Candy House

January 29, 2008 2:00 PM

A less than two minutes song.

Listen really hard and
you'll hear the angels

But look closer,
it's 'cause they ain't listening.

It was dumb, dumb, dumb
to make our map out of tasty
bread crumbs

and now we're lost,
oh we're so lost.

posted by Corduroy (9 comments total) 3 users marked this as a favorite

Also, I feel like I stole the tune for the "look closer" sections. I feel like it might be from some classical music of, or maybe they are just two common chords.
posted by Corduroy at 2:03 PM on January 29, 2008

Short songs rule.

This is neat. It's a fun little miniature that doesn't become precious.
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 3:06 AM on January 30, 2008

Good lyrics. Can't say the part you mention rings any particular bell.
posted by edlundart at 4:02 PM on January 30, 2008

No, not precious, but definitely very tasty and sweet. I like short songs too, and this one kicks me right in the caboose.
posted by snsranch at 4:04 PM on January 30, 2008

G, man, you are out of control. The first song you posted was very good, the second one was better and it just keeps getting better. At this point I'm a fan. Please keep them coming.

(and no, the closer bit doesn't remind me of any other, so I think you just hit a really nice melody)
posted by micayetoca at 1:26 PM on January 31, 2008

I like the layered vocals here a lot. I'm fairly charmed by your style: lyrically, vocally, generally.
posted by melissa may at 8:03 PM on January 31, 2008

Seconding micayetoca, I'm a fan. Great stuff!
posted by Alvy Ampersand at 6:56 PM on February 3, 2008

Awesome, succinct song, love the whimsical fairy tale lyrics. It's a talent to be able to know when to end a song, and not drag it out unneccesarily. I'm gonna go listen to the rest of your stuff, and I look forward to more.
posted by robotot at 12:18 AM on February 7, 2008

As soon as you started singing I thought of this Australian Singer/songwriter, Ned Collette. It's that same deep voice and off-centre, clever lyics.
posted by robotot at 12:20 AM on February 7, 2008

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