February 28

Common Smartphone Problems And How To Handle Them

Inspired by a clickbait headline, an ode to deleting my social media accounts. [more inside]

February 27

Scarlet Johansson's Human Suit

All this time, dipping your fingers in my bowl... [more inside]

February 25

GAIA jam

Featuring Carlos Najar on guitar and your homeboy carrotadventure on synths and drum machine. In this upbeat improv jam I am playing the Roland GAIA synth for chords and the Korg Monologue for bass. Also operating the Roland TR-8 for beats.

Nowhere to be Found

How I felt so lonely tonight How did you find me tonight? When I was nowhere to be found

February 18

Come To Me

björk cover [more inside]

How Long, America?

Wish I didn't have to keep writing songs like this. [more inside]

February 17

Slow Orbit

From the new Yabra EP!

Making Local Stops

Decided to take a break from pop/vocal stuff to do something instrumental and chill. This be that.

February 16

A Natural Carpet

A psuedo-guitar-like ambient song performed on modular synthesizer. This is the third track on my new release Nereus, available on Bandcamp. [more inside]

February 14

Meet Here If We Get Separated

Happy Valentine's Day! I wanted to make a romantic song built from decidedly un-romantic sounds and images. I mined a lot of half-finished darker, sadder songs that hadn't gone anywhere and assembled a mini-library of static, buzzes, and odd percussion. I did the same with old sad, political or angry poems for the lyrics. [more inside]

February 13

Arctic Circle

For your pleasure (or pain), here's some retro-dancy/electronic melancholia we put together for the CBC song-off.

February 12

Ahg the Caveman (Tim Long's Unidentified Flying Stringband)

Cavemen, rockets, creation myths. [more inside]

February 10

Black and White Rag

I've always known "Black and White" as a fiddle rag, but it turns out it was composed for piano in 1908. When I was a kid, it was one of about a dozen tunes my dad and I played together (over, and over, and over) with him on guitar and me on fiddle. In a total coincidence (no, really) my band decided to record it for our upcoming album “High on the Hog”. I never played it quite like that with my dad, but looking back it's fun to imagine I was practicing for this. [more inside]

February 6

16 Step

A short improvisation for polyphonic synthesizer and 16-step sequencer

February 5

Oak Bay 2

Guitar solo. Been listening to some Red House Painters.

January 28


A slow-building ambient jam / soundscape inspired by VCV Rack. [more inside]

January 21

Perilous Motion

Here's a chewy demo, work in progress. If you like Seam and Superchunk this is in that vein. [more inside]

January 17


Deep and brooding delays and saturated distortion galore with epic resolve. [more inside]

January 16

Lazy Rock

I miss the lazy rock of the 90's. Lean into the derivative. [more inside]

January 6

Close Enough

Building a beat around an organ loop [more inside]

Plasma Laser Whip

The year is 1998, the air is thick with sweat and the night is slipping deep into the bass. The 303 pulses and squelches, the drum machine kicks the beat and the effects warp our minds. Dawn is coming, but for now it is just us and the crowd and the music and the warehouse.... [more inside]

Tired Of Winning

Another track from my first solo album. Like a great many of these lyrics, it began as a joke, albeit a sardonic one. President Trump had done something else horrifying and I said, out loud to mrs. eustacescrubb, "he was right. I AM tired of winning!" [more inside]

January 1

st swithins day

broken heart et alia. [more inside]

December 30

16 - bear trap - vampire deer

still thinking about it all - this is the last song on the album - time, perhaps, to have more fun ... [more inside]

Auld Lang Syne Chimes (chorus)

Short recording of me playing the chorus of "Auld Lang Syne" on bar chimes. Bonus background vocals by crickets outside. Total running time: 51 seconds. Happy new year, MeFi! [more inside]

December 29


Get your fingers snapping and your toes tapping. [more inside]

15 - avenue song - vampire deer

the thing was, i was a mess in the 70s and he was the together fast talking con artist - in 2013, i heard that he'd killed himself way back in the 80s - that left me to wonder how i could be wrong about so many things, because it just wasn't what i expected to have happened [more inside]

December 27

Keeping up with my friend's five year old on drums

My friend posted a 50 second video of his daughter with her new christmas present drum set, and I decided to try to play along. It ended up turning into a free jazz fusion freakout of sorts. Here is the video.

December 25

14 - draw the lines - vampire deer

things were getting weird but they were worse for some others ... [more inside]

December 24

13 - captain's walk - vampire deer

you can't come home again because you never left [more inside]

December 22

12 - jack of assholes - vampire deer

or why i don't like card games [more inside]

December 21

Saint Simon

I came up with an arrangement of Saint Simon by the Shins on the wurlitzer. It's in some sort of 3/4, 6/8, 12/8 I'm-not-sure-what waltz/not waltz time signature.

Palo Alto

Featuring the Line 6 M9 providing a little bit of chorus, delay and reverb... and the old classic, the Line 6 POD providing the 'amp'. Full Line 6 rig today.

December 20

11 - instruction set - vampire deer

or something like that [more inside]

Christmas Creep

Seems to come earlier every year [more inside]

December 18

A Salvo

C'est vrai

December 17

10 shadow - vampire deer

i wrote this in 1997, cribbing considerably from psalm 91 - i'm not as optimistic or as confident as the psalmist was - i'm also pretty disturbed to see how much more relevant it is now than it was then [more inside]

December 16

09 holler at the sky - vampire deer

actually this is the first song of the second cd, not that anyone's burning this to cd, but ... it's also another monologue and dulcimer based tune ... [more inside]

December 15

08 magpie - vampire deer

this started as a duet between a korg monologue and mountain dulcimer [more inside]

December 14

Everything That Isn't Bolted Down

New work in progress, aiming for pissed off radical lefty sludge. [more inside]

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