Steven's Sunset Boulevard Bookstore

December 23, 2008 9:38 AM

Sort of in the style of Marshall Crenshaw. Or Crenshaw in the style of Buddy Holly. Or Holly in the style of the Everly Brothers. Anyway, written in celebration of a transgressive bookstore on Sunset.


You must read this
Said Steven to Chris
And handed him a book of Willeford
An unusual selection
From the S&M section
Of Steven's Sunset Boulevard bookstore

John Wille's on hand
And Tom of Finland
Placed on the shelves under art
And just now, in stock,
Is Sacher-Masoch
Try Venus in Furs as a start

When arrested Steve showed
A book on hankie codes
To a vice officer under cover
It's been a decade at least
Since Steven was released
The cop now likes to shop here with his lover

Sometimes amused rockers
In leathers and mock furs
Wander in from the Sunset Strip
They look at photos of nudes
And sing All the Young Dudes
And take turns playing with Steve's whip

If you want Kathy Acker
Steven doesn't lack her
And suggests Pussy, King of the Pirates
But if, perhaps, instead
You want a book on skinheads
Steve suggests you look at Nick Knight's pics

If you want Gautier
Steven has him today
And there's more if you want to look more
If you're curious
You'll be delirious
At Steven's Sunset Boulevard Bookstore

posted by Astro Zombie

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