April 4, 2008 7:18 PM

By my band, The Mulligrubs--I am on bass and keys, but the cool part of the song is the guitarist's Ebow. [wikipedia page about that]

I think it sounds King-Crimson-esque because of the Ebow. This is a song off our album, which has been cut down to an EP, which is still taking way too long to finish, so much that now we play all the songs a bit differently, and that listening to this is like, "Wow, I forgot about that line."

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I like the mood it evokes. It's a good driving at night song, outside the city, where your headlights are the only light.
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That ebow is nice and so is the song (in case you were wondering). It actually reminds me a lot of Clem Snide's songs on You Were a Diamond, mainly because of the voice. I can hear the King Crimson, though, especially when it stretches out musically. Nice song with a great feel. Thanks for posting it.
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