May 11, 2007 7:39 PM

This piece is a cover of a Duran Duran album track. [more inside]

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As much of a Duran Duran fanboy I am, I really don't like "Palomino", even though many of my Duranie friends love it. So for an assignment in my composition class back in college, I took the lyrics of the song and wrote a choir piece out of it. I even quoted another Duran Duran song, "Winter Marches On" (which I do like.)

I was inspired by an assignment Oscar Hammerstein gave to a young Stephen Sondheim, telling him to write a musical about a topic he doesn't like. Or something like that.

For this version, the choir has been replaced by a string quartet and clarinet, all provided by Reason.
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Currently playing over the Battlestar Galactica credits, very nice.
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