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When John Drinks

December 13, 2008 8:08 AM

A song about a former roommate.


When John drinks
He falls to the floor
When John drinks
He's not nice anymore
You know his limp
The reason is this
John fell off of a bridge
When he was trying to piss
When John drinks

When John drinks
He goes to the phone
When John drinks
He calls girls that he's known
He likes girls
Who are shallow and pretty
And John can be cruel
And full of self pity
When John drinks

When John drinks
He drinks more than he should
When John drinks
He walks down Hollywood
When John sees girls
He wants to buy them beer
And puts his hands on them
And sits much too near
When John drinks

When John drinks
He can be a bit rough
When John drinks
You can't tell him enough
He mistreats girls
And he likes to the shame them
And he drinks more
And John he then blames them
When John drinks

The girls they all say
He is kind when not drunk
But when he's drinking
He's a sadistic punk
They say he's gentle
They say he is kind
But when John drinks
He is out of his mind
When John drinks

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