June 24


Twelve string acoustic miniature again!

June 20

Mooney Doctor II

Yep, I'm still making songs about Blaseball players. This one's about a player who lived on the moon, until she and all the rest of the Kansas City Breath Mints died. [more inside]

June 19


As a fathers’ day challenge made a new song with the sequences from my last, with the aim of getting something new but with recognizable DNA. [more inside]

Hot Dad Summer

Happy Father's Day, the official kick-off of Hot Dad Summer!

June 9


Ambient Office returns with another modular jam. Harmonic rhythms with some melodies over the top. [more inside]

June 5

A Conversation

12 String etc

quarter time

Half of my family is ill and time seems to be slowing down, recorded this simple little synth pattern to remind myself to breathe and get to the next day. [more inside]

May 27

Empty Light

12 string recorded on a phone as usual

May 24

Thank you for being a friend

cover of a classic

May 21


Guitar etc

May 20


A bad omens country song with my lowest drawly early morning vocals ever and a cool slippery guitar riff in the chorus. [more inside]

May 13


We had our first ultrasound where the baby really looks like a baby, and I of course had to write a song. Guitar is tuned way down (low string is an A). [more inside]

May 12

The Thing that Beats like a Cracked Bell

12 string acoustic etc

One Month Dragon

Built in the excellent 1BitDragon sequencer, with a few extra bits added in a DAW. Part of my JPL side project.

May 11

Over My House

3 analog synths, drum machine, vocoder

Keep It

I came out as trans to my partner of 20 years and she ended our marriage and I'm a wreck of a human being and anyway here's a song

May 10

End Credits

slightly wistful outtro-style synth jam... you know what, this one goes out to Cortex!!!! Thanks so much for all you've done for us on here over the years and hope we'll still see some sick Cortex action on the black every now and again!!!

May 9

Bigass Pizza Blues

Trying out an exciting new piece of recording gear, the Strymon Iridium!!

May 8

LA nights

Driving music with some synth pad action

May 7


I realize it's May, but you know

Say Something

Straight-ahead robot rocker? [more inside]

May 4


Guitar, phone, still a bit clumsy.

May 1

Last Thing First

Companion piece to below, with vocoder. [more inside]

April 24

Head Nod Hello

Short looped piano piece to start your day. [more inside]

April 23

Chase Music for an Imaginary Low Budget Cyberpunk Movie

Me on twelve string acoustic. Bit ragged and recorded on my phone but short and hopefully amusing.

April 18

Look At Me

A little dream-pop number about being transfeminine. Written with my usual collaboratrix. [more inside]

April 15

For JJ

Analog synth + vocoder

April 2

Halt to Start

Looped and sliced piano, drifting in and out of phase. [more inside]

March 31

My Lord, Whatta Moon (after "Oh Darling!")

stole some chords and rhythms from the beatles in honor of the lunar love i feel e'ryday

March 30

Hope After Despair

I wrote and recorded a dance song. [more inside]

Get It Started

Attempt at higher bpm (~140) electronic dance music. Decided to go with album title Snowsquall. [more inside]

Ice Dance

Improvising on a synth loop

March 27


Using the same sequencing definition as a previous post but with different key changes and tempo; some buzzy interjections. [more inside]

March 22

The Only Load the Lord Has Given Me, with Thanks for His Grace

black farmer who been black farming for over two years and it seemed about time to pen some new negro spirituals [more inside]

March 19

Chicken Addendum

Low fi chicken [more inside]

March 18

Allergy Boy

New song. On Bandcamp. Goofy video I made for it.

March 13


A change of pace. [more inside]

March 12

For Each One To Discover (AO)

One of my favorite vocal samples (mid century Henry Miller interview found on Archive.org) with some little pings and big booms [more inside]

The Ballad of Innsmouth

A somber tale of aquatic horrors. [more inside]

March 11

Winnie Hess (Learns To Party)

Another song about a "famous" Blaseball player: Winnie Hess, one of the most feared pitchers in the league. [more inside]

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