oooh, lord!!!

July 5, 2007 5:20 PM

sorry, this isn't new, but it's probably new to you! the backing vocals are "water, water, water, water...WIIIIIIINE!"

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Rollicking as hell. Nice lyrics! (Think you could print 'em here, though? Can't make out what you can make that drunk driver do!) Oh, and love the way the voice breaks, too. Is that you, snofoam, on the mic? The lofi bullhorn voice is a fine addition as well: can't go wrong there. And who dropped that tambourine at the end of the song? Did it break?
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I don't know what it is with songs about Jesus and drinkin', it's just a winning combo for me. Love it.
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Yeah, I second the request to post the lyrics. What a perfect song for a Friday morning. I'm afraid now I'm gonna spend the whole weekend singing: "water, water, water, water...WIIIIIIINE!"
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thanks for the comments! hopefully the fact that it doesn't entirely make sense won't ruin it for anyone. here are the lyrics, or a very close approximation. our website is We play very rarely, but if you're in portland, or on august 9th, you can see us at the laurelthirst.

i never tried to turn water into wine
but i've been known to turn a 10-spot into a dime (dime, dime, big fat dime)
and i never tried to make a loaf of bread feed a hundred at a time
but i can make a drunk drive and make a stoner testify. oooh, lord!

and i never claimed i could walk on the water
i can barely walk on the land
i sure as hell ain't no god's son or daughter
but i love signing in this band
and everybody knows i'm no savior
but at least i ain't been crucified
and i can make a drunk drive and make a stoner testify

i never cured no lepers or made a blind man see (lucky leper!)
or promised life eternal to those dumb enough to follow me (not even us) (no i didn't)
and i never walked through the desert 40 days or 40 nights
but i can make a drunk drive and make a stoner testify. oooh, lord!
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"I can make a drunk drive" just makes it for me. I haven't got the linguistics vocab to explain it, but there's something about the overloading of the verbs-of-doing there—turn water into wine vs. make a drunk drive—that positively kills.

All that aside from the foot-stomping, chorus-callback awesomeness of the recording itself. Good show.
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Fucking A right, man- that's a great song. I love hard partyin' country bands.

BTW- sound clips don't work on your website.
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thanks for the more comments! sorry about the state of our web site, it was kind of haphazardly ported from a different host and abandoned for years. i took out the links to real player stuff that doesn't exist. this page has some downloadable songs and our myspace page does, too.
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