December 18

Phase the Blood

A Slayer-style riff played on one guitar and a version of that riff that has an extra half beat so that the two parts are not in phase, Steve Reich-style. [more inside]

December 13

black bayou

It's a Cajun two-step.


Playing around with feedback and pulsar synthesis [more inside]

December 10


The recent Willy Nelson post reminded me that I had this on my iPad from a few years ago. Just me singing with a Venezuelan Cuatro (but playing it more like a ukulele).

City of Five Funks

I wanted to make the beat with wood and rock samples only, and then made more funky shit, and of course organ. For the City of Five seasons, or as locals say the city of five smells (thanks to the food processing plants). [more inside]

December 8

The Hawk / The Still Air

Piece for processed flute.

December 6

Swingin' Pete

Recorded in one take using my Korg S3, Arturia KeyStep, Roland JX-8P (bass, via KeyStep), Roland JD-XA (chords), SC-88 (arpeggio) and Korg Monologue (triggering SC-88 using sequencer)

December 5

The lounge in this spaceport has impeccable vibes

made a loop that was too adult contemporary so I tried to put the ~vibes~ in and here we are [more inside]

November 26


A drinking anthem written by a teetotaler for an imaginary girl.. Recorded at home, summer 2022

November 25

Muki'tai, solik'rinik n'kora

Bass, programmed drums, keys. [more inside]

November 23


Rhythmic, simple, mostly analog [more inside]

November 22

Flying Fortress

Music for taking on a big space thing. [more inside]

November 19


Just another love song.. Recorded at home with members of my old shoegazer bandmates because we’ve all gone semi-country in our old age. Me singing and rhythm guitar, Sam on drums and Jack on lead guitar. Written and recorded in a single take on a particularly good day last year.

November 13


An extended version of the short acoustic guitar part in Komatiite. [more inside]

November 11

Our Economy

A little generative ditty with sound samples from a speech by Gov. Frances Sargeant announcing a freeze on freeway construction in Massachusetts. [more inside]

November 9


No click track - everything follows the improvised AcGtr

November 7

Prime Status

This is my attempt at a pandemic song. I think Americana is the best genre description, though I don't like it for whatever reason. [more inside]

November 1

Don't Know What It Is (About KDHX)

This one's for a good cause, to support efforts to save my favorite St. Louis indie radio station. [more inside]

Wistman's Wood

A song about spooky stuff, ghosts, will-o-the-wisps, wizards, pixies, etc. And a doomed woman who ventures into Wistman's Wood. All the vocals are computer (AI) generated.


from ‘I Was Told There Would Be No Math Rock’

October 31


Goldenrod lets pollinators get in a last feast before the first frost. [more inside]

October 29

Instructions for Your Next Life

Some sick fucking shit. (Warning: Gets loud.) [more inside]

October 25

Runs In The Family

Cover of the 1979 song by The Roches

October 24


Short synth sketch made using a modular I’m slowly assembling from kits. [more inside]

October 19

Doing Things

This is my tribute to doing things, Doing Things. Making dinner, taking a walk, looking for objects — you name it!

October 14

This is Not a Desert

Mostly 12 string

October 3

1000 Years Ago (We Were All Friends)

Weird that we all suddenly passed out here and had the same dream of events in the distant past. [more inside]

October 2

Signals in the Valley

Three virtual players, separated enough that it takes seconds for sound to travel to each other, nonetheless try to listen to each other's playing and respond. [more inside]

How Was Your Year?

This one was recorded live with my collaborators at a recent songwriting retreat. [more inside]

September 27


Dream noise, made via granular synthesis. [more inside]

September 26

09 - 108 buzzard life - vampire deer

a somewhat subdued end to the album - sometimes i think turkey vultures could glide forever

Moving Walkways

It's a tribute to moving walkways throughout the United States and all over the world.

September 24

The Orb, Ascending

No one said ascending would be easy. (There's a lot of low humming in this, so it may be hard to hear without headphones or with computer speakers.)

Do You Understand?

Hi there. I'm a writer/screenwriter. This is the first time I've shared my own music. It's electronic and certainly influenced by the likes of Richard H. Kirk, maybe a little Steven Reich. Samples include some famliar figures, plus Jimmy Swaggart shouting about the end times. Enjoy!

September 23

08 - dognip - vampire deer

well if cats have catnip ...

September 20

07 - turtle wax variation 8

no turtles were harmed in the recording of this song as long as you don't ask about 1 - 7

Tous les Mêmes

Solo 7-string guitar arrangement of Stromae's mambo/tango/soukous/edm tune Tous les Mêmes

September 19

Maps and Keys

Still lost somewhere in the House of C. [more inside]

September 18

06 - i can't read the box, i'm a dog - vampire deer

from an old pet food commercial

September 17

Little Spanish Vertigo

This is a Spanish Flea noise remix I did several years ago. I was inspired to post it by Television Name's banger.

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