Serenade the Moon

June 21, 2008 12:42 PM

Part of my Old Songs project of recording song I wrote years and sometimes decades ago, this one a Tin Pan Alley styled love song.

I used to have big old baritone ukulele, which is pitched lower than my current tenor ukulele, and so a lot of these early songs I either sing very high or very low, which is tricky, as I already write songs either for the top or the bottom of my register. Nonetheless, the point of this project is to find a home for the old songs I wrote, and so I'll just go ahead and sing the songs as best I can, even when, as with this one, I wind up just growling through a lot of it.

"Serenade the Moon" was my first, and, I think, only attempt at writing using the classic structure of the pop song, including an intro and a middle bridge. The song was written in 1996, and, as with the other songs I wrote at that time, the lyrics are deliberately a little hokey -- I took pleasure in combining the more insipid qualities of Tin Pan Alley songwriting with a more beaten and world weary viewpoint, and so here we have what on first blush seems to be a a sweet if simpleminded romantic ditty, and then reveals itself to have a broke alcoholic as its narrator.


I'm bewildered and I'm startled
Is it jut the wine
Did I hear that you adore me
Could it be your mine

We've both drunk a little too much
And won't be invited again any time soon
I've lost my hat and your purse string's broken
Now is a good time to serenade the moon

I've acted the fool, I act it often
My hair's a mess and I sing off tune
But if it makes you smile I'll act the fool, dear
If it makes you laugh I will serenade the moon

I'm a wreck and my money's all spent
I'm not the kind of guy for whom girls swoon
But drunk with you I feel like a king, dear
Drunk with you I will serenade the moon

posted by Astro Zombie (1 comment total)

Nice. Man, I love the sound of that baritone uke, and the chord voicings you're using on it.
posted by umbĂș at 10:17 AM on June 22, 2008

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