July 13, 2008 7:52 PM

This song came at a very strange and weird time. Ill shorten her up abit story wise. I was in a accident good while back now fully recovered now. I was doing Christmas music for family and friends who helped in my complete recovery. Now a painted picture. I had a broken jaw rippied off the tip of my nose and knocked out 9 teeth. Bike accident ouch. Again fully recovered and happy to be here still. So where this song came from I dont know but the timing was in the middle of christmas recording. I ran with it anyway cause I hadnt really ever did wording like this and the song poured out. Anyway that set the strange stage for Water. I hear some Willie in there somewhere. LIsten

posted by american caesar (1 comment total)

You do your influences proud, american caesar. Really solid songwriting and great singing.

My suggestion with this would be tighten it up on the drums, as Archie Bell would say. It's not quite locked in with the rhythm guitar, and I found the mismatch distracting in places.
posted by danb at 7:28 AM on July 14, 2008

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