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September 30


Jelly: by Fralex9 Seattle, WA

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a demo. [more inside]

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In Your Name

I've spent the past couple of months trying to improve my production skillz with my limited resources. This is the first song to come out of it all (probably because it's the simplest) with more on the way hopefully! [more inside]

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September 29

Peach picking time in Georgia

More from the woodshed Jimmy Rogers we liked. The Early Puritans go country. [more inside]

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Japonisme (1)

I took an old 45rpm of a Japanese folk song and started dropping the needle. Took those bits, sliced 'em up and moved 'em around a little, then added some synth and electric piano, some udu and guiro. Et voila! Le Japonisme!

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This song will, in less than a minute, explain how to live your life. [more inside]

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September 28

All On You

You might remember me from Kristy London and the Other Halves. This is my new project Ran/Run. A blend of electronics, atmospherics and melody.

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You'll Never Know (A Capella)

Me singing the Harry Warren song, without any backing, feel free to mashup/remix, etc. [more inside]

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The Apokakodex Opens: The Desecration Of Heaven Pt 1: A Call To Arms

More Black Metal satirization. This time I attacked a different Black Metal cliche, the call-to-arms track demanding the execution of Christians. So NSFW on that level, I guess.. [more inside]

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Spanish Moss

The proverbial seeds of this song were planted when I visited Savannah, Georgia at the beginning of the month and found myself captivated by the ubiquitous plant life named in the title. Later, when I was working on lyrics and couldn't think of a second verse, my bandmate Mel reminded me of a dream my friend Kathy had in which I killed a guy and hid him behind a couch. The end result may be disproportionately creepy, but I rather like it. [more inside]

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September 27

Chain Link Leather

Trancy and ethereal. Intended to be an interpretation of a dream that a friend had told me about. [more inside]

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Israel/Hit the Road Jack

Forgot to upload this last track from my friend Matt and I. Instrumental, two acoustic guitars. [more inside]

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Orbital Eccentricities

In an attempt to branch out a bit, I made this song entirely on the keyboard. Most of my songs are pretty sample-heavy but this one has almost no samples at all, just the drum loop, which is severely cut up and re-arranged. A good song to listen to when cruising in orbit in your spaceship.

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September 26

a. b. and c. correction

A slightly improved version of an arrythmic techno piece I posted in a badly mastered form the other day.

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A song about getting old. [more inside]

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Fortune's Lament

An old piece of mine, complete with wanky piano and strings. It's sort of embarassing, but the tune is nice.

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September 25

Reckoner (Sparkletone Bmore Slow Dance Remix)

It's kind of Bmore, but is way too slow and pretty, hence the name. [more inside]

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Back To Being Me

Maybe I wrote this song for Aretha Franklin. Maybe I wrote it for Candi Staton. Either way, when I sing it I feel like a large black woman.

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Signing Releases

Questions about signing releases [more inside] posted by minifigs at 8:33 AM PST - 5 comments

Mrs McGrath

More of the woes caused by foreign wars in this song from the woodshed tape (Sweden 1984.) "By heaven I'll make them rue the day when they took the legs from a child of mine" The Early Puritans at it again with an Irish song. Singer Dave Scott is Irish. Other singer Jim Donovan though is american [more inside]

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September 24

Axe and Why

An experiment in using soft damped x-y controllers to adjust the timbre of instruments.

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Mother South

This was part of a musical satire project, lampooning Black Metal. It's too easy to make fun of the dress, , so I instead went with a slightly more conceptual satire.. I covered widely regarded classic Black Metal tracks, as Country songs. This track is a cover of Satyricon's seminal Black Metal milestone, "Mother North (original)" [more inside]

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September 23

song is over

a townshend lament, inspired by (and partially stolen from) this song by Me, The Snake. [more inside]

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Arrhythmic techno with some thumb piano.

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Impossibly Blue

Folk rock song about the belief that one day everything in life will be perfect.

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Are you tired of bailing out major corporations that got into trouble because they were too busy screwing over the likes of you to properly run their numbers? I thought gravity was supposed to prevent things from trickling up??? [more inside]

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Jim Donovan, one of the members of The Early Puritans borrowed somebodys mandolin for the weekend. This is another song from that 1984 woodshed tape. [more inside]

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September 22


a blast from the past

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September 21

Beach Casanova

Sometimes there's a man - I won't say a hero, 'cause what's a hero? - but sometimes there's a man. A man on a beach. A Beach Casanova. NSFW. [more inside]

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NaSoPiAlMo No. 5 (arr. for string quartet)

I took a piano piece I wrote two years ago for National Solo Album Month and arranged it for string quartet. Then I used the Orkester Library in Reason to record it. I was heavily under the influence of Michael Nyman at the time, although this one feels much more like Philip Glass. [more inside]

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Can't Wait (percocet rodeo remix)

remix of my new song (thanks mediocre!) [more inside]

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Bonny Light Horseman

Another song from that Swedish woodshed tape. This I dont know the origin of. But the sentiments again appealed to us. The pain caused by Foreign Wars. Still relevant? [more inside]

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There's a Party in My Head

and you're invited! [more inside]

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Created in 1996 from a telephone message from a divorce lawyer.

