September 4, 2007 10:49 AM

The very last Red Hay song recorded. This was actually one of our first songs, a very Neil Young-ish guitar thing with a weird time signature. After we'd broken up as a band, we all got together one weekend and started messing with the old country-rock stuff, redoing a lot of it with our new keyboard-torturing habit. This was the most radical rethink, and the best outcome.

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The kink got removed from the time signature, about 1/4 of the lyrics were dropped to accommodate this, and guitars were kicked out of the house entirely. Our drummer read some first-aid instructions from a Boy Scout manual, which was played backwards underneath and is the closest thing the song has to a solo.

I sing this one.
posted by COBRA! at 10:49 AM on September 4, 2007

This one is great. Though the vocals are a bit saturated, it seems to me. On the other hand, I really like the backwards-voice thing. Thx for posting it.
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Though the vocals are a bit saturated, it seems to me.

Yeah, this one was recorded on a really old 4-track and then just mixed down on a stereo, so the sound engineering's a little... approximate.
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