mum singing it to me. The only difference is that my Mum sang it in a lilting Scouse, whereas I tend to intone it pretentiously. BTW: My question in Ask still stands. I'd love it if anyone knew this song - or anything like it. I fully intend, one day, to illustrate the song as a children's book, sell millions and retire to a caribbean island to kill myself slowly with daiquiris. You have been warned.

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September 20


spit, n. 1. a. The fluid secreted by the glands of the mouth, esp. when ejected; saliva, spittle; a clot of this.

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September 19

Medium Rock Song

This is a song that my band, Los Muchachos Mexicanos, made for the 2006.09.18 GarageBand Contest at the Apple Store in Ginza, Tokyo.

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Feed Off

Another song by my ex-band, again with me on trumpet. Mellow soul/funk.

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September 18


Y'know, I'm the sort that tends to attract those crazy people, the ones on the bus, as the sort to whom their life stories should be told. This song is about some of the things that go on in my brain whilst they are telling me said stories. I mean, every once in a while. Usually they're quite coherent. And, on occasion, I am that crazy person on the bus.

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Keep Your Hands

I made this after falling in love with this box set of old girl group singles. I wanted to take the hook from one of the best songs on there and do something interesting with it. I hope you dig.

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Short tomwaitsy song, without any of Tom Waits' actual talent. It may sound better on headphones.

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Waltz Number Two

I, too, recorded this song! It came out a little bit weird, which is probably appropriate.

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September 17


there’s a weird buzz in the background of this one that may come from my computer or this apartment - which is wired very strangely. i think its going to electrocute me someday. anyway, this is a mostly-improvised, slightly depressing song. in the end it gets-um, funny. oh and its long...

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September 16

3 Days

If I can teach myself how to use AutoCad by Wednesday, I will be employed. If not, the search must continue.

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September 14

Moon Patrol!

An original, campy, Shatner-esque take on a fictional Moon-based Patrol-squad.

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Stand Up Tall (Irreversible Hope Mix)

This is an uplifting cover of the Dizzee Rascal song Stand Up Tall. Tons of synths all around.

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Waltz #2

Extremely weird shoegazer "Cortex made me do it" version.

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September 13


A Van Winkle side project, Kurt Kostokos on guitar and drums, and Dave Appelbaum on keyboards. Definately of an exploratory sonic nature...

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September 12

Waltz #2 (XO)

Another version of Elliott Smith's Waltz#2 for Cortex. This is only a rough mix unfortunately so tis a little rough around the edges with plenty of mistakes and whatnot, but a deadline's a deadline!!

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The Irreversible

A chunky synth work out with a chopped up Big Country sample. I hope it can move some feet in a big room.

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September 11


Amateur hour part 5. Of course, if you look at the root of the word amateur as being "one who loves" to do what they do... as opposed to, you know, those who do it for money (the musical prostitutes!), well then... Anyway, the same song twice because i can't tell if one came out better than the other.

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Picking, Humming and Whistling

This is practice based on what I've learned about recording here on MuFi. Please comment on my recording skill or lack of. Regarding compression and mic "liveness": am I getting there?

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A Conception Serene [rest for the wicked rmx]

The second in a series of songs i've remastered for a short [50 copy] run of my favorite tracks from 2002-2006. This one is a little more experimental and insomnia-fueled than the last one i posted, but not completely abandoning the previous emphasis on melody and atmosphere. See inside for more.

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Meat And Crackers

Me on keyboards with Van Winkle (bass, drums, electric guitar)

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portamento-o-o-o gliding.

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September 10

When I Eat Hot Cheetos

I like them so much. However, when I eat hot cheetos I get crazy.

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Motherless Child

6:30 am, drunken recording of me singing motherless child in English and Spanish. i think i'm so fucking cool...

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September 9

Perversion for Profit

I'm sure George Putnam would not approve.

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September 8

St. James Infirmary

many people cover this song in a variety of manners. here, i cover it in the manner of one who loses control of his voice and begins to screech - perhaps as a result of smoking too much. third garage band recording ever! beware!

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En la zafra

Small song I did for a weekly TV show in Venezuela.

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September 7


sad glitch

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A short melodic snippet I've been playing around with in need of a nice lyric. If anyone has one that fits, I'm all ears.

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A quiet acoustic diddy. Written for my old band, The Big Lie, by my former bandmate, Chris Knott.

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September 6

In the morning

second ever recording on garage band! beware! - a little, perhaps too-sappy song about something. i don't know. i even sing about rainbows in it (apologies in advance for that).

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Everything and Nothing

A slow(er) one from my band Red On Strike

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El Feo

Traditional Zapoteca song.

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September 5


first ever recording on garage band! beware!

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September 4

I Just Want to Feed the Ducks

Well, last week I had stepped out for a cigarette and witnessed a snippet of a conversation between a man and his daughter. They were both riding their bicycles down the sidewalk through the plazain which I work, and my guess would place the daughter at about 9 or 10 years old. As they rode past me, I heard the man say to the girl, "I just want to feed the ducks, and you keep pulling me away." And that's pretty much the basis for this song. It gets kinda awesome about halfway through. I mean, I think so, anyway.

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She Flies Away

me, my guitar, and a computer microphone. Simple but sweet.

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Gumby's Got a Gun

A rockin' little ditty I recorded on my computer a while back. Hope you like it.

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Julia / you've got a lovely uvula / I wanna take you to Florida / so please say yes We'll start a family / play lots of D&D / and watch the Goonies / on VHS

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Based on a beautiful novel called Eureka St.

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Another song from my concept CD that has been long in the making. This one was inspired by riding Washington, DC's Metro system to and from work every day.

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slow happy south

I put this together days after being given a banjo as a gift. It is made up of the one roll and four chords I knew at the time (about a year ago). It doesn't really kick in for like :40 so give it a bit. (horn stabs at the end are sampled.)

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Fun with sinebeats. I like this kind of stuff while coding.

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September 3

Mathowie's Community Blog

This song is called mathowie's community blog, and it's about mathowie, and the community blog, but mathowie's community blog is not the name of the community blog, that's just the name of the song. - lyrical brilliance by It's Raining Florence Henderson, with extra bits of artistic license taken in the studio. - Arlo-esque lead vocals by French Fry, aka my brother Alex.

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Elliott Smith's "Waltz #2 (XO)"

For the cortex compilation. Recorded today as a quick one-take solo acoustic guitar piece. Hope you like it!

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Ever So Lonely Eyes by Sheila Chandra (Tragic Tech ReMix)

My teenage brother's trance remix of Indian alternative-pop superstar Sheila Chandra's haunting lyrics to "Ever So Lonely Eyes." Done, of course, for fun and without permission and with no rights assumed. Of all his little projects, this is my favorite.

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Star is Smiling

It's 7am, I've been up all night, I'm tearing my hair out, I don't have any cigarettes left, and I can't get this particular piece of code working. What is there to do but write a song (and pray for cigarettes)?

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Sanbian (Remix)

Plinky plunky pianoky. Lestrade.

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September 2

Back He Flew Away

Inspired by the Gullah singers of the Georgia Sea Islands, with their marvelous a capella style. My friends and I sat in a half circle in my living room and as each singer took a turn leaning in to sing the lead, the others all around filled all the little spaces with harmonies.

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September 1

Little Orange Dinosaur

As long as songs about colored dinosaurs are on the front page, I thought I'd add mine. This song is about 8 years old (hence the junky analog recording). It's about a little orange dinosaur I loved when I was a kid.

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Written during a Squarepusher phase I'm guessing. It's at least 5 years old. I like how it develops.

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