Stranged Universe

March 25, 2008 6:28 PM

An overly long, low quality, self indulgent metal riff-fest demo with no vocals.

Long thought lost after all the tracks were destroyed in cataclysmic sudden laptop failure. I found this low quality MP3 on a random unlabeled CD, it is among the last things that remain of an aborted attempt at a metal concept album with various others; though this song is just me and badly programmed drums.

posted by mediocre (3 comments total)

I'm enjoying this! What was the concept?
posted by escabeche at 6:58 PM on March 27, 2008

Oh man. I would bite off a chicken's head to play this in Frets on Fire.
posted by Popular Ethics at 9:18 PM on March 30, 2008

The concept was going to be about The Lazerhawk, an eternal fully sentient spaceship who works with various civilizations in various galaxies to battle space evil.
posted by mediocre at 3:37 AM on April 6, 2008

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