03 - crows happen - vampire deer

April 9, 2020 5:32 PM

my daughter has a treefull of crows outside her window and she's convinced they're as interested in her as she is in them

she's sure they are her friends

i've tried to tell her that i'm not sure they're really all that interested in her, but i don't really think that's getting through to her - and i don't know whether she really understands the current situation - why she has to stay home, why her dad had to stay in quarantine for 14 days just because he was a little sick, why her dad was worried about what was going to happen

i guess this song is about all that

i can't tell you if the crows like you
even though you believe they talk to you
they were created for another world
but maybe we pretend that it's not our world too
fly around and looking for a meal
fly around and looking for a summer deal
but it's april and where we live everything
takes so long to happen

well, it's not much fun, wondering if i'll be gone
i can't even go for a walk on the lawn
the days all count to the last fade away
but then again, it's always really been that way
do you think the crows don't think about all that?
somehow i think they do - the way they gather at
their friend lying there, complaining everything
more or less has to happen

but with any luck, it will warm up a little
and i think my hourglass isn't ready to settle
we can go out and watch the crows once again
and you can tell me that they are your friends
one day we'll get to walk out and feel free
and not think about the things that could be
we can be like crows and bluff our way through
all the things, good and bad, that happen

and the secret to life, so i've been told
is you keep lucking out and then you find yourself old
and you wonder, what the hell did i do with all that time?
and it didn't make much sense, and it didn't even rhyme
and if i gave you a ring for surety
some crow would go and grab it and hide it in a tree
and forget about it - that crow and you and me
just more of those things that happen

posted by pyramid termite

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