I Run

August 8, 2007 11:46 PM

My main anxiety with regard to music is the unintentional ripoff. I'm fairly comfortable with my particular playing & singing skill levels (though the lead guitar on this one makes me blanch), meager may they be, but, especially with simple progressions (like this one), I have a hard time believing it's not overly derivative of... something. I suspect this is incurable.

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Off topic, but I'm having a hard time with the current challenge topic. I don't mean that as criticism of the topic, it's good to be challenged, but, lyrically... I'm just coming up dry. I'm definitely enjoying the move to monthly challenges instead of bi-weekly.
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Never thought it before with your other songs that I can remember, but this one immediately made me think that if you haven't heard edlundart's songs they'll be a nice surprise for you.

I hear what you are saying (about unintentionally ripping off other songs) but I couldn't say if you ripped off other song or if it's only that the song is so well rounded that it makes you think you've heard it before. Good song, in any case.
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erikgrande, man, I just deleted about 8 paragraphs about the "unintentional ripoff". Check out this post/thread.

When it's in your hands, just be sure to leave your mark on it. Someone else will eventually come along and add to your contribution. It's just a really beautiful form of evolution: varriaciones. (Variations on a theme.)

"I Run" is solid. (Very good stuff. Keep it up!)
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If you have a good melody, people won't generally notice similar chord progressions unless you are using the rythym from that same famous song. Ears follow the melody line.

It's a good pop song. I'd hit those accents harder in the second half of the lead, just to break it up some, but as snsranch says it is very solid.
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This is way late, but thanks for the great comments.
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