Opusindra - Delicious Thoughts

September 20, 2008 1:10 PM

A long-lost track from my old Trip Hop outfit, Opusindra. This track is from nearly 10 years ago.

Excuse me while I nostalg-out for a minute..

Just under a decade ago, I lived in Bend, OR and was obsessed with Trip Hop which at the time was at its creative zenith. I was terribly in love with a girl who was a wonderful singer and was equally interested in music, it didn't take long for us to form a band. Along with another friend, we formed a group and called it Opusindra (a nonsense portmanteau of the word Opus and Indra). In retrospect, we were little more then Mazzy Star/Portishead/Esthero/Massive Attack worship/ripoff, but at the time I felt like sooo unique in that small town because we were the only ones making music anything like this. We were relatively popular with kids, playing coffee shops and shows that I would throw myself in a warehouse I used as a venue.

Eventually, I was kicked out of the group for odd behavior, I was incredibly unstable at the time and probably did a lot of weird shit that pushed them away. We recorded a few tracks at a studio a friend of a friend had, the time was donated to us. Of those tracks, this is the only one I've ever found and been able to listen to since then. This was found by pure luck with a Soulseek Wishlist entry. Enjoy!

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wonderful singer -- really hearing the Beth Gibbons influence. not a rip-off, though, rather a point of departure. I love trip hop. Tricky, Portishead, Lamb -- where are you?
posted by February28 at 4:41 PM on September 21, 2008

I am in Portland, OR. This was recorded in 1997 I think, maybe 1998.. I can't remember, in Bend, OR. How a recording that was made at least 9 years ago (before the P2P music sharing explosion) and released only on cassette in Bend, OR somehow found its way onto a Russian hard drive is beyond me..

The second verse really has strong Gibbons-isms. I still think it's a great song, but I'm impartial..
posted by mediocre at 1:13 AM on September 23, 2008

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