July 16

Afraid of Seven

Acoustic interlude

July 6

Three Halves (Inside Problems)

A short, conflicted song somewhat in the style of my (much older) Headphones. This one's about having too much of things. [more inside]

July 4

Octopus in Boots

This is a song I just completed. It's about being converted into an octopus and moving into the ocean. I played all the things on this: drums, guitars, keys, vocals, bass. Hope you dig it.

July 3

City of Bummers

About 10 years in the writing, here's a lazy folky summer thing for you. Might add some sfx/synth. Notes always welcome. Lyrics inside. [more inside]

July 2

White Boy Summer

It's here

July 1

top hats

Synthy slow jam

June 29


Modular composition with a generative sequence, some tuned noise, and filter feedback. [more inside]

June 8

Quick Dark Place

Here's an original I'm working on for my new album. I play all the parts and try to sing.

May 22

Hidden Window (high version)

Redid an old tune and then sped up the master file for a hyper-pop style result

Sounds of

Haven't posted anything in more than 5 years. Figured I should try and get back in the habit. Been workshopping this demo with the band. Suggestions very welcome. [more inside]

May 19

vampire deer - 03 - we paint the wind

this was done with a bunch of softsynths being loaded and played through a frippertronics like effect - totally improvised and i didn't know what kind of sound was up next - done in 2003

May 17

vampire deer - 02 - sad clown waltz

another long, long instrumental

May 16

vampire deer - 01 hill city jam

a long drone like jam - first of 3 for the new album, project 51

May 8

Piano Improv

Piano Improvisation

May 5


Bass: Roland JD-XA Chords: Roland JX-8P Riff: Roland SC-88 Drums: Korg Drumlogue

April 28

The Ash Grove

It's the melody to an old Welsh song that I'm particularly fond of. Haven't been able to lose my fascination with it for thirty years.

April 18


Uptempo synth w/synth lead

April 7

The Stars By Day

Dedicated to tomorrow's solar eclipse. [more inside]

Punchin' Machine

My friend* is way better at side-scrolling beat 'em ups than I am. [more inside]

March 28

Mystery at the Broken Robot Factory

Starting in my teens, I had a series of dreams about living in the ruins of a subterranean post-apocalyptic society. In one of these dreams, a friend convinced me that we should take over the old broken robot factory to see if we could get it up and running again. It has never been clear if this was a broken factory that made robots or a factory that made broken robots. [more inside]

March 11


I took Mary Poppins' classic "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and mixed it with Andy Rehfeldt's metal version. The original song was downtuned a few semitones; and a few snips were made for the sync to be maintained. And I added a slight channel separation so it wasn't a flat mash of noise.

February 25

10 - used to be a runner

this is the last song of the album - which is my 50th album here [more inside]

February 24

09 - shadow blues - vampire deer

shadows are interesting [more inside]

February 20

Arp and Piano

Improvising on piano over a synth arp

February 19

flowers of edinburgh

an old scottish tune

Skyway to the Aerial Fortress

Flying along the Cloud Cascade Skyway, approaching the Aerial Fortress. [more inside]

08 - not quite over with blues - vampire deer

i'm still trying to figure out what the deal was with the buffalo bills thing - it really did seem to be a burden to him [more inside]

February 17

a slow air thing?

it's a nameless slow air, or a lamenty thing

February 16

Ominous Rhythms

An experimental instrumental piece made with the Drum Designer in Logic Pro for iPad.

February 15


Got the JX-8P tracking in stereo again...gotta love that Juno chorus baby

07 - witches' wish - vampire deer

sometimes people think it's great right before it isn't [more inside]

February 14

It Ain’t Over Yet

Bass and a fantastic mix by transitional procedures

February 13

Little Bitches With Big Britches

My attempt at feminist alt-country.

February 12

06 - how many tons? - vampire deer

i think about 146 [more inside]

February 11

Come On, Jen

A riff that’s been kicking around on my hard drive for many years, flinally fleshed out for FAWM.

February 7

Dream Chords

The first four chords came to me in a dream, so I decided to try to make something with them. It’s no “Yesterday,” but I had fun.

February 6

Scottish fiddle on a modern lead tone

Miss Gordon of Gight on amp with a modern lead katana preset. [more inside]

05 - plastic - vampire deer

song 5 - that guy in the graduate wasn't kidding about the future [more inside]

February 5


Two true stories.

Generalized Anxiety Zone Act 1

Stumbled into a Sonic-the-Hedgehog-esque bassline and cobbled this together over a few hours. (The song as a whole doesn't really sound like Sonic music -- it's just the bass in the chorus that's kinda Sonic-y.) [more inside]

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