March 21

The Ballad of Sutton Picklestein

A tribute to Blaseball player Sutton Picklestein, who was offered resurrection at a terrible price, and said "No thank you." [more inside]

The Sound of MeFiMusic - The Remix

Ahh yes - unmistakeable....

March 19


A stompy, Floyd-y thing with downbeat lyrics that hopefully end on a note of optimism.

March 14

The Sound Of MeFIMusic

March 13

Recent Convert

Simple instrumental. Guitar, bass, keys, programmed drums.

March 9

tr0n1que - FAAFO

I'm F-ing Around with a still-new-to-me rig And Finding Out about what I can get out of it. Textures and glitchy stuff like I've done here before. [more inside]

March 7

Standing On My Head

aka Pissing In The Wind [more inside]

March 5

Unknowable Knowns

I released a new EP today! All songs I recorded in and around my house in the last year. This song started off much more stripped down and it feels all grown up now. That's my brother on the drums

March 3

I'm Movin' On

Hi! This is a cover my over-60 amateur musician buddies and I (The Busted Bones) created using a small Zoom recorder... sent between us - quarantine style! [more inside]

March 2

Smoke & Mirrors

"So who are we but stories And who's truth be told?"

February 28

A Spot of Blue

I bought a new USB microphone, and this is the first song I've recorded with it. Feels lovely to not record onto my phone. [more inside]

February 26

Riding Out

In the grand tradition of posting all our releases here, I present our latest track, Riding Out. As always, this is a song that has floated around for a few years (even surfacing on MeFi music in a much rawer form just over five years ago). Now we've done a version we're really happy with. More music here - thanks for listening.

February 23

07 - chicken university - vampire deer

rpm 21 - it's my understanding they're all eggheads there i'll be here all week [more inside]

February 22

06 - colorado crispies - vampire deer

rpm 21 - vitamin enhanced, of course

February 21

Hymn To Her

Another post, another Sunday....

05 - mccoys ghost sugar blues - vampire deer

rpm 21 - i used to have the 78

February 20


Did not wake up this morning expecting to record a Britney Spears song.

February 19

04 - half the night long - vampire deer

for rpm 21 - the question is, which half?

February 18

03 - tigerbright - vampire deer

rpm 21 - tigerbright, tigerbright, first star i see tonight

February 17

02 45th bugler - vampire deer

another song for rpm 21 - gabriel sounds tired

February 16

01 - flash paradise -vampire deer

this is for rpm 21 - i just improvised 7 odd instrumentals and only used keyboards and computers

February 15


Thoughts of a spacecraft on its long journey. [more inside]

Family Day

Just having a play outside a couple summers ago

February 14

Paper Scissors Stone

Chance. [more inside]

February 12


very much a companion piece to my last post - dark lockdown mood

February 7

7865 no vox

another improvised chord sesh on the acoustic guitar where I then overdubbed the other instruments!

Strangers When We Meet

Les liaisons dangereuses.... [more inside]

February 5

1 Minute Beep Session

A four channel tracker style chiptune [more inside]

February 3

Henrietta Toughlove: The Diving Bell

Another track from our 33 song project, it dovetails with the one after it. Big noise. [more inside]

February 1

Fortunate Son

Here's another cover, this time it's CCR's anti-war/anti-classist classic. We slowed it down quite a bit and changed the rhythm to a lazy shuffle lilt. Took it to the swamp a little. Added a bridge, too, which the song kinda cried out for, I thought. Once again, brought to you by Covid-19's insistence that me and my musical partner not play in the same room, but still play together, you know, live and all. Video of this performance at YT here. [more inside]

The Let Go

Another request from my three-year-old grandson, this is Elle King's "The Let Go." Video.

January 31

One Of A Kind

It's been a looooooooooong time since I last visited MetaFilter - good to see many familiar names still around. Hope everyone is well in these difficult times. I've recorded a lot of material in the intervening period, some good, some bad, some so-so. Thought I'd reboot with this one. Lyric is nothing special - a fairly cliched trope about a guy with a free-spirit as a partner. Music is pretty old-fashioned. But then, so am I..... For the technically minded - recorded using Logic Pro X predominantly with Native Instruments, Izotope and Waves plug-ins.

January 29

To Make You Feel My Love

Another cover tune, brought to you by remote recording: two guys in their socially distanced rooms making music together. This one isn't a tune I would've leapt on to do as a cover, but... it was a request! And being essentially a show biz animal eager to please, I decided to do my entertainerly duty and give it my best shot. Video of the performance (zoom zoom zoom) is at YT here. [more inside]

Fig Time

Jangly pop instrumental track w/ simple guitar solo doing a few of the classic riffs!

January 27

With a Little Help From My Friends

Getting that "let's play together live from separate rooms across town through the magic of computers" thing together. Video of this duo performance can be seen at ye olde Tubes of You, here. [more inside]

January 22

Japanese Maple

Expanded version of this song, but this time we're in control and not in control. Both my mother and my wife's mother planted our placentas under trees, in my wife's case a Japanese maple in West Seattle. I don't know if this was a 90s trend among certain parents, or if it's still a thing or not. [more inside]

January 20

man, damn

somehow managed to write this today and then record a million takes of it on my front porch. chords are far apart, words are close together — pretty difficult for me to sing but we're getting there

January 15

Milada In A Ditch

A few summers ago my mom's friend had a bit of an incident on the winding road to my parents' place and spun her car out, into the ditch. My brother happened upon her and helped her get her car out and told me about it later. I totally wasn't there but I wrote a song about it anyway and invented things that didn't happen. [more inside]

Aircraft Recognition

The evolution of a song. How a shimmering instrumental evolved... [more inside]

Le Tic-Toc-Choc by Francois Couperin

A fun harpsichord piece, performed on electronic keyboards. [more inside]

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