MeFi Music Challenge 14

LYRIC Challenge: You must use this exact phrase in your submission: "I kept thinking of all those other words I know" from THIS COMMENT by Fuzzy Skinner

MUSIC Challenge: Spoiler tv series theme music.
In the early days of television, viewers were introduced to a show each week with a theme song that described the show's premise: "Mr. Ed" told us a horse would talk, "Gilligan's Island" let us know the cast had only planned on a three hour tour (a three hour tour), etc. Create a theme song for a television series (imaginary or real) using lyrics that explain the premise. Suggested by lothar (with slight modification by flapjax at midnite) Please tag your submission: TVseriesTheme

WILDCARD Challenge: Submit a song that is less than one minute long. suggested by ORthey - Please tag your submission: LessThanAMinute

Submission deadline: November 30, 2008

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