September 26

09 - 108 buzzard life - vampire deer

a somewhat subdued end to the album - sometimes i think turkey vultures could glide forever

Moving Walkways

It's a tribute to moving walkways throughout the United States and all over the world.

September 24

The Orb, Ascending

No one said ascending would be easy. (There's a lot of low humming in this, so it may be hard to hear without headphones or with computer speakers.)

Do You Understand?

Hi there. I'm a writer/screenwriter. This is the first time I've shared my own music. It's electronic and certainly influenced by the likes of Richard H. Kirk, maybe a little Steven Reich. Samples include some famliar figures, plus Jimmy Swaggart shouting about the end times. Enjoy!

September 23

08 - dognip - vampire deer

well if cats have catnip ...

September 20

07 - turtle wax variation 8

no turtles were harmed in the recording of this song as long as you don't ask about 1 - 7

Tous les Mêmes

Solo 7-string guitar arrangement of Stromae's mambo/tango/soukous/edm tune Tous les Mêmes

September 19

Maps and Keys

Still lost somewhere in the House of C. [more inside]

September 18

06 - i can't read the box, i'm a dog - vampire deer

from an old pet food commercial

September 17

Little Spanish Vertigo

This is a Spanish Flea noise remix I did several years ago. I was inspired to post it by Television Name's banger.

September 16

05 - the ice wolf song - vampire deer

they sure sound cold tonight ...

September 15

The Sun and The Rain

I went to Bonnaroo and all I got was a sunburn and a demo of this song. [more inside]

04 - space kennel blues - vampire deer

it's a terrible existence, with only the stars for your companion

September 14

...And All Her Angels Are Wolves

The last – and melodically and harmonically my favorite – song on the All Her Angels EP. Guess the secret lyrics for the (instrumental) chorus! Or invent your own.


A solo 7-string arrangement of one of my favorite Pinback songs [more inside]

September 13

Rained Out

Just because the thunder rolls doesn't mean the party has to end. [more inside]

September 12

03 - cosmic fox - vampire deer

does anyone know where the cosmic chickens are?

September 11

Spanish Flea (remix)

A lo-fi remix of the Excellentes' version of the tune off of the album Top Hits Made Famous By Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass

Bee drone, May 16 2016, Noon - 12:06pm

For an installation at Moogfest in 2016, I put a bunch of sensors in a beehive and used the data to generate drone music. The sensors included air temperature and air pressure and some touch and light sensors to sense when bees were entering and exiting the hive. This is a six minute excerpt from an 8 hour recording which is available at Bandcamp (it's free!)

September 10

Imagined Scandinavian Dance

I have no idea what Scandinavian dances sound like, but I thought this riff sounded vaguely like Elegy-era Amorphis and what I remember of Romanian Folk Dances by Bartok. [more inside]

Liquid Machines

All electronic.


I made a solo 7-string guitar arrangement of the melancholy jangle pop tune Darling by the band Real Estate.

September 7

Happy Like a Hand Grenade

A fast, upbeat back-and-forth between piano and synths - the piano gets a little moody but the choruses are simple uplifting fun. It's track 4/5 on the All Her Angels EP.

September 6

Sketch for Triangle Waves and Flute

A short piece on C Dorian, focusing on the tones C, F, and Bb. Recorded in Supercollider.

September 5

02 - yellow electric fence - vampire deer

why is our dog hopping around like that?

September 3

01 - the car pets are here, the car pets are watching us - vampire deer

the new album is called sirius kibble, because that's what star dogs eat - it's also an instrumental album as i can't write lyrics to song titles like this [more inside]

September 1

Watch the Town

I watch the town and look at you


guitar then keys then guitar and keys

August 27

Time to Go

Synths/drum machine/vocoder

August 24

Señor Fernando


August 23

Nice, Nice

It's track 3/5 on the All Her Angels EP and you can watch a play-through of it as a BeatSaber level too! Has some very pretty piano if I say so myself.

August 21



August 18

Lucid Dreamcore

Was it a dream or was it Memorex? [more inside]

August 14

Scotland the Brave

The fiddle is an electric violin with a reverb pedal. [more inside]

August 10

Tough Question

A kind of a lo-fi jazz thing that ponders why one might feel some type of way. [more inside]

August 6

Welsh fiddle tune

Glywsen (The Fair One), in the reverb room

August 3

Whatever You Do (Don't Dance)

"It sounds like two forest spirits having a duet" – and it is track 2/5 on the All Her Angels EP.

July 28

Ceasefire Baby

Sredni Vashtar's upcoming single, soon to be on all the usual streaming places. [more inside]

July 20


having a play on the rig...made a few tweaks

July 14

Razor Edged Shadows

Vaguely sinister ambient. Twelve string plus keys

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