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August 14, 2008 2:47 AM

are you a believer in osmosis?

posted by kimyo (7 comments total) 3 users marked this as a favorite

Yeah baby. I need a cigarette.

Nice job.
posted by chillmost at 3:33 AM on August 14, 2008

Mmm. Lovely. Off Kilter, Metafilter.
posted by Jofus at 4:09 AM on August 14, 2008

Sweet! Everyone should check out kimyo's other songs, too, if you haven't yet.

This is one of those songs that could serve as a strong counterexample to the idea that electronic music is cold. It's really different from Juana Molina, but it shares that quality with her stuff. It's warm and squishy and organic. It sounds like osmosis.
posted by umbĂș at 7:37 AM on August 14, 2008

I really like the fact that the various elements used in constructing the arrangement seem, for a moment, totally disconnected, but then you realize that they're all syncopating and harmonizing. Great vocals too.
posted by Astro Zombie at 8:14 AM on August 16, 2008

This is really well done. You have a great voice, and more importantly in my opinion, know how to sing pop music.
posted by dobie at 7:01 AM on August 18, 2008

@umbĂș: a strong counterexample to the idea that electronic music is cold

I thought Thomas Dolby disproved that way back in '82.

Nice work, btw, kimyo!
posted by vhsiv at 1:07 PM on August 21, 2008

Great stuff. Can't hear too many songs from you, kimyo.
posted by micayetoca at 9:24 AM on August 27, 2008

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