February 19

flowers of edinburgh

an old scottish tune

Skyway to the Aerial Fortress

Flying along the Cloud Cascade Skyway, approaching the Aerial Fortress. [more inside]

08 - not quite over with blues - vampire deer

i'm still trying to figure out what the deal was with the buffalo bills thing - it really did seem to be a burden to him [more inside]

February 17

a slow air thing?

it's a nameless slow air, or a lamenty thing

February 16

Ominous Rhythms

An experimental instrumental piece made with the Drum Designer in Logic Pro for iPad.

February 15


Got the JX-8P tracking in stereo again...gotta love that Juno chorus baby

07 - witches' wish - vampire deer

sometimes people think it's great right before it isn't [more inside]

February 14

It Ain’t Over Yet

Bass and a fantastic mix by transitional procedures

February 13

Little Bitches With Big Britches

My attempt at feminist alt-country.

February 12

06 - how many tons? - vampire deer

i think about 146 [more inside]

February 11

Come On, Jen

A riff that’s been kicking around on my hard drive for many years, flinally fleshed out for FAWM.

February 7

Dream Chords

The first four chords came to me in a dream, so I decided to try to make something with them. It’s no “Yesterday,” but I had fun.

February 6

Scottish fiddle on a modern lead tone

Miss Gordon of Gight on amp with a modern lead katana preset. [more inside]

05 - plastic - vampire deer

song 5 - that guy in the graduate wasn't kidding about the future [more inside]

February 5


Two true stories.

Generalized Anxiety Zone Act 1

Stumbled into a Sonic-the-Hedgehog-esque bassline and cobbled this together over a few hours. (The song as a whole doesn't really sound like Sonic music -- it's just the bass in the chorus that's kinda Sonic-y.) [more inside]

04 - perpetual cicada - vampire deer

song 4 - i think this is a translation of a secret language [more inside]

February 4

03 mousetrap blues

song 3 - you never know what you'll be remembered for [more inside]

February 3


A lamp interfering with a guitar cable. Or: the other way around. [more inside]

February 2

Buca di Beppo

My first entry in my first FAWM. Lyrics by transitional procedures.

January 31

02 - unidentified spiritual object - vampire deer

song 2 - more dogpaddling in space [more inside]

January 29

01 bluebird bus - vampire deer

first song of bluebird bus [more inside]

January 28

late to your heart

Forgive me, it's a long time since I recorded a song. [more inside]

January 23

bluegrass in the backwoods

an old Kenny Baker tune. it just really needs a guitar.

January 9

Jharkhand Assembly - The Decree

Heavy Psych/Spacerock/Doom Improv from my band. The first track off our full-length Havana Syndrome

January 7

Jose Floats

Electronic music, soundtrack to the end of last week, pretty low key stuff. [more inside]

January 6

Hold Out (for the revolution)

SV's new jaunty pop song about urban ennui.

January 4

Colonel MacBean

Some old Scottish tune

January 3

3 New Beats

3 new beats made today with the updated rig 0:00 - Beat 1 3:54 - Beat 2 9:23 - Beat 3

December 31


My friend John got one of those blinker grooves going as he drove. This is the resulting ditty. [more inside]

Anne L. Log

New drum machine alert (Korg Drumlogue)

December 25

Five Golden Synths

Merry Synthmas

December 24


Little synth sketch - drones and tinkles [more inside]

December 18

Phase the Blood

A Slayer-style riff played on one guitar and a version of that riff that has an extra half beat so that the two parts are not in phase, Steve Reich-style. [more inside]

December 13

black bayou

It's a Cajun two-step.


Playing around with feedback and pulsar synthesis [more inside]

December 10


The recent Willy Nelson post reminded me that I had this on my iPad from a few years ago. Just me singing with a Venezuelan Cuatro (but playing it more like a ukulele).

City of Five Funks

I wanted to make the beat with wood and rock samples only, and then made more funky shit, and of course organ. For the City of Five seasons, or as locals say the city of five smells (thanks to the food processing plants). [more inside]

December 8

The Hawk / The Still Air

Piece for processed flute.

December 6

Swingin' Pete

Recorded in one take using my Korg S3, Arturia KeyStep, Roland JX-8P (bass, via KeyStep), Roland JD-XA (chords), SC-88 (arpeggio) and Korg Monologue (triggering SC-88 using sequencer)

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