July 31, 2008 10:40 PM

Fulfilling two of the Challenges for July: Wildcard (music you hate = techno) and Music (ripped off James Bond Theme riff). Also, going for the trifecta, it's a cappella (June's Style Challenge). And it's still July 31st in some parts of the world, so I think this should be allowed in the door.

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Yes, all of this is done by vocal cords only. I just processed the hell! out of everything. TECHNOOOOOooooooo!

Vocals and lyrics by MC JayCee West; "oo-t-oo-t" parts by Milo the Subhuman Beatbox.
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As it happens, I'm right now at a computer that I can't listen to, but for the time being I just wanna chime in to say I'm glad you squeeked this one in under the deadline, n_o_d! Look forward to hearing it.
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Oh yes, very nice. Very curiously bizarre, this is some strange little piece of greatness, I think.

I hear that little hint of John Barry in there, and lemme just say I think you could've made it more obvious. But spy it is (I've added that tag for you), and spy it shall remain.
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Nice. Digging the n-tss-n-tss.
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Oh wow, my voice is totally unrecognizeable, this is totally funny & great.
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Well, that was enjoyable. Nicely done, not_on_display!
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Fantastically done. Great rhythm, not_on_display. I think this is my favorite from this month's challenge.
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I wouldn't have caught the Bond reference if you hadn't mention it. This is an eerie little thing, nicely done.
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You had me at "three, five, seven, nine, one of these numbers ..."
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Wheee, thanks for all the pats on the back. I didn't have time to really build it to the point where it was like what I was hearing in my head, which, I think, turned out to be a good thing: this sounds different and totally weirder (and more fun!) than what was in my brain; simpler is sometimes better.

micayetoca: Great rhythm...

Well, that was the thing; here's how it was planned:
1) Asked Jessamyn to provide me with sound. The criteria were that (a) the vocals be at 138 bpm, and (b) she make up really empty lyrics about being on the dance floor, and that they be couplets.
2) Got my son to do his "techno beat" at the same speed. (nn-tss-n-tss)
3) ???
4) TECHNOOOoooooo!

But here's how it was made:
1) same. Jessamyn sent me an .mp3 of her diva side. growwr!
2) same
3) Find out that the bpm's don't match.
4) Find out that we're all horribly off-beat anyway. (not REALLY, but when you're worried about beats you want it to be bam, bam, right on.)
4a) So it was heck to go in between all the notes and make the rhythm work, but when it did, YAY! I got really quick with the "measure twice, cut once, move on."
5) A wise sage once told me, "as I hear tell, all the parts are crammed into one big part, then the one big part is cut into little pieces parts, and parts is parts!" So, I cut the parts into smaller pieces that I can work more easily with.
6) cut-n-paste-n-cut-n-paste-n-cut-n-paste-n-cut-n-paste-n-cut-n-paste-n-... and do some time-warp thingies.
7) add seasoning. (Jessamyn's voice raised a whole note. Added all sorts of things, short of the kitchen sink.)
8) record "instruments" - vocals humming, way overmiked, and then processed to sound like a sequencer.
9) see #5, in reverse.
10) ????
11) TECHNooo???

It was fun. Wish I had more time, though. Thanks again!!

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I'm not sure what else to add except this is awesome. I'm now going to go back to playing shoes on the floor (long story). Great job all.
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Oh, I forgot to say, it actually reminds me of Art of Noise a lot. They had the same aesthetic (real instruments/voices run through older samplers) and are really great if you haven't heard them.
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I like how the rhythm sounds like someone just stomping around in the background.
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Very nice. Since you don't like techno, would it make you happy or sad if someone played this in a set and people would dance to it?
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monocultured: Very nice. Since you don't like techno, would it make you happy or sad if someone played this in a set and people would dance to it?

My delayed response: it would make me laugh, so I'd be happy.
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