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Let's Go Get Stoned

A little taste of a cover of Let's Go Get Stoned, although this version sounds a lot more like a live recording of Adrian Duke I have. It takes much longer to record a song when you're on your own. I start these kinds of projects now and then, using GarageBand and an M-Audio MIDI keyboard to record songs without using any of the built-in loops, and rarely finish them because it takes too long. (I did loop a simple drum track when I first started working on this, but after I got the bass and keys down, I went back and rerecorded the drum track live to the rest of the instruments.) The guitar wankery was the most recent addition... not a real guitar, but one of the MIDI instruments in GarageBand. Just goofing around, really. Nothing else to do today...
posted by emelenjr on Jul 9, 2006 - 3 comments

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