June 18

Want Trouble

Moody, jazzy little tune that explodes towards the end. About the delicious dread of falling in love when both people have baggage. This is my second big attempt at faking swing drums, so pointers would be helpful. As per usual, I started out wanting a sparse mix but it got away from me a bit. [more inside]

June 17

Vox Inhumana

From my newly released album of the same name, at starthief.bandcamp.com. Something on a spectrum of drone/ambient/abstract electronica. [more inside]

June 16

a cloud of lettuce

A free jazz-ish interpolation for guitar synthesizer and laptop studio. [more inside]

June 13

fly away - first time

I lost my good friend a while ago. I made this with him and I miss him dearly. I just want him to be somewhere, so here he is. [more inside]


I like it again. This is the piano track I posted before (now without the synth, and with vocals and backing vocal harmony) but I think I've mostly solved the problem that to me the whole thing felt kind of lifeless. (At least I felt confident enough to replace the old track with this on SoundCloud, hope that was wise.) What do you think?

June 12

I don't know what I like to do anymore

What's in it: a sad, simple little guitar / vocals song.

June 10

I belong to you

Wrote a new song that I still like, unlike the last one I posted! Textured, mellow, summery indie/country with guitar, percussion, strings, vocals.

June 1

Emergency Contact

One of the few times when the melody and the lyrics arrived simultanesouly. I was adding my wife as an emergency contact to my phone and it came to me that this was a new kind of relationship ritual. [more inside]

May 28


Flowing, dark piano and atmospheric synth. TBH I've been tinkering with this for so long that I'm not sure if I like it anymore. (It's like the "if you a repeat a word enough times it doesn't even sound like a word" effect--I don't hear what I once heard in it.) But I really liked the piano part when I first came up with it. What do you think?

May 25


Wolves. [more inside]

May 18

va como oye

Another all op-1 track, wanted to try creating a custom drum kit from the built in FM radio. Quickly escaped my normal musical comfort zone but pretty fun nonetheless.

May 14

Nest Mess

Breezy song about hanging out in LA [more inside]

May 13

Lorem Ipsum

An experiment wherein a drum-sequencer drives a vocaloid while some psuedo-random oscillators modulate parameters of both. Made in Reason 10.1

May 4

Streets of New York

Here is the much improved, finished version of a song I posted before in "help me describe this." Expansive, trance-like, sort of indie folk song.

April 27

Regime Change

Junior High Drama [more inside]

April 26

Does this belong in a movie?

There's a song with words and stuff that this was originally based on, but I like the instrumental version better. Mellow, textured, haunting, builds slowly. What do you think?

The Real Pissman

April 25

An Echo Of You Remained In The Transporter Buffer

An elegy for my stepmother, who passed away from ALS, based on a recurring dream I'd have of seeing her brought back to life in an episode of Star Trek The Next Generation via a transporter glitch. [more inside]

April 17

Kraid's Green Hill

A couple of covers by my band The Phone Calls [more inside]

April 14

OP-1 Clicks and womms

Recently got a Teenage Engineering OP-1 and this is a first attempt to put the 4-track through it's paces. It's a noisy little thing, extremely digital. In addition decided to put this together without any sequencers so the rhythms are... inconsistent. This is straight out of the device, no additional processing.

April 8

Fuxxed Rx

About 10 years ago I had a pretty terrible year. A lot of people thought they knew what was wrong with me & also thought they knew how to "fix" me, but they all turned out to be wrong.

April 5

Many Chords

My wife had a pessimistic guitar instructor when she was younger, one of those "there's nothing new in music, there's only 12 notes" kind of musicians. So, as a rebuttal to that mindset, here's an in-progress 50+ chord progression that I think is turning out swimmingly so far.

March 30


bit of rap beat I made this morning

March 29

Help me describe this

I have been writing some new songs that are probably influenced by the fact that I am listening to a lot more pop music than I used to. However, they don't sound like what I'm listening to, despite the fact that I do not feel I have invented some new, groundbreaking genre here. How would you describe this song? Any artists/genres it sounds like? [more inside]

March 26

Let's try that again

This is a complete reworking of a song I posted before (17) which is now...prettier? Mellower? Flows more? What do you think of my new direction? [more inside]

Adrenaline Hangover (band version)

So a few months I uploaded the original demo of this song, lamenting that we'd never get close to its character. [more inside]

March 25

Go Bag

I wrote this in October 2017. Originally it was going to be a lighhearted song about someone I know who used to carry around two bags everywhere they went, one of them a "go bag." In world news, Russia was expelling diplomats, North Korea had tested a nuclear bomb, almost 1000 people were shot in Las Vegas by one gunman, so it became something else, a love song for lovers in a time of fear.

March 24

Seen you

A spur-of-the moment recording. Mostly just a simple theme, but it was my first time playing electric in months.

March 20

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie

An original arrangement of an old cowboy song, from the new album High on the Hog by Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts. [more inside]

Bouree by Bach

Flute and Piano [more inside]

March 19

09 - st faust considers the sparrows - vampire deer

they're always outside my apartment ... [more inside]

March 18

08 - everybody wants a revolution until ... - vampire deer

... they have to fight [more inside]

March 17

07 - always going the wrong way - vampire deer

it's like GPS, only backwards [more inside]

March 15

Again (Baroque)

Again, but with harpsichord/flute/organ synthesizers (I think), and harmonies. All synthesizer and harmony additions by my very talented friend Jonathan Russell. [more inside]

March 13

Soundtrack I Recorded for the Short "Inhumane"

I recently recorded this soundtrack for the short "Inhumane". I have linked the video below if watching the finished product is more your speed. let me know what you think.

March 11

06 - jordan day - vampire deer

it doesn't pay to play golf with some people [more inside]

March 10


From the LP, Epic (2008).

March 9

05 - this is a mirror that changes your face - vampire deer

it's all those 0s and 1s [more inside]

March 8


From the LP 'Epic' (2008)

March 7

04 - song for a hollow year - vampire deer

maybe it'll be better this spring [more inside]

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