April 17, 2007 8:35 PM

A very short tribute to my loverly wife.

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After a couple of AskMe questions I broke down and got the PodXT(cortex). It rules. Now I have to go back to an earlier AskMe about how to work on my vocs. Yee Hooo!
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Punk rock hillbilly love is the way to go!

Tell me something, man, is your wife aware that she is married to one of everyone's favorites Mefi Music stars?

As for the vocals. Nah, don't kill yourself. Just put a lot of reverb and some delay on it and it will sound good (my portastudio actually has an effect called rockabilly that does it). Cool song.
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micayetoca, man, I was really surprised when that happened. I was seriously thinking: WTF?

Regarding my wife, she can't believe how I can record a song while simultaneously cooking on the grill, keeping our boys from killing each other and carrying a conversation with her. She's my biggest fan. Yee Haw!
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Nice job!
This is like the Green Acres theme meets Punk Rock Girl. And I still can't figure out what you're singing.
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Thanks chococat and micayetoca! Huge learning curve + lack of time = snsranch. So I really appreciate your taking time to listen and give great comments!
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