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July 31, 2012 1:34 PM

The epic second track off the Roddy's O-Face record. It's pretty hefty compared to the rest of the songs, so make sure you can handle a solid minute and forty five seconds.

The lyrics are reportedly a collection of things shouted by various family members at Tom's house one time when Tom and Ned were up in Tom's shitty attick bedroom getting high, but they were pretty high and its hard to hear so grain of salt and all that.

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I like this. Wish it was a second or two shorter, but I like it.
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This should be part of a compilation: "Cliff's Notes for Epic Rock Sagas"
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Wish it was a second or two shorter

Trim the fat! What is this indulgent wankery?
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I know, right? I think they were originally gonna cut some of the repeats on the instrumental bits and the drop the outro but then, in Ned's words, "it was just fucken motoring man and you can't shut off an engine like that cold turkey", which is kind of a metaphorical mess but, again, pretty high much of the time so.
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Oh, that was fun!
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Another winner from the O-Face boys.
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