MeFi Music Challenge 80

Do The Thing That Scares You

Lets step out of our comfort zones for something completely different.

Google it and you will find a bazillion articles on why it's good for us to do things every day that are out of our comfort zone. I'm not talking "play a slightly tricky cover of a song you like". This needs to be something like:

- sing a song in a language that isn't your first language
- collaborate with someone if you have never done this before
- perform solo if you have never done this before
- record something in a genre you have never worked with before
- go acoustic if you're an electric person, or vice versa

TAKE THE PLUNGE - try something you've never done and don't know if you can. If there's anywhere you can experiment with stuff and not be judged it's here. This is starting to sound a bit too sexy so I'm gonna stop talking about it.

This will be a two-monther in case some of us need time to gear ourselves up for it emotionally/physically/eating for strength. Come discuss the challenge here!

Remember to tag your entries: #MeFiMusicChallenge and #DoWhatScaresYou

Submission deadline: January 31, 2017

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