Ordnance v1.0

September 16, 2008 10:57 AM

Auditory weapons for musical wars.

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This would be great for the part in the movie where the gang silently pulls off the big heist -- by around 1:50, they've entered the subterranean vault -- striding purposefully down the corridors -- oh! at 2:17 the lights go red! The alarms go off! -- it's an internal system, they've disabled the outgoing signals, so while the effect is disconcerting, it's all still going according to plan. They enter the inner sanctum -- there's the swag, and we get a fast zoom into it from 3:00 to 3:03 -- pack it into the duffel bags and it's all quick cuts and efficient movement, pow pow pow. Time is of the essence but you can't think about it now. Scoop it up and get it out. The red lights are still pulsing. By 5:05 they're loading up the cars -- the getaway drivers take off -- everyone will rendevous later tonight. Two men remain behind until the cars are out of sight.

At 5:28, Clive Owen removes his gloves and adjusts his shirt cuffs. He looks over at Cillian Murphy, who shrugs and raises his eyebrows: "Well, that's that." They walk away in opposite directions.
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Man, 303 squelch just never gets old for me. I'm not even kidding, even the most half assed ReBirth-ed-in-30-minutes compositions tickle me.. not that this is half assed, this has a full ass which quarters could be bounced off of.
posted by mediocre at 12:30 AM on September 21, 2008

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