vampire deer - 7 - penguins

September 4, 2014 2:33 PM

song 7 - penguins - jason can't find the golden fleece, goes to antarctica, and starts fleecing everyone of their gold

awakening gleaming - sifting his memories
slowly lifting - the top from his couch
failure has fastened him - to this refuge
under the waves - reflecting from shores
the exodus lands - thanking their gods
bitterly grieving - the loss of their world
through unwise craft - he smiles in reverie
remembering how - his plans went arwy
through vengence exacted - more than pleased
his small sense - of satisfaction
how he plans - to wait til the moment
his magic will rise - i say they're wrong
who cares about penguins - we'll start our own country
tax free of course - and play by our rules

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