Left Hand Tied

April 17, 2008 8:03 PM

This bouncy little number is from my band's new, self-released record. It opens with bassoon, bass clarinet and contra alto. There are more like it here and there.

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Most unique and unexpected. Y'all have your own thing going, and that's commendable for sure.

If I was mixing this, I'd have edged up the level on the vocal. I want to be able to clearly understand the lyrics a bit better. That's just me, though.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 7:19 AM on April 18, 2008

Ha, this rules. You guys sound like a cross between the Two Man Gentlemen Band and the Haunted Mansion soundtrack.

What do you play?

(I think the vocal level is fine.)
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 1:10 AM on April 19, 2008

This is great. The "end timey music" tag is absolutely brilliant.
posted by umbú at 12:45 PM on April 21, 2008

Thanks everybody!

I have to agree with that the vocal dip at the end of the intro does bother me, but the clarity on all of the instruments more than makes up for it. Last time we recorded in a semi-circle around a pair of royer ribbon mics. That's probably great if you're Bill Monroe, but I think I'd rather mix with faders than ask my bandmate to take five steps with her tuba up to the mic during a bridge.

Oh, and in answer to your question, I play accordion and sing.
posted by foole at 2:42 PM on April 22, 2008

Totally fun and a real change up from the guy/guitar stuff we have a lot of here (which I also like, but nice to mix it up a little)
posted by jessamyn at 2:11 PM on April 23, 2008

very nice sinister carnival vibe you've achieved with this. makes me think of squirrel nut zippers for some reason, though not in any directly derivative sense. the production is excellent. wish i had some more substantive feedback, but this is just damn good.
posted by saulgoodman at 8:09 PM on April 23, 2008

If I may make a suggestion for future recordings: Really EQ the hell out of the vocal track. It'll make the affected style sound authentically 1920's, and add that extra bit of clarity flapjax is looking for without having to bring the level up.

(That said: This is awesome.)
posted by Sys Rq at 10:15 AM on April 25, 2008

that extra bit of clarity flapjax is looking for without having to bring the level up.

Indeed, Sys Rq, it's often not necessarily a volume issue: EQ and, of course, compression are big factors as well.
posted by flapjax at midnite at 1:59 AM on April 26, 2008

This song is lots of fun. I dig muchly.
posted by The Great Big Mulp at 8:52 AM on April 30, 2008

Seconding Sys Rq. Tinny vocals and some shallow reverb. Should match perfectly.
posted by Ynoxas at 10:51 PM on April 30, 2008

This is pretty great. I think the radio effect on the singer's voice for "See Evil" takes it even further; I would consider using it a lot more frequently. Seconding Ynoxas.
posted by Grimp0teuthis at 9:45 AM on May 16, 2008

The radio effect is much more prominent on "No More Room," actually
posted by Grimp0teuthis at 9:47 AM on May 16, 2008

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