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September 20


Ever find music you made in the past somewhere unexpected? [more inside] posted by mediocre at 11:35 PM PST - 8 comments

MeFi-related phrases for Jean Grae project?

There have been some comments in this MeTa thread suggesting that we offer some MeFi-related phrases and such to lyricist Jean Grae, for possible inclusion in the MeFiMu/Jean Grae project. I'm personally on the fence about whether we should do that at all, but there seems to be some amount of urgency in getting this whole thing together in a speedy fashion, so I thought it might be useful to make a "sub-thread" here at Music Talk to collect likely MeFi-phraseology candidates. Whether they're ultimately sent to her as something suggested for use is another matter. I can see pro and con on that, but, anyway... for reference, here's the MeFi wiki page on in jokes. I also thought that, aside from collecting candidates for submission, this thread might serve as a point of discussion among us MeFi musicians concerning whether we should go with this MeFicentric thing at all. I thought that might be useful to do here, rather than the MeTa thread, since it's a more specific discussion and also since MeTa threads are usually off the front page after a day or two. Thoughts? Suggestions? posted by flapjax at midnite at 10:55 PM PST - 28 comments


Rehearsal with my band, Fralex9

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How does Tunecore make money?

Help me understand the business model. [more inside] posted by dobie at 8:14 PM PST - 3 comments

can't wait

bittersweet sturm und drang [more inside]

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Opusindra - Delicious Thoughts

A long-lost track from my old Trip Hop outfit, Opusindra. This track is from nearly 10 years ago. [more inside]

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demo/demonstration [more inside]

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Tell me what you think about my next project

Lessons you've learned from online distribution? What do you think about the strategy i will outline below? [more inside] posted by The1andonly at 10:37 AM PST - 8 comments

For a' that

An old song. Written by Robert burns in 1795. Recorded by my old acoustic band, The Early Puritans in Sweden 1984 on a radio/cassette player with built in microphones. One take. Found the tape in the woodshed this summer. Lo fi. [more inside]

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September 19

Are You Gonna Go My Way

A few days ago I had a vision that my band did a cover of Are You Gonna Go My Way. Then my band did a cover of Are You Gonna Go My Way. This is that cover. [more inside]

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September 18

"My Generation" Remix

A cool remix I created of the Who's classic song "My Generation". Enjoy!

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The Chestnut Tree Cafe Lounge

Rehearsal with my band, Fralex9 August 15, 2008 Studio A Seattle, WA

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Wish You Were Here (cover)

Some acoustic Pink Floyd. This is my first ever recording, feedback is appreciated. [more inside]

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The Gilded Cage

We're living in a gilded cage in the gilded age: watching shadows dancing on the wall and rattling our chains so we feel like something's happening when we haven't really done a thing and so we never have to think too long about the mess we've made. Ain't it strange the sun don't shine here? I can't see any source of natural light. There isn't any way to tell the time here. So no one really knows when we arrived... [more inside]

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September 17


New song, kind of a spur of the moment thing. I think this is pop, and that's cool with me.

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Just like Ashlee Simpson!

I'm toying with the idea of playing live again (after more than a decade of staying in the house) and I'd like to gather opinions from all of you: at which point do "backing tracks" become "cheating"? [more inside] posted by Karlos the Jackal at 4:09 AM PST - 12 comments

September 16

Happiness is a Warm Bun

Half way through working on this I started to realize how stupid and ridiculous it was but it's definetely not the worst thing I've posted, or maybe it is, I dunno. [more inside]

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Ordnance v1.0

Auditory weapons for musical wars.

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September 15

Banyan Drive

A short walk down old Banyan Drive: a sad reflection on the modern state of Hilo, HI.

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'Til We're Dead (EP version)

Rerecorded version of "'Til We're Dead" from my forthcoming EP. [more inside]

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September 14

The Sky Was Pink (cover)

A cover of a song I absolutely love. [more inside]

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September 13

Skipping Stones (please help)

hey home recording kids: i'm trying to get this song ready for my lady's birthday. could use some help with the mix. I need advice by monday nite. going for cute. what's working / failing? what needs polish? [more inside]

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September 12

Darker, Darker

Another from the Shot Heard 'Round the World (by popular request, I swear). Also recorded in Vermont, summer 2005 and Brooklyn, that fall. Title says it all I guess - violins, shakers, african bells, trombone, flanged guitar solo, air organ. [more inside]

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USB mic help

My USB mic, while sucky, should not suck as much as it currently sucks. Help me to make it unsuck. [more inside] posted by quadog at 3:52 PM PST - 6 comments

(Elizabeth) On the Bathroom Floor [Eels Cover]

A cover of the Eels tune from Electro-Shock Blues, a wonderful pop opera.

