November 23

Japanese Maple

Baby, we're not in control. [more inside]

November 22

Unicorns Keeping it Real

Another song from my early 20s. Going through some old files and finding some stuff that I hope is worth posting on here. I will try

November 21


The Cat Stevens classic is a favorite of my grandson, so I recorded it for him.

November 17

Tropical Highball Club

An older one. Circa 2008

November 15

09 - gather by the river - vampire deer

this is the 9th and last song of the album - thanks for listening [more inside]

November 14

Here Comes The Sun

2020 has been a hell of a decade, and George Harrison's classic is a great expression of relief over the election outcome. Acoustic guitar, recorded on iPad Pro. Video.

November 9

08 - low dragon - vampire deer

it's guitar o rama!! [more inside]

November 8

Brittle Hope

Made this somewhat experimental ambient-ish piece last night, feeling a tiny bit of hope about the world. It's based on slowed-down samples of a hang-drum, with a keyboard part doing most of the rest. [more inside]

07 devil's salt mine

more cheerfulness [more inside]

November 7

Grave E Cantible

Franz Joseph Haydn [more inside]

November 2

06 - king of broken flies - vampire deer

can't even manage to be king of regular flies, no .... [more inside]

November 1

For a Spanish Guitar - My cover of a Gene Clark song

Hi Everyone, This is my cover of Gene Clark's classic For a Spanish Guitar, a song Dylan praised by saying anyone who have been proud to have written it. All my own playing, and I recorded myself in my bedroom a few years ago. Let me know what you think! Talltaleheart

October 31


Spooky music for a spooky night. Lossy video here.

October 30

05 hermosillo - vampire deer

i feel like this a lot [more inside]

October 29


Rainy season and the goats are poopin' hard. Turned the tagline of the (human) kids into a small song. [more inside]

October 27

04 freedom - vampire deer

well, did it happen 150 years ago or last night? [more inside]

October 26

Rat's Gone To Rest

I got this tune from the book "Old-Time Kentucky Fiddle Tunes" by Jeff Todd Titon, super fun to play on guitar. [more inside]

A Whiter Shade of Pale

The Procol Harum song on solo acoustic guitar and voice. Recorded as an iPad Pro video, reverb added with MicSwap Video Pro, then exported as audio. Fifth take, as evidenced by the exasperated opening.

October 25

03 - sunspot - vampire deer

everyone's got something like a sunspot - maybe [more inside]

October 24

Spear and Magic Helmet

This is a heartfelt anthem sung by bugs bunny to elmer fudd about their unhealthy love/hate relationship. I just found and digitized it from a cassette of demos that is old enough to qualify for decent car insurance rates. [more inside]

Four Friends Mazurka

A little mazurka that fell under my fingers a week or so ago. Thinking about my small circle of friends who have been supporting each other this year! [more inside]

October 20

02 topeka lion - vampire deer

well, look, these things happen [more inside]

Because I could not stop for Death

This is my response to The-Mother-of-All-Earworms post last week.

October 18

Piano Winter Jam 2020

Having a cheeky improv session on the piano

Outside Context Problem

Guitar + bass + programmed drums. Instrumental. Gets noisy and saturated at times.

01 el gallo - vampire deer

the title song of the new album, el gallo - it starts as a western and ends like a fever dream [more inside]

October 11

Uncle Pen

An old-time take on a bluegrass tune. [more inside]

Some Of Shelly's Blues

I've been playing around with a different feel for this Michael Nesmith classic. Recorded on iPad Pro, first take, rough vocal.

October 9


don't cry at me, Pooperina! [more inside]

October 4

Wisdom Like Silence

Dark, ambient, noise, instrumental. Guitars, bass, programmed drums. [more inside]

September 22

The End of the World

Music: Arthur Kent Lyrics: Sylvia Dee Originally Recorded by: Skeeter Davis [more inside]

September 21

Future Knocks

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It's called "Future Knocks", written back in 1992. The verses sound sad, because they were about growing up, the choruses are anything but though, about holding on to the moment. [more inside]

September 17

Jaylen (Please Don't Bean My Man)

A song about brought-back-from-the-dead Blaseball pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers whose beanballs now convey a deadly and contagious ailment to anyone she hits. Lyrics by @phasmantistes, and apologies once again to Dolly Parton. [more inside]

September 13

The should have killed us when they had the chance

Slow burn instrumental. Bass, guitar, my son on keys (he's 13 today!). [more inside]

September 11

Song 1

My old computer choked on even basic things, and that killed my interest in making music. This is a lot more fun when I can throw things around without worrying about it hanging for 30-300 seconds.

September 7

Heroes On My Sleeve

I saw a video this evening where someone had a name written, well, so I thought, um, yeah. [more inside]

September 6

Out Of Context Problem

Ambient instrumental. Just bass + guitar.

September 4

Sweet Nell

A modern old-time fiddle tune, written by Rob Pine and Jim Mullany, played to test my small pedalboard and electric violin. [more inside]

September 3

Better Watch Your Step (It's The Charleston Shoe Thieves)

A jazzy bit of fair warning, from the Charleston dugout's own Esme Ramsey Quartet. Featuring Esme on vox and upright bass, Joe Voorhees on piano, Gunther O'Brian on drums, and Antonio "Bony" Wallace taking a solo on his own xylophonic ribcage. [more inside]

August 28

Brush Fire | Indie Rock, I guess?

I've briefly interluded from my normal style of electronica music in order to focus more on a sort of indie rock sound, because clearly we need more of that totally not done-to-death genre, right? I'd appreciate any feedback, though, as I have a hard time being objective and either love or hate most of my creative output. I've also included an impromptu creative writing piece inspired by the general idea in my head I had for this song. Details inside, yada yada. [more inside]

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