Moving Pictures

May 27, 2007 11:28 AM

buriednexttoyou filter: last September, he posted a demo of his song, Moving Pictures. I immediately fell in love with it, and recently decided to make a cover of it. I asked him if he wouldn't mind, and he didn't, so here it is. He is got serious talent, and If you are one of those who loves finding great new music, good surprises await you at his site.

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A couple notes:

a) I changed his lyrics a little bit, not because there was anything wrong with them, of course, but because my version was a bit faster, and I had trouble singing the longer phrases. His lyrics were perfect, and his sense of melody is a lot better than mine.

b) By popular demand, I recruited the help of lovely miss V. This is her debut singing, rather than making funny noises with her voice.
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YES! I love the beat, it really takes the style in a completely different direction than what I would have done (which is the best thing a cover could do). I love it.

And for the record, anyone is welcome to cover my songs and do whatever with them. You know, creative commons and all that. I guess I should get around to making that clear on my site.

Anyway, rock on, micayetoca. You have made my day.
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It would have been hard for me to imagine how someone could cover what was already such a singular song. Wow. Kudos on the vocals too. Best vox yet from micayetoca and the charming miss V.

buriednexttoyou, sorry my comment on your OP was so dumb. It is a great song!
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This is great stuff. Why must everyone I would like to jam with live so damned far away?!
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