May 13

03 - we're watching you - vampire deer

security guards do very little - and the people i worked with didn't even do that well [more inside]

May 12

That Lonesome Road

A small a capella piece as part of a community chorus concert. [more inside]

May 8

02 - dolphin or giraffe - vampire deer

the mysteries of mrs trump's blog are further looked into [more inside]

May 5

Counting on you

A quick little minute-long tune.

01 - psychedelic toxicity - vampire deer

title song of psychedelic toxicity - life seems like a bad trip [more inside]

April 27

Every Single Last Time

I think I wrote and recorded a Gin Blossoms song? I'm pretty happy with how it came out, but I don't know if I can take any credit. This is just me channeling the 90s. I guess I should ask for advice about how to manage the ceilings when using limiters. (more inside) [more inside]

April 24

Star Dream II

Delay-soaked arpeggiator

April 13

Little black bird

Just a little song from my weird little indie folk heart. Actually reworking something old and the first thing I've recorded in a while, since I was pretty tired from the whole process of putting out my first EP in January. Also...stuff?...has been happening to my voice because I am trans and recently started testosterone therapy, I really notice the change in how my voice feels and I certainly hope others can hear it too!

April 5

Andante Espressivo by Felix Mendelssohn (flute & piano)

Played as prelude to a church service. Recorded on a Tascam DR-05. [more inside]

April 1



March 30

HWY X - In The Air Tonight

A Phil Collins cover! [more inside]

March 29

Mama Fish

My submission for the "A change would do you good" challenge. Cover/translation of La Maman des Poissons by Boby Lapointe. [more inside]

March 28

No Go

Short, rocking song I wrote about an idiot who's in over his head. It's built around a guitar part that was stuck in my head and a surf drum beat. [more inside]

March 26


A poppy, uptempo song about how modern technology abets the struggle with an overwhelming desire not to miss out on being constantly aware of how awful everything is. [more inside]

March 23



March 17


Midtempo bleeps and squarewave ditty

March 16

Dramatic Exit

Post-rock instrumental, guitars, programmed drums, keys and arpeggiator.

March 12

10 - the ghost of toto part 3 - vampire deer

this is basically an excuse for a 7 minute guitar solo [more inside]

March 10

09 - the ghost of toto part 2

who let the dogs out? - more ambient stuff

March 8

08 - the ghost of toto part 1 - vampire deer

single take of me singing into 3 delay pedals

March 7

07 - on the dark side of gandymede - vampire deer

don't ask me where gandymede is - it was a dream - not a nice one either it's not that other place you're thinking of [more inside]

March 6

06 - little orion - vampire deer

nothing like elvis, i guess [more inside]

March 2

05 - bitter ann - vampire deer

it's like raggedy ann only gother [more inside]

March 1

04 - stone the moon - vampire deer

just an expression of a certain side of me ... [more inside]

February 28

Our Gold Machine

This is a sad, grim, angry dirge that I wrote out of frustration at my complicity in systemic injustice. 100% Ableton Live software instruments, aside from the percussion in the final chorus, which is a Nord Drum 3P, which is AMAZING btw. [more inside]

February 27

The Eggplant that Ate Chicago (Tim Long)

Based on a true story. Written and performed by Tim Long. [more inside]

03 - house by the river - vampire deer

not my autobiography, but it's still symbolic [more inside]

February 25

02 - convenient - vampire deer

blame doesn't work that often [more inside]

February 24

01 - robbie the light bulb changer - vampire deer

new rpm album - stone the moon [more inside]

February 11

Freddie the Freeloader

Me and my Swedish guitar player friend Gus are working on a jazz guitar/bass duo project. In this rehearsal recording we play one of the easiest jazz songs ever written and still somehow manage to fuck it up (NFSW, some swear words at the beginning). Also, the furnace is running for pretty much the whole take. Sorry about that.

February 9

To the Night

Imagine an anthemic indie punk song written by Ric Ocasic

February 5

Disco Band

A simple pop song for synth, drum machine and vocoder. Featuring another cheeky sequence from the Prophet-6! [more inside]

February 4

Level 3

Loud, obnoxious, a bit chiptune-y. A fun palate cleanser in preparation for the upcoming challenge.


A bit of a departure. This is a bit of living noodling with a drum machine and a couple of tracks laid down with an OP-1. There's no real tune here, just an atmosphere. Something that's probably impossible to recreate, so enjoy.

January 24

Soothin' Synths, Part 2: a Synthy Lullaby

We have a Prophet-6 at work right now and I just found out that the sequencer is polyphonic. Programmed a chordy little loop and messed around with it a bit while grabbing it on my H2. Hope you enjoy the pure, unaccompanied sound of this gorgeous synthesizer!

January 23


Song about the creeping realization of depression while in a beautiful place. Features guitar, horns, electric guitar, percussion. [more inside]

January 19


Slowly mutating melody with some clicks, bass, and wobbly lead.

January 18

Big Indie - Project Stem

A more completed version of the song I posted a couple of weeks ago

January 12


A noisy version of the piece where every instrument is played through at least two overdrive pedals. [more inside]

January 8

if you want me

vocodin' [more inside]

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