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June 30

Make it Out Alive

Acoustic demo of a song that's supposed to be a lot louder and noisier and uhh drummier. Written last night, recorded in my living room this morning. Take your meds, loves

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June 24


Twelve string acoustic miniature again!

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June 20

Mooney Doctor II

Yep, I'm still making songs about Blaseball players. This one's about a player who lived on the moon, until she and all the rest of the Kansas City Breath Mints died. [more inside]

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June 19


As a fathers’ day challenge made a new song with the sequences from my last, with the aim of getting something new but with recognizable DNA. [more inside]

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Hot Dad Summer

Happy Father's Day, the official kick-off of Hot Dad Summer!

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June 9


Ambient Office returns with another modular jam. Harmonic rhythms with some melodies over the top. [more inside]

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June 5

A Conversation

12 String etc

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quarter time

Half of my family is ill and time seems to be slowing down, recorded this simple little synth pattern to remind myself to breathe and get to the next day. [more inside]

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