Settle Down

July 11, 2008 6:06 PM

This was a tune done last year on home studio equipment. Was just a feeling like a pleasant thought that drifted through my mind. As I wrote it very fast it kinda flowed as a rockabilly verse. For some strange reason when I hit record for the I played it for slow and mellow. Then I over tracked myself and I was just comitted to the slower version. I would still like to do this elvisish 50 style. I may be hooking up with a studio man here soon. I feel I cant play as good as I want to and Im limited to my timing and rythem. Any way I try and I do all parts myself. I love music it flows through the soul. Listen

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neat! butthole surfers meets talking heads meets bloodhound gang
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This doesn't sound bad at it is, though I can see how it could be turned into a rockabilly thing. Now, don't worry too much about not being as good as you want to, Elvis himself wasn't a guitar god and it was precisely that which left us with historic solos like this.
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I like the insights into your creative process that you give in your song descriptions. It seems that you write somewhat like I do -- thinking of the song as separate from the details like genre or arrangement. I once mentioned with a college composition professor who writes concert music (or "classical," in the record store definition), and he thought I was out of my mind. He needs to know the instrumentation, ensemble size, etc. before he can put anything on paper.

Anyway, I like this as it is, for what it's worth. Elvisish can't be bad, though. :)
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