So Weird

July 27, 2007 10:42 PM

Submitted to SongFight (under pseudonym Minty Handy) for the about-to-be-posted fight "So Weird", and felt like posting it here as well. The musical journey from "where's my uke and what's this week's title?" to "oh crap, gotta pick up the kids, one more take and I'll submit it" took about an hour.

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Where's my uke would be a great album title, this is a cool song, I'd love to hear it with a beat behind it
posted by TwoWordReview at 6:13 AM on July 28, 2007

davejay, I hope you don't take it as an insult, but I gotta say this: this song sounds like a hit.

I don't ever talk about songs in those terms, but this song sounds like something that could come out of the radio and be playing everywhere for a while (of course, with more production and instruments and all).

Some people might consider that good, some people not, I hope for you it doesn't mean anything bad. It does sound like a hit.
posted by micayetoca at 8:32 AM on July 28, 2007

I'll never turn a statement into a diss if I can take it as a complement, mica, so thank you. My wife insists that every song I write (not counting my experimental fun stuff) has a hook, and so it doesn't surprise me (although it does gratify me!) to get a nice reception from a couple of strangers. Thanks!
posted by davejay at 11:24 PM on July 28, 2007

Ooo! I like this song! It's fun, keeps the uke alive, and you've got a nifty voice.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 11:52 AM on July 30, 2007

Yesterday I woke up with a song in my head that was this song mashed up with (or maybe sung in canon with) cortex's snake song.
posted by winston at 5:50 PM on August 1, 2007

This is great. I was torn between yearning for some electric guitar + drums to come in right after "I'm exactly the same," and just appreciating the simplicity of the uke. Super fun song.
posted by ORthey at 11:49 AM on August 4, 2007

Hey, Minty Handy! I love that song "Our Love Violates Corporate Policy". I listen to it often and sing along loudly.

"...photocopy our asses, 'cause that's what we do"
posted by exceptinsects at 8:07 PM on August 14, 2007

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