December 28

The second to last Christmas

Sorry this is a bit late and also my first contribution in a decade or so. A tune I despise, played in a manner that wavers between sarcasm and incompetence. Featuring lapsteel guitar, weissenborn and dobro...

December 27

4 Friends Suite

4 short tunes I wrote and recorded as Christmas gifts for some close friends, arranged in a "suite" of sorts. [more inside]

December 25

Let There Be Snow

Merry Synthmas

December 24

Leave Her, Johnny

A sea shanty. Vocals only.

Lark on the Strand - Irish Trad

one of my favorite jigs! [more inside]

December 23

Ding Dong

Well, we did a holiday song. I have an alter ego as Fluffy the rabbit. (He's a bit prone to conspiracies and is kinda gruff but really has a heart o' gold). He joins Blue the Monster here on a hopefully-pretty-inclusive* holiday number we think will stick to your brainwaves quite nicely. There's a [youtube] video too, if you want the full dancing-potato and revolving-bagpipes immersive experience. Merry Happy everybody. *it is a little anti-bagpipes.

December 21

Nico's Move

A jazzy little instrumental tune I wrote years ago for a school class assignment. I recorded this version for the audio track of a video in my ongoing Patchouli Project series (see MeFi Projects page for links to the videos.)

December 20

Eyes Closed

Another pop song with the classic pop band instrumentation [more inside]

December 19

Forest of Illusion

A ghostly fox materializes ahead on the forest path and "hmm"s at you. "Hmm? Wait, how are you talking?" "A fox appears out of nowhere and your first question is how it talks? Humans..." "Look, it's my first time outside the bounds of reality." "You have a lot to learn. Follow me."

December 17

If I Can't Have You

Cover of the Yvonne Elliman song. [more inside]

Merry Little Christmas

Yeah, it's the theme song for Holidays 2020.

December 16

Last Night in Christmastown

Someone asked me recently what I thought was the worst Christmas song... [more inside]

December 12

Irregular Apocalypse

Unexpectedly optimistic instrumental. [more inside]

December 11

Den Første August

A Danish folk song (Sønderhoning). Fiddle and Irish flute.

December 8

Æ Rømeser

This is a Danish folk song called Æ Rømeser. All parts recorded by me, since I'm alone :P. Fiddle, guitar, Irish flute.

December 7

New City

Wanderlust Baroque rock song with a real quartet (and electric guitar solo). [more inside]

December 6

Barbie Knows Your Name 2.0

In 2017, I posted this piece (using the Barbie voice samples from this post. At the time, it capped out at around five minutes due to a limitation in the Sonic-Pi, the software I was using. I've now learned enough SuperCollider to be dangerous and as a result have worked around those limitations, producing a full hour-long piece containing all of the names. This is not that piece. It is a shorter version (a Radio Edit, as it were) that doesn't exceed this site's file size limits. [more inside]

December 5

The Huggy Molly

Excerpt from a streamed performance last night of music & stories loosely organized around some of my childhood anxieties. It's off-the-cuff storytelling with a live improvised electronic soundtrack in a mode inspired by itinerant handymen roaming the back roads with a harmonica and tales to share on the porch.

End Meeting For All

This stupid hellscape means that not_on_display and I are spending a lot of time zooming when we'd rather be smooching. How do you end a zoom when you'd rather kiss someone goodnight? So we came up with this song which we were singing to each other, and we put it to music. My vocals, his Casiotone CT-605. We will make a video that neither of us are in but that prominently features a hyrax.

December 2


An instrumental song sketch from a couple of years ago. [more inside]

November 30

Legends Of The Magi (Overture)

Here is an unused overture for "Legends Of The Magi, A Christmas Rock Opera" - six songs done in collaboration with eight musicians (bass, cello, violin, keys, vocals). [more inside]

November 28

Mercy Now

This moving song by Mary Gauthier is one of my favorites. Everyone needs mercy. Video.

November 26

November 3rd March

A little marchy tune that came to me around the beginning of the month. [more inside]

November 23

Japanese Maple

Baby, we're not in control. [more inside]

November 22

Unicorns Keeping it Real

Another song from my early 20s. Going through some old files and finding some stuff that I hope is worth posting on here. I will try

November 21


The Cat Stevens classic is a favorite of my grandson, so I recorded it for him.

November 17

Tropical Highball Club

An older one. Circa 2008

November 15

09 - gather by the river - vampire deer

this is the 9th and last song of the album - thanks for listening [more inside]

November 14

Here Comes The Sun

2020 has been a hell of a decade, and George Harrison's classic is a great expression of relief over the election outcome. Acoustic guitar, recorded on iPad Pro. Video.

November 9

08 - low dragon - vampire deer

it's guitar o rama!! [more inside]

November 8

Brittle Hope

Made this somewhat experimental ambient-ish piece last night, feeling a tiny bit of hope about the world. It's based on slowed-down samples of a hang-drum, with a keyboard part doing most of the rest. [more inside]

07 devil's salt mine

more cheerfulness [more inside]

November 7

Grave E Cantible

Franz Joseph Haydn [more inside]

November 2

06 - king of broken flies - vampire deer

can't even manage to be king of regular flies, no .... [more inside]

November 1

For a Spanish Guitar - My cover of a Gene Clark song

Hi Everyone, This is my cover of Gene Clark's classic For a Spanish Guitar, a song Dylan praised by saying anyone who have been proud to have written it. All my own playing, and I recorded myself in my bedroom a few years ago. Let me know what you think! Talltaleheart

October 31


Spooky music for a spooky night. Lossy video here.

October 30

05 hermosillo - vampire deer

i feel like this a lot [more inside]

October 29


Rainy season and the goats are poopin' hard. Turned the tagline of the (human) kids into a small song. [more inside]

October 27

04 freedom - vampire deer

well, did it happen 150 years ago or last night? [more inside]

October 26

Rat's Gone To Rest

I got this tune from the book "Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes" by Jeff Todd Titon, super fun to play on guitar. [more inside]

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