March 12

The Ballad of Innsmouth

A somber tale of aquatic horrors. [more inside]

March 11

Winnie Hess (Learns To Party)

Another song about a "famous" Blaseball player: Winnie Hess, one of the most feared pitchers in the league. [more inside]

A Song for Chester

The goal was too blend... [more inside]

March 10


humans in the war

March 8

Sky Bvtches

Sort of a low-fi midwestern rock thing. [more inside]

February 28

Xanax Paychecks

Kind of a slightly twee sadgirl pop song, of the very trans variety. [more inside]

February 27

Hull Ruptures

For the "minimally viable music" Disquiet Junto prompt, I made a piece built entirely from a recording I made of popcorn popping.

Cascades (AO)

Ambient Office project that features some just intonation intervals and granular noise. [more inside]

February 18


Pretty Hate Machine style b a n g e r. [more inside]

À travers le pont d'Einstein-Rosen (Echoes from Jupiter)

Please listen to it while looking at the sky, While making incredible plans, While thinking about the past, the future, or both. Please listen to it while working, While calculating equations too complex for me, While speculating, while hoping.

February 14

frogs jamming in a swamp

I heard a vocal sample and imagined three little frogs were singing it and so I had a little fun. [more inside]

February 12

Ask your body

Another AO jam - this time using a cellular algorithm to derive a melody and a few drum triggers that I mess with and layer under some drones. [more inside]

February 11

Two Robots Loitering at Guitar Center

This is a generated guitar piece. [more inside]

February 10

Not A God

Wrote this in the morning, made it into a quick TikTok, recorded the demo this afternoon. Figuring out this whole magical "pre-chorus" thingie

February 8


A short one that fell in my lap while warming up. Yeah, it's Bob Pollard length. [more inside]

February 6

Vampire Castle

#3 song for FAWM 2022. Tip of the hat to Exiting The Vampire Castle for inspiring the title. This one's about cancellation, and the toxicity of the queer community. Thankfully for all of us, neither of those things exist. [more inside]

February 5

This is the Season

This is the second of my FAWM 2022 pieces. Kind of a doom/prog/folk thing. Witch rock. Momcore. [more inside]

February 4

Break Me In Half (demo)

My journey of writing pop punk songs from thirty years ago continues apace. This one started as a TikTok and then I banged out this demo in my living room today. I'm trying to get better at writing choruses and actually using my voice.

February 3

Winding Down

Basically, I wrote a tool to graph this into midi. Fun fact: It does not actually slow down.

February 2

Message from Afar

My second Synthruary song is Message from Afar. It's another low song. [more inside]


Here's a cover based on a song by The Church that I recorded in Logic Pro. Drum track is from apple loops. This is a pour-a-glass-of-wine or pack-a-bowl and kick back kind of song.

Lend Me Your Car (instrumental)

I'm doing February Album Writing Month, or FAWM. My music career has been mostly as a bassist and engineer. I play a ton of instruments. But I never really wrote songs. Once in a blue moon when inspired. But I wrote one in six hours tonight. Tracking vocals and guitar feedback tomorrow. But here's the instrumental version, because I'm too excited not to post it anywhere. Is it a masterpiece? No. Is it good? No. But I had zero inspiration and dug in anyway. And I made something! So go me.

February 1

Energy Ladders

This is a piece that I recorded by triple-tracking myself playing an FM synthesis patch (the "twist" being that it has an extra cosine applied to the modulated signal) written in Pure Data. [more inside]

January 31


Improvising with 2 synths and a drum machine (where it's at!!!!)

January 30


Another pop song [more inside]

January 29


Another Ambient Office Project, this one involving a custom 4-voice sequencer that involves the generation of melodies and then handing them off between each voice, in and out of sync to produce polyrhythms. [more inside]

January 27


Using my friend's old Roland SoundCanvas to get the mellotron-esque string sounds and the Yamaha SLG-100 for the acoustic vibes. It records remarkably well, though definitely not the same as the real thing. Little bit of fretless bass action on here as well!! [more inside]

January 25

La Sed

another lil uke song for to practice my spanish while i'm out here herding goats in the desert [more inside]

January 19

Gin Diana

Trying out some new recording equipment [more inside]

January 18


I sort of learned how to fade out a song on LogicPro. [more inside]

January 17

Inchoate Burbler

Some weird low sounds.

January 16


Cover of a Postal Service song. I'm pretty sure the song is ~actually~ about nuclear war, but the lyrics are weirdly appropriate for the pandemic. [more inside]

January 14

Another Day

Little song my wife and I recorded this morning on an iPhone. Guitar and cello [more inside]

January 9


A walk through the depths of feedback noise [more inside]

January 1


This is 2022-01-01, both the song and today's date. We thought this phrase was catchy in our house, so I developed it a bit, but only slightly.


I took the Linn drum set in Live, slowed the samples down and played with it; vaporwave came out. I followed that to a conclusion of sorts. [more inside]

el tiempo se mueve demasiado lento

to two ends: improving spanish (little by little) & lessening longing (bit by bit)

December 30

Naturelle 2

I bought an old Steinway upright recently, on which I've been making pieces like this, which I call "naturelles." Three more naturelles on Bandcamp, here: [more inside]

December 24


Doing sort of a Deadmau5-style beat using an old drum machine (Korg S3). I used the noise wave on my Korg Monologue to create the little cymbal swells every couple bars (classic Deadmau5 trick which I have been trying to copy for a while using different methods). The pulsing synth riff is also kind of a Deadmau5 thing. It's weird - I'm not even that much of a fan of the guy but the handful songs of his that I've liked have clearly influenced me a lot.

December 23

Christmas Vacation

Looks great. Little full. Lotta sap.

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