August 19

Arps-speriment #2

The Korg Monologue steps forward for a cheeky solo feature! [more inside]

August 15

Third King From the Sun

A cast-off 30-second demo of a Christmas tune you might recognize. [more inside]

August 13

Falling Awake (2)

Rerecording of Falling Awake. I'm recording an album (right now!) with a friend, which is very exciting. The direction is very different for me, a kind of uplifting take on my melancholy songs. This one builds, and is heavily indebted to Northern Sky by Nick Drake. Features guitalele, drums, harpsichord, organ, bass, piano, harmonies at the end. We're still recording and this hasn't really been mixed, so all thoughts welcome! [more inside]


From the Betty Mitchell Sessions!

August 12

Georgia St.

A crazy cross-collab that took place in late 2011 with the help of my unreal pals, Warren and Danye. Big ups to Dan for finding this one on his laptop! [more inside]

Bluebird Wine plugs in

That is, I just got an electric guitar for the first time and it features heavily in my new song, "Georgia." Catchy, moody indie folk/folk rock tune.

August 10

wake up song (in D: for Dog, did he begin to pray?)

This is one of two plus songs written by mistake/default around iphone wake-up tones. Y'know, you wake up at some godawful hour with that godwaffle loop in your ear and eventually you're going to make something of it. I'd hope, Godwaffles. You'd hope. [more inside]

August 9

10 - vaporwave - vampire deer

and finally, the caution doors ends with a hazy sign off and a test pattern ... and lots of feedback [more inside]

August 7


A chill beat made with the op-1. [more inside]

August 6

09 - stop the whole damned train of the world

things seem to be getting crazier [more inside]

August 5

Florida Lee

Carbon 7 is an improvisational/experimental trio that creates spontaneous music at the moment it's recorded. I left a tad of dialog at the beginning, so you could here our "process." Dennis gives Ron a hard time about choosing a key, then I call out C# & start it off. Clocks in at a whopping 26.5 minutes, but it evolves slowly the entire way. [more inside]

08 - last all night - vampire deer

no, that's not what this song is about [more inside]

August 4


This song started as a joke and turned into something quite different. My friend and her husband have a lovely cat with an inspiring life story. During a recent visit, she said I should write a song about Magali, and after laughing about possible lyrics, it turned into a heartfelt song about the sweet, loving bond between a man and his cat. [more inside]

July 31

07 - dirge for briars

sometimes you just have to let go [more inside]

July 30

How Far I'll Go

I had the drums and amp mic'ed up anyway, so I decided to lay down this track from Moana.

July 29

beach week

Put together with my niece on a family reunion trip to Mission Bay. Lots of handclaps and arpeggiator (too many handclaps?) Another mostly op-1 track.

July 28

06 - the caution doors - vampire deer

sometimes i don't know what i'm writing about - sometimes i don't want to know [more inside]


I wrote the lyric melody 25 years ago and placed it to new music tonight [more inside]

July 27

05 - may is tumbling over - vampire deer

confusion [more inside]

July 26

to the wolves

This is the only advice I have for new parents these days. Had to salvage this song from a lost-when-near completed track, so the mixing is what I could work with, but I'm pretty happy with it. Enjoy! [more inside]

July 24

04 - angel sinister - vampire deer

sunday mornings were weird and trying [more inside]

July 23

Don't Be Afraid

Hi All, Been awhile (years?) since I posted some music here. Wondering what folks might think of the current kind of thing I've been working on. Thank you.

July 22

03 - 6 crows and a pink flamingo

i was driving in almena township and someone had 6 crows surrounding a pink flamingo on their front lawn [more inside]

July 21

Curriculum Vibe

Almost ten years old: Came across one of my favorite songs from my band Big Ghost. One of our first attempts at home recording with drums. It's about backyard baseball, magic tricks, social anxiety and flirting. [more inside]


A song about surviving a pretty wild and punk rock youth. I wrote and recorded this under the name Dame Kraft. It will be cleaned up and made better and eventually released.

Falling Awake

Song about trying not to give up. [more inside]

July 18

02 - building these blues - vampire deer

because it's infrastructure week [more inside]

July 16

01 - you will not win - vampire deer

a really angry song from the new album, the caution doors [more inside]

Cold Turkey Roll

Classic mash note: Lennon and McCartney stole from each other long after the Beatles split up. A love letter written in guitar riffs.

July 15

Boy On Holiday

If you like the coathangers you'll like this track. Loud, Angry and Punk. [more inside]

July 14

To be alone with you (Sufjan Stevens cover)

Not sure if I can do it justice, but I have loved this song every since I first heard Seven Swans in my college days. Light, soulful cover of a modern classic. I've messed with the harmonies a little, so some of the chords are more dissonant (but in a watery, calm way, not a harsh way, if that makes any sense).

July 13


A cover of Wayne Shorter's Juju using Gretchen Parlato's lyrics from her version of the tune. Done in a sort of 90s-ish trip hoppy style. [more inside]

July 11


With gman's announcement that he's taking a leave of absence, I told him beforehand that, on the day of his departure, I'd smoke something heady and record an improvised freakout jam. Gabe—I hope wherever you landed, they have internet; this one's for you. [more inside]

July 9

Gloucester Street

Echoey guitars and sparse vocals, a cross between Mazzy Star and Nick Drake. This song is what I was crying about on the tube after Pride in London. [more inside]

July 8

I Don't Want to Know

My attemp to ripoff the Pixies, Radiohead, etc..

phone monkey

Another OP-1 track, this time with a teeny bit of analog lead from my minilogue. [more inside]

July 7

Get out get out get out

Post of the week...intense acoustic folk song. Guitar, vocals, piano.

July 5

I don't mean to be mean, but this isn't "Fantasy Island"

"Glianimon" is a lofi pop song, arranged here for guitar and clarinet. [more inside]

July 3

Don't Start

A little demo/sketch improvised with a looper, recorded on my phone. [more inside]

I've got an eyeball

This came into my head after seeing Katy Perry and The Residents, one right after the other. It's part of my new goal of working on vocal harmonies.

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