December 8


Another weird, haunting indie folk song from yours truly! There is also a weird, haunting music video located here. This is all part of my first official release, which I am super excited about, under my stage name MK Ellison.

December 7

Prelude & Groove

A groovy bit sandwiched in between two playful piano improvisations a la Kate Bush sort of 3 movements, if you will 1. Prelude 2. Groove 3. Postlude or 'Outtro"

December 4


Just having a play on my day off

December 1


Just some four-on-the-floor.

November 27

Sunroof glass

Trying out a new thing with an honest song about actual life. [more inside]

November 21


Walking with pushchairs to make the little one sleep forces you outside. [more inside]

November 20


'Scheme' is a new song by Sredni Vashtar. [more inside]

November 19

Third Song, by Bulbs for Leonard

"Space Calliope Noise" is a good descriptor for this, the first "song" from my new la la blah blah dum dum dee dah music thing, Bulbs for Leonard [more inside]

November 17

Told Me So

Chiptune fun, dressed up with a vocal sample


Happy Birthday Gordon Lightfoot

November 16

Nothing but the Rain

So I feel like I owe a thank you to MeFi Music--this is the first place I started putting all my works in progress, even when it was just iPhone voice memos. Getting a few thoughtful comments was really encouraging and lovely. Then I graduated to better home recordings on SoundCloud and here, and today I put out this "official" first single everywhere. Yet another intense, moody alternative folk song with a real guitarist this time. [more inside]

November 15

I Will Work For Honey (Tim Long's Unidentified String Band)

"'I will work for honey!' This girl looks at me and goes, 'what?' I go 'yeah, it goes like this.'" [more inside]

November 12


Finally taking the full rig for a proper spin again!

November 6

An Even Newer Kind of Beat 2

Fanfare for the common synth

Entropic Landing

Wrote it in Garageband on a plane from Seattle to Austin. Electronic, trying to make synthwave. Maybe it's transgaywave.

November 3

Remote! // Kanye Made This Ok

The last song on the album Magic 8 Ball that I made with my bandmate Ari Brown; Now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and everywhere else [more inside]

October 28

The Process

Heavy and overdriven

October 27

The wildest place I know

A restrained simple thought of a song.

October 26

Squares are the future

I put together a kraftwerk-y ditty based on a kids drawing that you can see here.

October 22

virtual confetti

One great joy of MetaFilter is to read the thoughts of strangers, and to be caused to dream, from even just a few of their words, of their intellect, their talent, their wealth of experience and their great humanity. Of one of you dreamish strangers, I’d like to take the chance to say (well ... to warble, off-key): congratulations. On her upcoming wedding day. [more inside]

October 16

'Creep' cover on the OP-1

I think I'm getting the hang of this thing. I got most of the way through comping this out and writing a melody when I realized I liked this better. There's singing eventually. [more inside]

October 1


Happy Autumn

September 30

We Lose With Dignity

Riff rock and college football. [more inside]


E-40 + Kamaiyah + MJ

September 29

The Flowers

A quick sketch 2-bar sample + noodling + multitracking [more inside]

September 24


Pretty proud of the vocals. This is a weird one, but my most haunting song yet. I had an image of a supernatural, quiet kind of nightmare where the narrator has a horrible premonition that something is coming for her, tries to run away, but cannot get far enough.

September 23


I've had this descending chord progression stuck in my head for a few weeks so I decided to record it and cut it up. Another OP-1 jam. [more inside]

September 22

Perfect and Simple

Unassuming country ballad with high production values. [more inside]

September 18


Folky, catchy murder ballad. [more inside]

Partial Photonic Boundary

Simple post rock instrumental. Guitars, programmed drums, crowd sample. [more inside]

September 17

Taxi in Cairo

New song for the album featuring guitar, horns, strings, piano, drums, crooning [more inside]

September 16

Tell Her I Love Her

An astronaut's lament [more inside]

September 11

Open to the Sky

Dark ambient "uneasy listening" from my new Bandcamp release, 11 Spells. Software and Eurorack synthesizers.

September 9

Big red sky

It's been a while since I posted any of my new songs here. What do you think of my kind of new direction (and quality of the recording)? Alternative folk-ish, acoustic song with clean vocals, guitar, mandolin, harmonies. Sounds happy but the lyrics are not. [more inside]

September 8

Ed Steamhams - Cooking Out Loud

Oh ye gods, Ed's song is ruined! But...what if I were to write parody lyrics and disguise them as his own songwriting? Oh ho ho ho, delightfully devilish, cortex! [more inside]

September 6

The Counterforce

I'm fairly sure when I picked up my guitar tonight I only intended to practise for a bit, not make a short garage instrumental called The Counterforce, yet here we are. [more inside]

September 5

Life, Alexander

I say that I wrote this song the day my son was born. What I mean is that sitting in a hospital room after a day full of chaos, with my partner asleep and safe for now, I opened my computer to stare at the screen and type out the few lines I had in me. I wrote what felt in that moment like advice--the only advice I had to offer to the tiny baby in an incubator in an adjacent wing. After an early morning of liver failure, pacing, sobbing, and an emergency C-section, I didn't have a lot left. [more inside]

September 3

Arps-speriment #3: Soothing Arps

Arpin' again

September 1

uke bass ditty bath

I played around with my uke bass tonight while keeping umbuzinho company as he splashed around in the bath.

August 28

Communion Prelude

Prelude played by flute with piano. Written by Charles Callahan for flute and organ. [more inside]

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