January 4

red shift

rave-y dnb-lite crudely cobbled together in an early edition of hip hop ejay of all things [more inside]

January 3

Engine of Flowers

Solo Spanish guitar

January 2


Instrumental score about discovery, evaluation, and conflict. [more inside]

December 29

Action Procedural

While the punchy percussion and funky synth imply action, the final chord in this short instrumental evokes the final shot of the theme song for a procedural drama. If you've got an action procedural series missing a theme song, I may have found it over here. [more inside]

December 27

Small Town

December's release from Sredni Vashtar, staying with the slow, epic, moody sound for the time being.

130 stories high

optimistic down-tempo instrumental hip hop beats and synth-strings [more inside]

December 23


At the beginning of 2019, one of my then-bands Buzzie began to record an album with Robert Harrison of Cotton Mather in the production chair. [more inside]

December 22

Checking In

Third in my series of sequencer experiments - here two voices are sharing some notes and trading off singing to each other. [more inside]

yr alban

a bit of an experiment. old. a series of mostly-drumless electronic vignettes.

December 20

Distant Transmission

A short instrumental. A dream-like reverb envelops an evocative melody and its accompanying synthy chords. [more inside]


Mild intensity (?) intro-ish piece. [more inside]

Measure Twice

More sequencer experimentation - playing with changing the note assignment and loop points on a longer sequence. [more inside]

Unsolvable Mysteries

A moody instrumental theme song.

December 19


optimistic disposable electo-ditty [more inside]

December 18

Exactly How It Appeared

It was a mind working against me. [more inside]

In passing

A quick sketch to start off a series of 3 songs based around some creative sequencing techniques. [more inside]

December 17

An Entrance

some dungeon synth [more inside]

December 15

by dint


December 13

let's get loud (remix)

breakbeat/drum n bass remix of a sports-themed rap featuring Chuck D, MC Lyte, Phife Dawg and Aerosmith [more inside]

December 9

Sand Palace

A cheesy little synth funk tune that I made about a decade ago to accompany a presentation or something. I re-discovered it this morning while cleaning up old files in a google drive.


ming's theme [more inside]

December 7

i dream of you

a short vignette

Afraid to Feel

LF System (acoustic ft Silk) and The Strokes

December 6

Eighth Gear

It's time for more robo-jams! This song is procedurally generated and has eleven key changes. [more inside]

December 5


make some noisette! [more inside]

December 4

You Already Knew This

Clunky bluesy picking on a Spanish guitar for the first minute and then it opens up a lot.

December 3

73 Keep It Beautiful

Can you get nostalgia from a license plate? [more inside]

abnus florrix

broken beats and emo synths

December 1

pebbledash remix

more synth-laden breakbeat - quite fruity in places [more inside]

November 29

get a cheerleader girlfriend

downtempo pseudo-ambient breakbeaty instrumental [more inside]

November 27

Death Scene Music for an Imaginary, Low-Budget Cyberpunk Movie

Not had time for much recording lately - it's been a brutal couple of months. Here's another part of the soundtrack for a straight to video cyberpunk movie from the nineties. (apologies to the fellow mefite who I'm supposed to be doing a collab with - I'll be in touch I promise!)

November 23

Flickr jingle PARP remix

Novelty remix I did of a jingle/answerphone message the original Flickr team recorded when Flickr was very new.

November 22

panic merchants - megaron

moody layered synths and breakbeats [more inside]

November 21

Rhubarb Pancakes

A peppy major chord synth tune for the upcoming break. [more inside]

November 18

lestrade - friendly

chilled-out emo-wave synth-hop [more inside]

November 17

panic merchants - dark matter

breakbeat electro-funk [more inside]

November 16

lycaenidae - lycaenidae

pleasantly surprised by this one. clocks in at a punchy 1 minute long … [more inside]

November 15

estradel - grishnak's happy birthday funk

extremely lazy bit of looping with an inexplicable minute of silence at the end. [more inside]

November 13

The Uneven Staircase

Careful, it has odd time signatures.

November 6

Continuing Adventures

A whimsical theme song.

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