July 5, 2007 2:21 AM

This song is about my wife, who was far away at the time. Recorded entirely on an old Tascam 8-track: no ones or zeroes allowed. I'll put a new one up, as well... but I had to upload this one because its so watery. CREDITS: Tyler Massey (that's me): composition, guitar & rubbishy, slightly-out-of-tune vocal; Joel Hatfield: production, bass, & backing vocal; Alex Kendall, drums; Kevin Allison: guitar & backing vocal. 1995.

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Oh, I forgot: NSFW.

My god, the vocal sounds like shit. *blushes* Oh, well.
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Really, I don't think your vocal sounds bad (though it could be better balanced with the backing vocal). I love the samples; they are really well chosen. Man, I can't write about music to save my life so forgive me if this is unclear, but what I like best about it is that it simultaneously sounds compressed and open. It's the very simple dirty guitar line combined with all those swirling samples, I think. Or maybe it's all the water. In sum: vocals not shitty, samples ace, song good, me likey. Thanks for posting it.
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Ha, the vocals rock! Lot's of good music mixed with other good stuff. This rocks! Very fun to listen to. And damned to the depths your eff word. I'm still gonna let the kids jam to this.
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Yeah, I like all that environmental sound-effecty stuff. Bubbles! Drums have a lot of personality too. When that beat first came in I was instantly reminded of the Zombies' "Time of the Season". I think the vocals sound fine, myself: they're delivered with gusto and sincerity, so what more can you ask? I like the scrapers and bells that come in for a verse and replace the drum kit. I'm always wishing people would do that kind of thing more often. Let's have more percussion!
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I really like this.
At first I was going to make a stupid comment about how I'd like to hear it done now, without the telltale '90's talking-news-guy samples and such, 'cause that kind of dates it...but on second listen I didn't really notice that anymore and I liked that it's dated.
And it even sounds a bit 1985, shades of Stan Ridgway.

I hope none of this is insulting. Nice stuff.
And I LOVE the vocals.
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Thanks, you guys! I think it does sound dated... and my voice is just different these days, and it's hard to listen to the way I used to sing.
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