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September 11

Sitting on Chrome (about:internets)

Because rapping about Easter eggs in browsers, that's normal, right? [more inside]

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I Hate Working

I don't really hate my job but I really hate working, if that makes sense. Well whatever, here's another generic punk song about work sucking butt.

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A cover of a song by the Joe Money band out of Kentucky. [more inside]

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September 10

Certain Death

A cheery song off my new album Out of It.

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A Summer of Departures Overhead

When I lived in Anchorage a few years back, during one of the summers one of the runways at the local international airport was shut down so all of the aeroplanes were taking off and flying over the city instead of flying out over the water like they usually did. So that's what this song is about. Sounds best on a very loud stereo.

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last night a werewolf fell in love with me

you have werewolf money in your werewolf pants [more inside]

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September 9

The girl is fine

I was in a punky sort of mood tonight

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Lost Time

A rough mix of the title track from my just-recorded EP under the name Green Sees.

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September 8

Hello Morning

A song my band and I are working on. Acoustic/electric standard upbeat pop rock/alt. Regrettably, we are not studio engineers and my friend is doing his best with Garage Band, which I, also regrettably, lack a copy of. [more inside]

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Lacksidaisical Paramour

A currently-instrumental hip hop beat in progress. I've been trying to remix this song for a long time, and this is the best I've managed to come up with so far. [more inside]

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September 6

Aw Yeah (demo)

rap samples, crunchy synths, electronic bongos, and me.

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Popping the blowstand

Just another overly long drum machine heavy metal guitar demo from 7 or 8 years ago. [more inside]

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September 5

Harvest Breed

Written + performed by The Shot Heard 'Round the World a few years ago for our record "10 Songs for Town & Country." Good if you like acoustic guitars, falsetto backups, shakers, triangles, clarinets, bicycle freewheels, fake crickets, pianos/blue notes, glockenspiels, indian summers and reverb.

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External Audio Outputs for DJing

I need another audio output socket so that I can DJ, obviously so I can mix with one sent to headphones, and send the other out to the PA. Speaking as someone totally oblivious to music and technology, what do i need? [more inside] posted by ashaw at 6:27 AM PST - 2 comments

September 4

Omega Sunsets

This comes from the archives (dating back to 1999 or thereabouts), the heavily edited highlights of a long and extremely abstract jam. I produced it and I'm pretty sure I blew into some kind of flute like instrument at some point or other. Apparently there's versions of it floating around out there credited to both LSD49 and Slow Fallout.

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September 3

Objects in Space

Title track from my new album. Song uses nothing but samples (other than the drums) from the Firefly episode "Objects in Space".

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Hating music

I was thinking about something one of our MeFiMu musicians said the other day, in a description of a song post here, about "hating" music. He didn't elaborate, so I don't know if he meant hating music in general, or hating his own music, or hating his life as a musician, or whatever, but it got me to thinking about those inevitable moments when we, as musicians, somehow or other lose confidence, or, well, whatever one can lose. I've never *hated* music per se, but I've certainly felt pretty down, on many an occasion. over the years: for example, those times when it really hits home, like a slug in the jaw, that what you're putting in time and energy-wise is not commensurate with what you're getting back dollar-wise, or interest-from-your-fellow-human-beings-wise. Those are the times when I've felt that being a musician is a raw fucking deal, and I'm just setting myself up for heartbreak and disappointment. So, I wonder, what are the times that you "hate" music, or grow tired of music, somehow, or think of giving it all up and going into the retread tire business with your dad? posted by flapjax at midnite at 6:45 AM PST - 33 comments

September 2

theme from "gone"

A piano-based melody written for my animated short film "Gone" (hear it in context). [more inside]

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The first version of this song was written back in the late '80s and was some sort of power ballad. Twenty years later, I took the main chord progression and turned it into an ultra-commercial '90s alt-pop song instead.

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Spiderman is the Greatest Super Hero of All Time

A collaboration by two mefites and a regular person. The other mefite doesn't want his name attached, I have no shame so I'll post it w/ my profile.

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End Credits (MegaMan 2)

For fun one day when I very first was learning laptop recording years ago I decided to learn and record a version of the credit theme to MegaMan 2. [more inside]

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September 1


Yep, I prefer just "novocaine" for this jaunty little cover tune I did from Green Day's "American Idiot." Well maybe not jaunty, exactly. [more inside]

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King of Carrot Flowers

Everyone loves Positive Yogurt Motel. [more inside]

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They Glow

futuristic electronic rock-out for dark, open spaces under bright, starry skies

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