The Soundtrack Song

August 29, 2008 6:52 PM

Just a tune I was playing. Gives me a feel like it could be in a movie scene.

Im not much of a keyboard player I struggle with the notes. The little mid break parts I learned from a friend of mine back in the 70's in his basement. He was named Jimmy Kellas. He got into a accident and had really bad injuries and brain damage. He never played guitar or paino or even was close to the same. What a shame but that was his path I guess. Anyway I just through that in cause its the truth and I still think of him. He was my childhood partner in mischief and coming of age. His life is payed for and he stays in a assisted livin home. Millions of dollars but a great loss of talent and friendship. Maybe It should be his Soundtrack. I havent seen him in years and years.

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yeah the keyboard bit is a little off, the second part, the bit that starts around :50 seems out of key and is a bit disjointed. That works for some songs but not this one. Overall I dig it though. Most of the music I do tends to have a cinematic sound to it and I dig what you mean when it sounds like a soundtrack song.
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