August 22

07 - orc pie at the mall - vampire deer

you won't get this at sbarro's - and they don't take numenorian express - (cue album end)

August 20

06 - dwarfdub headache - vampire deer

why do dwarves use axes? what good is an axe in a mine?

August 17

05 - smeagol gollum 2020 - vampire deer

thanks to sysinfo for the sudden change of title

August 16

04 - homeless in lothlorian - vampire deer

this really does sound sad, so i won't make any jokes

August 15

Continue Save Retry

My kids have been playing A LOT of OG Zelda. Got rid of this earworm the only way I know how, by leaning in.

August 10

03 - sauronacideye94 - vampire deer

drive by the world's biggest oliphant-cart tire past helleville near the dead marshes and onward to where the half-dead attempt to play baseball ...

August 7

02 - nazgul express - vampire deer

the in-flight movies and the dinners leave a LOT to be desired

August 6

Red Prairie Dawn

Takin a pass at this classic old time fiddle tune by Garry Harrison! Followed by a little acoustic guitar postlude, and then the neighbourhood cat shows up at the very end.

August 5

01 - holiday in mordor - vampire deer

introducing the new album, "jazz noises from middle earth", which is nothing like bo hansson

August 2

Permanent Temporary Structures

This one clatters along at a breakneck pace. Recorded about four years but I just felt the urge to throw a bit more guitar into the mix. Sredni Vashtar is a three piece that gigs occasionally in South London.

July 31


This isn't really about anything. It's just a solo improv piano piece called Principals. [more inside]

July 29

Happy Birthday To You From Dan

It's my birthday. I hope you all have at least as good birthdays in the coming years. [more inside]

July 28

God Give Me Strength

Song by Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach. Recorded a while back with me on vocals and Bill Shaouy on piano. One of my favorite songs.

July 25


Well, it's really not the right time of year for this, but it fits my mood today. [more inside]

July 21

Here Come the Warm Jets

An arrangement of Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets for modular synthesizer.

July 18

Mason-Dixon Line

There may be historical inaccuracies. More of the same from a 90s bedroom. [more inside]

July 12

Natural, I Guess

One man band home recording from the 90s. [more inside]

July 2

F9mily (You & Me)

A multi-tracked violin sketch/tiny cover of an excellent song by Lil Nas X that I can't get out of my head.

July 1

Far South Reel

One of the coolest tunes Frank B. Converse ever wrote, from page 105 of his 1886 Analytical Banjo Method. [more inside]

June 29

50 Years

50 years of queer revolution. Capitol Hill in Seattle was alive tonight. This is my love song to all my queer family. Listen in your most private loving spaces. I love you all so much it hurts.

June 28

So Tired Of

If you like Superchunk and the Ramones and wished they had recorded together.

June 18

Wrap-Up Rap for "Wrap-Up Rap"

I thought this MeFi thread on closing credit raps was crying out for a closing credit rap. [more inside]

June 16

Know what u want

this is heartfelt shit. It's all I know I dunno. [more inside]

June 15

Whistlin' Tune

Havin' a play with the gang! [more inside]

June 4

11 - guitar army - vampire deer

one day your children will ask you ... [more inside]

June 2

10 - slip away - vampire deer

just hope [more inside]

Uncle Bob

Moody, somewhat retro instrumental for synths and bass. [more inside]

May 29


Headphone candy.

09 - stay in your grave - vampire deer

another uplifting song [more inside]

May 25

08 - a strange girl - vampire deer

more memories [more inside]

May 24

07 - don't you say it again - vampire deer

shouldn't have said it in the first place [more inside]

May 23


Traditional oldtime tune, played clawhammer style on an 1896 Bay State banjo, recorded into an Audio Technica AT-2035 mic. [more inside]

May 22

lightning strike

I was playing guitar on the back porch, when I was almost struck by lightning. [more inside]

May 18

06 - baloney on dad's lexus - vampire deer

they say that can ruin your paint job [more inside]


An electronic stew that bubbles and simmers. Enjoy

May 17

05 - hitchhiker - vampire deer

this is what happens when you learn french off of beer bottles [more inside]

May 16

Audio Tape From Paradise

The source material here is a reel to reel tape from my Uncle in Paradise California recorded in 1971. [more inside]

04 - cherish - vampire deer

just memories [more inside]

May 13

03 - we're watching you - vampire deer

security guards do very little - and the people i worked with didn't even do that well [more inside]

May 12

That Lonesome Road

A small a capella piece as part of a community chorus concert. [more inside]

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