June 16

Know what u want

this is heartfelt shit. It's all I know I dunno. [more inside]

June 15

Whistlin' Tune

Havin' a play with the gang! [more inside]

June 4

11 - guitar army - vampire deer

one day your children will ask you ... [more inside]

June 2

10 - slip away - vampire deer

just hope [more inside]

Uncle Bob

Moody, somewhat retro instrumental for synths and bass. [more inside]

May 29


Headphone candy.

09 - stay in your grave - vampire deer

another uplifting song [more inside]

May 25

08 - a strange girl - vampire deer

more memories [more inside]

May 24

07 - don't you say it again - vampire deer

shouldn't have said it in the first place [more inside]

May 23


Traditional oldtime tune, played clawhammer style on an 1896 Bay State banjo, recorded into an Audio Technica AT-2035 mic. [more inside]

May 22

lightning strike

I was playing guitar on the back porch, when I was almost struck by lightning. [more inside]

May 18

06 - baloney on dad's lexus - vampire deer

they say that can ruin your paint job [more inside]


An electronic stew that bubbles and simmers. Enjoy

May 17

05 - hitchhiker - vampire deer

this is what happens when you learn french off of beer bottles [more inside]

May 16

Audio Tape From Paradise

The source material here is a reel to reel tape from my Uncle in Paradise California recorded in 1971. [more inside]

04 - cherish - vampire deer

just memories [more inside]

May 13

03 - we're watching you - vampire deer

security guards do very little - and the people i worked with didn't even do that well [more inside]

May 12

That Lonesome Road

A small a capella piece as part of a community chorus concert. [more inside]

May 8

02 - dolphin or giraffe - vampire deer

the mysteries of mrs trump's blog are further looked into [more inside]

May 5

Counting on you

A quick little minute-long tune.

01 - psychedelic toxicity - vampire deer

title song of psychedelic toxicity - life seems like a bad trip [more inside]

April 27

Every Single Last Time

I think I wrote and recorded a Gin Blossoms song? I'm pretty happy with how it came out, but I don't know if I can take any credit. This is just me channeling the 90s. I guess I should ask for advice about how to manage the ceilings when using limiters. (more inside) [more inside]

April 24

Star Dream II

Delay-soaked arpeggiator

April 13

Little black bird

Just a little song from my weird little indie folk heart. Actually reworking something old and the first thing I've recorded in a while, since I was pretty tired from the whole process of putting out my first EP in January. Also...stuff?...has been happening to my voice because I am trans and recently started testosterone therapy, I really notice the change in how my voice feels and I certainly hope others can hear it too!

April 5

Andante Espressivo by Felix Mendelssohn (flute & piano)

Played as prelude to a church service. Recorded on a Tascam DR-05. [more inside]

April 1



March 30

HWY X - In The Air Tonight

A Phil Collins cover! [more inside]

March 29

Mama Fish

My submission for the "A change would do you good" challenge. Cover/translation of La Maman des Poissons by Boby Lapointe. [more inside]

March 28

No Go

Short, rocking song I wrote about an idiot who's in over his head. It's built around a guitar part that was stuck in my head and a surf drum beat. [more inside]

March 26


A poppy, uptempo song about how modern technology abets the struggle with an overwhelming desire not to miss out on being constantly aware of how awful everything is. [more inside]

March 23



March 17


Midtempo bleeps and squarewave ditty

March 16

Dramatic Exit

Post-rock instrumental, guitars, programmed drums, keys and arpeggiator.

March 12

10 - the ghost of toto part 3 - vampire deer

this is basically an excuse for a 7 minute guitar solo [more inside]

March 10

09 - the ghost of toto part 2

who let the dogs out? - more ambient stuff

March 8

08 - the ghost of toto part 1 - vampire deer

single take of me singing into 3 delay pedals

March 7

07 - on the dark side of gandymede - vampire deer

don't ask me where gandymede is - it was a dream - not a nice one either it's not that other place you're thinking of [more inside]

March 6

06 - little orion - vampire deer

nothing like elvis, i guess [more inside]

March 2

05 - bitter ann - vampire deer

it's like raggedy ann only gother [more inside]

March 1

04 - stone the moon - vampire deer

just an expression of a certain side of me ... [more inside]

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