Everybody Goes To Mona's

July 7, 2006 3:54 AM

Jangly post-punk (indie? rock? whatever.) from The Ghost of Mankind. Me on the drums, ridiculously hungover and half a beat behind. From an unreleased EP recorded in a warehouse in Greenpoint in 2003.
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Ha! This is pretty rockin'. It would be fun to see this live. I didn't think I would like the singers voice, but it grew on me, sounds just a wee bit like Jello Biafra.
posted by snsranch at 5:35 PM on July 7, 2006

This is brilliant, it rocked my morning.
posted by Jimbob at 6:55 PM on July 8, 2006

Hmm. The synths are pretty buried under all that guitar.

I can hear why snsranch said the vocals sound like Jello. It's the ah-AH-ah quality of dragging the word out with a sort of vibration to it. But the voice isn't quite as polished as Jello's -- which, I think, might be a good thing.

I like the tangy off-quality of the song -- sort of passionately, playfully sour.
posted by neek at 2:52 PM on July 24, 2006

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