April 8

02 - solskifte - vampire deer

in the northern part of the world, the sun takes a while to be given a bigger share of our sky - which also can stand for a metaphor for a lot of things these days [more inside]

April 7

01 - cruelest month - vampire deer

i guess you would call this my quarantine album - i call it solskifte, which means sun division - and in a lot of ways, not just seasonal, that's what seems to be going on - much more inside [more inside]

April 6

cover of Galileo by the Indigo Girls

I’ve been working on a musical collaboration with a fellow musician friend of mine during these crazy coronavirus times, in hopes of generating something fun and creative while we have all this spare time not working or gigging. Here's the first song from that collaboration. [more inside]

April 5


An entry in the April/May MeFiMusicChallenge, inspired by the pandemic. Instrumental, chill track. [more inside]

April 4

You Can Make Me Feel Bad (Arthur Russell cover)

I've been listening to this song a lot recently, and admire Russell's sort of ambiguity. Featuring authentic San Francisco rain and street noise.

April 2

Golden Age Of The Cinema

Written before the pandemic, inspired by a story about a town that rescued an old art deco theater. But the words seem suddenly relevant... [more inside]

April 1

Make Right the Time

This is my synth-based anthem cover of the song by singer/songwriter Danny Schmidt. This version is an earlier draft from 2018, mostly from a whirlwind month when I was trying to get as much done before my trial of Ableton Live ended. Me on vocals, synth/loops. Many thanks to not_on_display for the arrangement idea and feedback through multiple iterations. Basically I made this to help myself feel better, and I figure it's something I could share especially now. [more inside]

March 30

White Alice

A bit of Four Tet meets '90s house, with a sideways glance to Laurie Anderson. Inspiration. Recorded for my new monthly subscription music project, Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

stupid Cure challenge

look, I took a stupid bet on that same Cure song except it now involves beds. [more inside]

March 29

Pendopo Pod

ambient jam

Down To Earth

A rocker. Guitar recorded—of all places—on my porch, vox in my bathroom. Lead part is my Jazzmaster through a Vox AC15. Lyrics about the fine line between humility and humiliation.

The Great Staycation

It's about as much fun as you'd imagine it would be. March 2020. [more inside]


Written in response to some of the more hideous things some politicians have said regarding death, disease and the economy. Not quite as hi-fi as I'd like, as I was running everything (vocal, guitar and stompers) live through a little guitar amp, recorded straight to an iPad, cause it was video recording. But, I guess it's acceptable. Anyway, it's the kinda tune I just wanted to get out there quickly. Here's the YouTube upload of this same performance. Thanks for listening, and stay safe.

March 28

some sunday

ellington classic [more inside]

just stay indoors!

Monday you can stay indoors Tuesday, Wednesday stay indoors Thursday you can stay indoors it's Friday stay indoors Saturday... wait, no Sunday always stay indoors it's Friday also stay indoors

09 - stranger - vampire deer

the last song of my rpm album this year - thanks for listening [more inside]

March 27

Old Greasy Coat+

usonian's "Old Greasy Coat" from a few days ago, extended in the middle and accompanied on fiddle. [more inside]

08 - the wings of angels - vampire deer

i don't know what this is about either [more inside]


This is the first track from my album Rituals. It's an instrumental. I make vocal music primarily, and the two instrumentals on this album ("Full" and "Fugue") are the first two instrumentals I've produced. [more inside]

March 26

07 - edgy - vampire deer

weird, weird dream i had - just mystery and visitation by powers [more inside]

March 25

06 - neon trampoline - vampire deer

weird how this just seems appropriate right now [more inside]

March 24

Again [for the last time]

Old song about being alone, rerecorded, newly relevant because we are all alone. Again. Featuring real strings, fake harpsichord. [more inside]

March 23

i wanna wash my hands

lofi relyricization of beatles classic for the sars2 coronavirus era. [more inside]

05 - become the shadow - vampire deer

well, sometimes i just don't feel real sparkly ... [more inside]

March 22

Old Greasy Coat

An old-time tune I've been meaning to learn forever. Solo clawhammer banjo, modal tuning. [more inside]


Hey there. I make music as Northern Flicker. I don't usually post music here, but given the current situation I figured what the heck. This is a track from my new album, Rituals, which came out two days ago. [more inside]

March 21

Marathon Days

Just wrote this today, very much informed by our current situation. Lyrics in the bridge borrowed/stolen wholesale from Joy Division's "Transmission." Recorded on my bathroom floor into my Tascam DR100's built-in mics. Who will he answer to?

March 20

Storm Clouds Of Jupiter - part 3

Part three of three - with real drums! [more inside]

04 - children's crusade - vampire deer

of course, this was written before things really went to hell [more inside]

Bottle of Sunshine (Corwin Bolt & the Wingnuts)

A brand new song from our forthcoming album "Riches to Rags", which we're released today as part of our special Social Distance release on Bandcamp. [more inside]

March 19

Storm Clouds Of Jupiter - part 2 of 3

Instrumental electronic thingy continued. [more inside]

Big Can of Beans

Cheeky mandolin feature. Instrumental. Had to call it something.

Unknowable Knowns

Restless and pissed off over the covid-19 situation, and powerless to do much about it, I set up a mic (and a camera) on my porch after I put my kid to bed and recorded this song I wrote about civil disobedience. You got the stones for crime. It's about time.

March 17

Storm Clouds Of Jupiter - part 1

Abstract spacey synth doodle. [more inside]

03 - lost and dazed - vampire deer

in which channel surfing meets existential despair [more inside]

International Geophysical Year

Not a Donald Fagen cover, alas, but a moody slice of danceable IDM in the early-'90s style. Recorded for my new monthly subscription music project, Faulty Machine Recordings Service.

March 16

02 - captain firefly - vampire deer

not the guy you want in charge [more inside]

March 15

Dog Song

Collaboration time! Here's a weird sad dog song that's alt-rock af with my friend and artist Sarah Cosico on harmony vocals. [more inside]

YouTube Hello

I tend not to write love songs, but here's a quick little love song I wrote about sharing music with your crush. Also up on BC and YT should you need to text a link to anyone

Underground Test

A stab at epic, guitar-based pop by our band Sredni Vashtar, with a (very unauthorised) guest appearance from Winona Ryder in the middle eight. [more inside]

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