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September 30

We Lose With Dignity

Riff rock and college football. [more inside]

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E-40 + Kamaiyah + MJ

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September 29

The Flowers

A quick sketch 2-bar sample + noodling + multitracking [more inside]

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September 24


Pretty proud of the vocals. This is a weird one, but my most haunting song yet. I had an image of a supernatural, quiet kind of nightmare where the narrator has a horrible premonition that something is coming for her, tries to run away, but cannot get far enough.

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September 23


I've had this descending chord progression stuck in my head for a few weeks so I decided to record it and cut it up. Another OP-1 jam. [more inside]

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September 22

Perfect and Simple

Unassuming country ballad with high production values. [more inside]

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September 18


Folky, catchy murder ballad. [more inside]

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Partial Photonic Boundary

Simple post rock instrumental. Guitars, programmed drums, crowd sample. [more inside]

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September 17

Taxi in Cairo

New song for the album featuring guitar, horns, strings, piano, drums, crooning [more inside]

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September 16

Tell Her I Love Her

An astronaut's lament [more inside]

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September 11

Open to the Sky

Dark ambient "uneasy listening" from my new Bandcamp release, 11 Spells. Software and Eurorack synthesizers.

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September 9

Big red sky

It's been a while since I posted any of my new songs here. What do you think of my kind of new direction (and quality of the recording)? Alternative folk-ish, acoustic song with clean vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonies. Sounds happy but the lyrics are not. [more inside]

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September 8

Ed Steamhams - Cooking Out Loud

Oh ye gods, Ed's song is ruined! But...what if I were to write parody lyrics and disguise them as his own songwriting? Oh ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, cortex! [more inside]

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September 6

The Counterforce

I'm fairly sure when I picked up my guitar tonight I only intended to practise for a bit, not make a short garage instrumental called The Counterforce, yet here we are. [more inside]

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September 5

Life, Alexander

I say that I wrote this song the day my son was born. What I mean is that sitting in a hospital room after a day full of chaos, with my partner asleep and safe for now, I opened my computer to stare at the screen and type out the few lines I had in me. I wrote what felt in that moment like advice--the only advice I had to offer to the tiny baby in an incubator in an adjacent wing. After an early morning of liver failure, pacing, sobbing, and an emergency C-section, I didn't have a lot left. [more inside]

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September 3

Arps-speriment #3: Soothing Arps

Arpin' again

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September 1

uke bass ditty bath

I played around with my uke bass tonight while keeping umbuzinho company as he splashed around in the bath.

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