July 24

Over the Fence

Bamboo forest / digital zither / bass loops [more inside]

July 20

Signal Tower

Semi-ambient modern synth pad instrumental with minimalist electronic bass, reversed electric guitar, and some pretty and deliberate vinyl crackle-ish soft static noise and a gentle mix of treated samples. Maybe sort of cinematic? [more inside]

July 19

Not As Far As It Looks

Simple instrumental. Guitar, bass, programmed drums and keys.

July 15

Car Music

Driving on the freeway music. [more inside]

July 11


I’m learning how to use Logic Pro. Red button means record. And my friend had to tell me how to right click on a Mac.

July 8

Fei Long Studio 8

Some FL in FL

July 7

Test Floor

Kind of beta testing a new recording template

July 4


A collaborative DIY minimalist techno track [more inside]

July 3


Choral piano with granular drums [more inside]

June 28

Io Buggy

A jam about riding on a rugged moon. [more inside]

June 26

Seven Up / Old Sledge / All Fours

Another old-time fiddle tune [more inside]

June 14

Flawless Victory

Flawless Victory

June 13


More songlike modular AO entry - with a heartbeat! [more inside]

June 10

gonna be alright

A mellow, chilled-out hip-hop groove

June 8

The Wandering Life Is A Difficult One But It Is Not Without Its Pleas...

Had a homie on the last goat farm who asked me to write her a song about bouncing around the country taking care of goats and green things, asked me to call it "Hard Out Here for a Nomad" but that is not the name of this song, the name of this song is "The Wandering Life Is A Difficult One, But It Is Not Without Its Pleasures; For Example, Today I Saw A Cardinal." [more inside]

June 6

Mellow Morns

An eggs-tremely mellow morning improv sesh on the synth rig!!!

June 5

Ambient Office v8 - Plod

Apparently my mood impacts the song that develops... [more inside]

June 4

I Ain't Got It

From an album. https://danagosto.bandcamp.com/album/kitty-cat-island

June 2

Mingulay Boat Song

Trad. sea song, composed in the 1930s by Scots composer Hugh Roberton. I learnt it from a pirate band who used to play at the Maryland Renaissance Fair. [more inside]

June 1

That's The Story Of My Life

Tempus fugit...carpe diem

May 30

gentle ben II

a short instrumental featuring all your favourite instruments including the ernie ball stingray 5-string fretless bass, the PRS SE Paul's Guitar, the Takamine G-series acoustic guitar, the Hammond SK-1 organ, and the Roland DP-90 providing the piano as well as the drums!!!!

May 28

Dark Waltz in Eb Minor

Please help identify the source of this droll waltz. [more inside]

Daylight Again

Still in a Stephen Stills mood, I guess. Video.

May 27

Ramsey Table Owl Frog

Soo, my friend recently attended a password training at work, led by a coworker and friend of his. As he listened to the examples, he got this idea to mash up his coworker's announcer voice with the old banjo tune King Kong Kitchie Kitchie (a version of froggy went a courtin') to make a 1 minute dance mix ditty. [more inside]

May 26

eemz haleemz

so I've been using this songwriting trick where I program a simple loop using the sequencer on my synths and sort of riff off of it to come up with the other instrumental parts. Then, when I have the idea properly fleshed out, I remove the synths. A songwriting scaffold, of sorts (though in many cases I have kept the original loop in there!!!) Anyways, for this track I included the synth loop at the very beginning so you can hear what I'm riffing off of for the rest of the track. Hope you like it!!!! -CA

Good Moon - Bad Habit

The 2nd track on my latest album (also posted over at Projects.) A pandemic project, of all original music by myself & my partner, Molly Doris-Pierce. This one is a bit of a favorite of mine. Vocals, guitar, organ, bass guitar, drums.

May 25

Special Teams

Tried a bunch of new stuff this time round. It's a dance trance but I played almost everything live, including the drums which were "performed" on the keyboard, because I'm not a drummer. The only things that were automated were the drum fills, crash cymbals, and the marimba/piano 2 patterns.

I Am Not A Lawyer & This Is Not Legal Advice

A result of the "make a request" thread I posted here a couple weeks back! I recorded the banjo, and greenish supplied the signing. This is for a presentation at a conference I'm part of in July. [more inside]

May 24

Advice and Healing

Music as like you'd hear while getting healed and getting advice. [more inside]

May 21

Ambient Office v7: Backyard

A field recording of my yard activities, set to some dark drones. [more inside]

May 20

The Locked Room

An eight-minute instrumental piece. I made a video for it using public domain film from archive.org and put the song in the public domain (non-commercial use with attribution). [more inside]

May 16

Village's Edge

It's a dungeon synth piece that tries to do a big mood change. [more inside]

May 15

4 + 20

The 50th anniversary edition of Déjà Vu dropped yesterday, so I learned this song. Video.

May 14

Ambient Office v6 - Find Your Rhythm

Working with found sound - in this case a snip from an old interview with Henry Miller sliced, looped and generally destroyed. Productivity advice from a dead man. [more inside]

May 13

Two Tunes! The Longest Year/Brendan Tonra's

The first is a tune I wrote during the pandemic, the second is a favorite Irish jig (which I may have posted in a different format earlier! ooops) Video too! [more inside]

A song about a nice Jewish girl

This is my second pass (previously) at the Bach/Gounod “Ave Maria,” this time with acoustic guitar accompaniment. Video.

May 11

I Think I've Heard That Line Before

A slice of stompy psych-rock with plentiful tambourines and rich, undulating waves of FUZZ. I also made a video featuring my glove puppet and alter-ego Fluffy, if you want the full gesamskunstwerk 'sperience.

May 9

Sky Ghost Farewell Fugue

It's never easy to say goodbye to Sky Ghost; perhaps this will help. [more inside]


As all bookies know, there's one born every minute...

May 7

All This Static Under Clouded Skies

Generative ambient piece. [more inside]

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