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March 17, 2010 2:45 PM

Track eight off of Inchoatery. One of those trying-and-failing scenarios—merely grabbing your boot straps and yanking doesn't always do the trick.

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Note: contains cowbell.

This is another track that fades directly into the next on the album, hence the weird transitional feeling at the end as the instrumentation for Meanwhile comes in.
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You drink and tip and you drink and tip

Doesn't your bartender ever buy back a round? Jeez.

The octave solo just about killed me. That's one of my favorite guitar sounds. I really like how everything works together--you've got big, dirty guitars, a banjo, a piano, some cowbell... I really dig this.
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The production, as usual, is really nice. Very clean and lovely sound.
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The octave thing is, yeah, a sound I really like and found myself falling back on a lot on this album as something I haven't used much in the last few years. Right around when my first band was getting ready to disintegrate I had found myself using octave-doubled lines a lot to good effect in our songs, but that was the last time I was playing a lot of lead guitar and so as a technique it sort of fell by the wayside for me.

One of those old songs I can think of was this one, which was a regular part of our sets when we were in about peak form, and has a lot of octave stuff in it as I recall with a nice loud meaty guitar tone not unlike what I shot for on parts of Inchoatery.
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