MeFi Music Challenge 28

You may know (or not), but radio announcer Carl Kassel is a score keeper and judge on an NPR show. The winners of various segments can get his voice on their answering machine.

You also may know (or not), but Carl Kassel is retiring from newscasting.

So, the January 2010 Mefi Music Challenge is: make up jingles and such for Carl Kassel's answering machine. It might be fun to make up a CD of these and send it to him!

Let's open the idea up a bit more for those not interested in the Carl Kassel angle: make an outgoing message for anyone's answering machine: yours, some favorite Mefite's, some other public figure's, God's... the sky's the limit. But speaking of limits, let's keep in mind, we're going for brevity and punch here. Something you could really imagine as an outgoing message.

(Hat tip to cjorgensen and flapjax at midnite for the challenge suggestions.)

Submission deadline: January 31, 2010

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