February 19

Five Miles From Town

In honor of Clyde Davenport, who passed away this week at the age of 98, one of the fiddle tunes he played, although not particularly in his style. [more inside]

Patchwork Parallel

Acid/Techno/Chillout/Ambient electronic music in the style of Chemical Brothers and Kruder and Dorfmeuster DJ Kicks! era [more inside]

February 18

Letterbox (TMBG cover)

A hushed but nonetheless exuberant take on a very good song from They Might Be Giants' album "Flood," recorded at my kitchen table [more inside]

February 17

Irish Jig Set

Three jigs I've been working on recently - Miller of Glanmire, The Drowning at Bruckless, and Bill Harte's. Two tenor guitars (a recent Nigel Forster, and a 1943 Epiphone archtop), and banjo (Ode Juniper). [more inside]

February 14


From Vivaldi Concerto in D Major for Flute [more inside]

February 9

The Story Is Everything - Ma Cher

"Won't shake it at the Mardi Gras, why don'tcha come home and shake it all for me!" Americana and Second-Line rhythms combine in a character piece about a bayou boy skeptical of the charms of the Big Easy. The upcoming album, Tales from the Crescent, is a New Orleans-themed song cycle that crosses multiple genre lines in its quest to musically capture the complicated creature that is the Crescent City.

February 7

Received Wisdom

In the spirit of perpetually re-arranging and re-recording our songs, 'Received Wisdom' has now evolved into this rather sleek beast. [more inside]

February 5

touch my hovercraft - tr0n1que

A short ride on some eccentric polyrhythms with some soft-synths and a processed vocalization. [more inside]

February 4

7 Hills Haiku

Not actually a haiku, but I feel like its is soul is a haiku. [more inside]

January 31

Jazz Guy

This thread reminded me that I haven't actually played jazz in a long time. [more inside]

You're The Reason Why

A jangly, upbeat tune about missed opportunities. Lyrics are vaguely nonsensical. [more inside]

January 25

Wintry Mix

An ambient/drone piece from my newly released album Float (pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp). I'm breaking a habit of expressing anxiety and foreboding through my music, and aiming to spread some tranquility and wonder instead. [more inside]

January 20

Best Booty on the Farm

Recently met a dog with a mighty fine behind. [more inside]

January 16


This song is a short instrumental. [more inside]

January 14

The Bridges of Amsterdam (Original Soundtrack)

Song I wrote for a montage of travel footage. [more inside]

Jacob's Well

A re-recording of this song for an album that I swear is coming out soon (for the four people out there vaguely aware of it). Features acoustic guitar, harmonies from talented friends Ings and Jon David Russell, an instrument like a marimba that I forget the name of, and a flute solo (!) at the end. [more inside]

January 4


Short, sweet, sappy love song. [more inside]

December 31

And the Sunlight Among the Trees

A short (1:27) original piece of me on solo piano. It's a reworking / different arrangement of a previous tune I posted, which was piano & guitar. This is a slightly different take on rhythm and melody -- more of a contemplative feeling, and still reflective and reassuring (I hope). Happy new year, MetaFilter! [more inside]

December 30

08 - ghostland - vampire deer

last song of the album and thanks for comments and listening [more inside]

December 29

SKA/BAND - Caledonia Mission

The first track I've finished in a project of doing ska covers of The Band songs [more inside]

December 28

07 - banned from paradise - vampire deer

well, some people would dream of this [more inside]

December 27

06 - trouble in my pocket - vampire deer

sometimes people just aren't having it [more inside]

December 24

05 - berlin wall - vampire deer

one generation wants a wall torn down, another wants one built [more inside]

The Best Part of Christmas is You

This year I wrote a Christmas song that I'm rather fond of for my wife, who I'm also rather fond of. [more inside]

December 21

04 - freedom to serve - vampire deer

also known as "you have a CHOICE" [more inside]

December 20

This Woman's Work (Kate Bush cover)

Very late to the game on this, but here's a cheeky contribution to the Kate Bush challenge :D

I have toppled all the towers (You have trampled all the flowers)

A little ditty about a son confronting his father the king. [more inside]

December 19

03 - factory song - vampire deer

in which i reveal the secret of modern american life [more inside]

December 17

02 - lakeview square - vampire deer

just another day at the mall ... [more inside]

December 14

Officer? I'm In A Band!

A jaunty (for us) Carbon 7 number from last August. I was making notes on my phone of little snippets of conversation to use as song titles. No clue how we got there, but it seemed hilarious at the time. Utterly improvisational. [more inside]

December 13

01 - magicland - vampire deer

first song of lakeview square, my new album about the rise and fall of a shopping mall [more inside]

The Bridges of Amsterdam (Original Soundtrack)

Soundtrack I wrote and recorded for a video montage of footage in Amsterdam.

November 29

Fire Over The Deep

I've posted a few old Hurlo Thrumbo songs here before -- this is an unfinished project from mere weeks before we broke up. Rough mix, rescued from 24 track 2-inch tape, scratch vox. [more inside]

November 17

Unconditional Loop

If humans have unconditional love and computers have conditional loops, what is robot love? [more inside]

November 15

The Last Baseball Game - Part II

Part I of The Last Baseball Game is meant to be the song they play before the game, as an intro. This is meant to be the post-game epilogue 'final farewell' kinda number. I meant to do a fadeout at the end, but I forgot, so the track just sort of plays out. I figured I might as well just leave it like that.

November 11


My partner and I performed Dean Rosenthal’s Stones/Water/Time/Breath yesterday at the The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida. [more inside]

November 9

Magic Show

An upbeat instrumental piece. [more inside]

November 7


I just wanna nest; I cannot find a nest now [more inside]

November 1

Skeleton Dance

A day late for Halloween, barely in time for Día de Muertos. A composition for classic fingerstyle banjo and piano by Norton Greenop, circa 1900.

October 26


Also electronics + piano. A bit more pianistic and melodic; more "pretty" than "driven."

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